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My EZDok Settings For The Bus

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I've been spending some time getting these right and playing with the settings to make it as realistic as possible.


Included are all the necessary RND, DHM, and CR effects for taxing, takeoff, flying, landing, and post-touchdown included in one easy file (ECS) to import. Also included are some tweaks to make foul weather (turbulence) a bit more realistic.

The camera controls are keyed to the following settings below. You can view the camera controls and their usage by opening the EZDok window via Show Settings, that'll give you the current layout. Of course you can change them to any key combo you want, add more cameras, and rearrange them should you choose to do so.


  • Cockpit/VC - Ctrl+1 - Ctrl+8
  • Exterior - Shift+F1 - Shift+F7


If said effects do not import properly following the ECS import, I've included the effects that should be applied. Follow the Readme.

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Hi I have a question about EZDOCK, can you use Track IR with EZDOCK or do the head movements fight against the Track IR inputs_

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