Flight1 GTN 750 with F-14X

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Anyone using the Flight 1 GTN 750 with the tomcat?  looks like a great app... It looks like it can be added as a 2D POP UP Panel (with software config utility?). If so curious if there are any performance hits (FPS)?

It looks like a nice mod... esp when I go into RIIO mode... just want to inquire before dropping $50.00


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I can just answer on a part of your question. I have the two products but I don't use together.


Concerning the Gtn 750 you wrote " looks like a great app", you are absolutly right yes it is, very great, easy/friendly/intuitive to use ! It can be added as a 2D Pop Up Panel in two clicks with the software config utility, very simple...I have no performance hits with my config but I don't know yours.


Hope this help,




Richard Portier

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