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Hello, I do not know whether there has already happened, but often, if during a procedure I happen not to follow a specific order of steps, perhaps because distracted by 'online ATC, the Checklist are locked and there' is no way to " resume ". I find this quite inconvenient automatic system, I would prefer a menu where to go when I want them or take them back immediately if I do somethin 'else.
     That you know, buying the payware version(button control)

1)is there the total control of checklists

2)Can I set the co-pilot automatic commands set?


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The meaning of checklists is that you work them step by step, in the given order, as things in many cases depend on each other. 


If ATC keeps you too busy you can always switch on the co-pilot in the right MCDU to do most of the stuff for you. 


There is no way of altering the build in checklists. 

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