Extra Parking Please, in MA Frankfurt?

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It appears the taxi lines have been drawn in the AF file but no parking spots at the Lufthansa Technik ramp area.


This would be a massive help for AI users and the overspill of LH heavies.


Please do consider since it appears there maybe a few bugs with the latest version 2.10 anyway...



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The problem is, that this areas are only used for overnight parking, not as Gates for handling flights.

When we add them in the AFCAD, they will help to place all aircrafts generated by "normal" AI tools, which will generate flights with ETDs of up to 6 days in future,

but, then it also will happen, that this parkings will be assigned to a user, flying to Frankfurt, special when DLH is assigned to that parkings.

In this case, we will get the questions, why in MAF this Gates will be assigned to use as parkings for arrival.


The parkings in the south (new T3) are useful to help here. Did you have them all full yet? I have seen, that maybe the radius there can be inceased a littlbit, as maybe they are to small for the 747 yet. Can you check if you see a 747 there.

And to fly in or out of large Airports, it could be helpfull to reduce the AI taffic density to 50%, which gave me a better and realistic feeling, when used tools like Mytraffic here.

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I use the highly accurate AIG Alpha India Group flightplans for my AI traffic. My slider is sat at 1% and with that i get a perfectly accurate level of traffic for ALL the airlines I have installed.


The Lufthansa operation is so vast at Frankfurt that it would appear massively helpful to have the parking added as suggested in the image above via Googlemaps.


Im not entirely clear what it is you were implying in response to your reply. If these spots were added in the 3 areas circled they would go down as 'Ramp' areas and not 'Gate' and then entered as XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, XXXX, DLH so that they are left as a last resort for over spill.


The ramp area isnt completely full in the South no but it is a mix of Lufthansa and other carriers.


The idea is to reduce the bleeding onto Gates pushing out other carriers from the terminals. Its nice to have variety of carriers on the gates and since Lufty are so dominant at Frankfurt giving it those extra spots would free up terminal parking in 2C, D & E



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