Single Engine Approach

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What is the standard procedure for this? Do you extend the airbrakes? It seems that if I add too much power I cannot control the yaw moment, if I don't, my AoA  goes out of control. How do you guys do it?

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Your not trying to fly the case 1 approach are you....


i fail an engine way way out and fly the approach from greater than 5NM... I can't imagine how bad it would suck to lose an engine in the break...


the single engine approach is a challenge and I start sucking up my seat cushion as I get closer to the deck.. I've gotten waved off and made traps... but never got an OK pass single engine..


ive done both day and night... either engine...


have you tried the French Virtual Navy Etendard? I'm not a fan of the time period/French cockpit... but that is a sweet bird to fly around a boat... that bird is well done... cockpit is well done.. I just wish it had a HSI and better gauge layout but it seems authentic to the bird and period.

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