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Found 535 results

  1. So Dutch Airports is a collection of three airports, sold as a set, and each of these three airports has been sold separately. I see that earlier this year, all three have been recently updated for P3D and FSX-SE, if only minor updates (or perhaps nothing other than a P3D installer). Those that have purchased those airports can log into their download account and get the new versions. I have the Dutch Airports collection, sold as a pack of all three, but I see no update in my account. Is this not planned? Or was it simply overlooked? Still in the works? Please advise.
  2. Greetings Let me apologize first for creating a new thread. I've found similar thread from 2014, but it's closed so I can't reply there... As the title says, I have an issue with my Webserver and MCDU. I use FSX:SE and have Airbus A320 v1.31. I've enabled the webserver on the AirbusX Configurator, started the AirbusXConnectExtended.exe and got the IP and port number... My Airbus is powered up and I can see/control the MCDU from VC. I entered the IP with the port on my android (chrome) browser, and connected successfully. First page shows airplane statuses correctly (altitude, heading, speed and the rest). I can even pause/unpause the simulator. However, when I click on the MCDU link, it opens but it's completely blank and unresponsive. Kindly see the attached screenshots. Any tips/suggestions? Please help And I apologize again, if my issue is somehow explained in the manuals or some other threads - I checked them out but to no success Thanks
  3. Hi. I have experienced a crash at Gardermoen on taxiway Papa passing by the end of the new terminal. This happened three times in exactly the same location and going in both directions along the same taxiway. I managed to create a screenshot immediately before the crash to show you where this is happening. I use FSX Gold, have the latest version of Oslo Mega Airport Version 2, and also run ORBX Global Base, Vector, openLC Europe and Pilot's FS Global 2010 mesh FTX Edition. I doubt that this is relevant, but the aircraft I am using is Flight1's King Air B200. Unfortunately the MFD on this aircraft doesn't show the new airport layout, but you should be able to see where the aircraft is. I hope you can find a solution. Thanks. Adrian
  4. Hello! After updating to the latest version Prepar3D, I stopped working plane. What is the reason? Help please understand.
  5. Hello Everyone, Search on where PFPX stores flight schedule plans turned up 0 results. Hopefully Im not digging up old stuff. I recently upgraded to 1.28 and of course all my flight schedules were gone after the upgrade. I run PFPX on a client and I've tried moving several files into the new installation, but to date my old schedules aren't showing up. Can someone tell me where PFPX stores it's flight schedules so that I can move them back into their proper place. Thanks, Ed
  6. Solved Hotfix 1.31 question

    I re-downloaded the A320-A321 from my account at FSPilot Shop. It is a much older version, 1.16 I believe. Where or how can I get the latest 1.31? Thank you.
  7. Sir I have just installed LIBD but I can't see any PAPI or RWY light. I do not have any runway lights!!!!!!! I am using P3D V3. Thanks for your prompt support. Francesco
  8. Solved Airbus X Version 1.31

    Hey Guys, I've searched high and low for a download for Version 1.31 for the Airbus X but all my efforts have proved unsuccessful... Does anyone have a link or tell me where I can get it from? Cheers, Cameron
  9. Solved PMDG 777 cannot load EDDF

    Hi, weiß nicht, ob hier englisch erwünscht ist, darum auf englisch. Falls deutsch erwünscht ist, kurz melden. I've loaded the current NavDataPro AIRAC 1611 with my brand new PMDG 777. It cannot load runways and SIDs of EDDF into the FMC. When I try to load it says something like: RWY36 MISSING within the scratchpad. No chance to choose Departures. I googled and found the solution. This line RW;36;49.998481;8.526283;316;0;358;359;13123 must be pasted into the ARTP_RWY.dat under the AP;EDDF;FRANKFURT/MAIN entry. Then it works fine. So the 777 doesn't like a missing runway. Is it possible to include this line into the following NavDataPro AIRAC cycles by default? If yes, there would be no need to edit it manually every month. All the best Alex --------------------------------- 500+ hours on Aerosoft's A319/A320 Newbee on the 777.
  10. Hi Aerosoft community, is it planned to update the Mahon/Menorca airport too? Best Regrads Marcel
  11. I've tried everything to find any info about my registration of PFPX on my system after Hard Drive crash. I can't find anything. I have Paypal proof. What can I do to get my info ? Kinda of in a panic trying to recover everything. Thanks for any help.
  12. I've used the connected flight deck with my friend and its amazing! Now we want to do this on VATSIM with proper communication e.c.t. Is it possible to do this? If so, is there a guide or tutorial?
  13. I'm trying to land in Keflavik Interntional Airport (BIKF). In PFPX and in MCDU1 I noticed there are no STARs available. I am coming in not aligned with the runway. I'm including the chart for runway 11, my cockpit view, and MCDU I PERF page. What am I doing wrong?
  14. Solved Airbus x connect

    Hi, I am using windows 10, FSX, Airbus version 1.31. I am using a Blackberry Playbook to connect to X connect. Last night everything was working fine, but today it simply won't connect. Internet connection...check, Firewall...check both private and public networks, ini file set to 1 check. Restart computer...check...nothing works. T he only change i have made to the computer was to down load and install a service pack foe REX. Any suggestions?
  15. Why is it that when I set the autopilot on my airbus goes over 350 knots and then the alarm sounds. My thrust is in the climb position.
  16. Hi, I bought the A318/A319 one year ago and now I would like to get the A320/A321. I was thinking an upgrade offer is existing by reading this post: Unfortunately my A318/A319 serial was not accepted on the order page with the following error "Product confirmation failure! You'll be charged the normal price!" I contact the support whom told me that no upgrade offer nor discount is possible. So I'm little bit confusing because we can read that some people got a discount : Pay 85 euros for the both products is pretty expensive (instead of 52 euros for the bundle, 33 euros more expensive...). I don't know where was my head that day, I haven't seen the bundle... o.O Did you plan to do an upgrade offer? Cheers
  17. Solved Livery Problems

    Hi, I know this is well covered territory, but I cannot download the liveries. I did it once and it worked about 6 months ago, but now I forget how to. I make the Livery Manager administrative, but when i add the liveries nothing shows up. Then when i retry, it says the livery is already added even though I can't see anything and it is not added to the list. What am i missing...... Thanks so much!!!
  18. Hey guys I would have liked jetway snow to go to the plane but I would have liked to AES gound service do so because ctrl + J goes awry for the plane and AES makes it 98% more equal. What I am trying to say if it did not menging is you can not get AES to work in Prague Airport?
  19. Afaik the only way to enter a STAR is to select the destination in the left MCDU, select the landing runway and then the desired STAR and transition. However, I am using ProATC for ATC and since their last update the required informations is given too late: seems to be more realistic somehow... This means I have to add the STAR into the plan BEFORE ATC tells me what runway to use. By the time I get that information from ATC I already passed the starting point of the STAR. So I was wondering if there is a way to select or enter a STAR directly...?
  20. I would just like too know where i can get all of the real world checklists for the A319 Cockpit prep, Taxiing, Approach etc. It would also be a bonus to get the emergency checklists. Thanks
  21. Hi, I prepared a flight plan on a NAT and wanted to use optimum flight level. But the OFP proposed two step climbs FL380 to FL390 as well as from FL390 to FL400 after OCEANIC ENTRY. I think this is not correct because on tracks step climbs are not allowed. Am I wrong, is this a bug or do I have make certain settings regarding FL when preparing the OFP? Currently after getting such a plan I prepare another OFP - in this case setting a max. FL380. Rolf DLH319 EIDW-CYQX (15 Oct 2016) #1.pdf
  22. Solved X-Plane 11

    Hallo ich wollte mal fragen ,ob X-Plane 11 auch auf Steam Verkauft wird ?. wenn es soweit ist . Gruß
  23. Solved ND scale gone crazy

    I have not used the bus for some months while overseas. Anyway, decided to get one of then girls out for a spin, and have issues with the NG scale a tad too large, and overall, everything not in focus and hard to read. It used to be great, so I have done something to the poor girl. I removed the A320 and reinstalled, but made no difference. Aircraft other than the Aerosoft Airbus series are ok. Any ideas?
  24. Can't connect to the server for activation - Tried turning off Windows firewall to see if that was the problem but still doesn't work. Edit: It seems turning off Windows Firewall, giving a PC a restart seems to have resolved the issue.
  25. I do not know why but I cannot see it on the Airbus X Configurator, please I need an answer asap.