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  1. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting Northeast DC-9-10's exclusive non stop Cape Cod service to one of three Cape Cod airports which is KHYA Barnstable Municipal Airport located on one mile north of the central business district of Hyannis in Cape Cod On final runway approach to runway 15 Seconds before touchdown TOUCHDOWN with nice background view of what I think is blue solar panels Braking down with full flaps and reverse thrust Slowing down on runway 15 with nice background view of construction equipment and more blue solar panels Look at the airport terminal! Exiting from runway 15 into taxiway with nice background view of airport firehouse and de-ice vehicle Taxiing to gate 1 Approaching gate 1 Arrived at gate one where pilots can grab dinner before making return trip Nice tail view of sunset getting ready for night return trip Checking gate one to be sure there are no late passengers running to catch the plane Nice wing view of the terminal and sunset Full boarded and getting ready for return trip!! Thank you for viewing. Stay tuned for next exciting flight. Regards, Aharon
  2. Colour Combos

    I like the second screenshot!
  3. cool shots and great rain effects
  4. Where would that Coral route be, please? And cool screenshots! Thanks, Aharon
  5. Cool video and BEAUTIFUL COCKPIT PANELS!! Is DC-8 supposed to produce lots of black smoke during take off run and take off?
  6. darn those stiff competitions!! LOL Nilo4, GREAT SHOT
  7. Does a plane have to be on ground for "attention to detail" ??
  8. Elly, Thanks for useful easy guide map pointing out the specific hanger to me. Will look for it in my scenery. Regards. Aharon
  9. Elly, I own Aerosoft ENVA version 2 but do not remember seeing that hanger in your third screenshot. What scenery is that?
  10. Kroswynd, Not a problem. No need to apologize. I never knew there was one hour limit for changing screenshots. Thanks for clarification and explanation of "time frame". When I read time frame expires, I thought it means last day of the month. LOL Regards, Aharon
  11. Wrong Read the screenshot contest rules: Users are allowed to change their posted image up until the time frame allowing you to do so expires. When the time frame expires, I assume it means March 31 deadline.
  12. Taking off from secret ice runway during Cold War training during years of 1950s showing FSX generated ice lake (please click on the screenshot to get sharper view of the screenshot)
  13. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting a Winter Olympics charter fight from RJFM located 2 miles south southeast of Miyazaki the capital of the island of Kyushu in Japan to official Winter Olympics airport RKNY Yangyang International Airport located near the official 2018 Winter Olympics site Pyeongchang. Cruising at FL300 in very very very early morning flight so that passengers can see all day sports events at Olympics You can see superb night light shine detail on engine cover!! Nice tail with background view of nice stars in night sky Cruising with amazing passenger cabin night lights Displaying all cool night lights Flying past Dong Gu port of Busan, South Korea Passing Dong Gu suburb of Bursan where any South Korean can identify the small single runway airport Passing same city area Cruising Passing city of Ulsan the home of the world's largest automobile assembly plant operated by the Hyundai Motor Company Cruising where you can see lighted highway (sorry cannot give name of highway since it is written in Korean language) Still cruising Passing mountains of Gyeongjiu national park Passing city of Pohang with water body of Yeongil Bay below the plane and Hyeongsan Bridge above the plane's tail above the river bearing same name as bridge Descending Passing city of Gangneung which is responsible for hosting all ice skating events for Winter Olympics I forgot the name of location showing three bridges between cities!! Maybe Korean viewers would recognize it At 5,000 ft On final runway approach to runway 33 Seconds before touchdown TOUCHDOWN Braking down Backtracking!!! Taxiing back toward gate Exiting from runway to taxiway toward gate Taxiing on way to gate Approaching terminal area Entering gate 2 Stopping at the gate 2 Parked at the gate dropping off passengers Thank you for viewing!! Stay tuned for next exciting flight. Regards, Aharon
  14. Anthonyg1996, Thanks for your kind words. Regards, Aharon
  15. Thanks for your kind words, Bermuda425
  16. Twilight CRJ

    ahh thanks for explanation
  17. Twilight CRJ

    Great shots!! I did not know Alaska Airline has service to Toronto???
  18. that is amazing and beautiful!!!
  19. Thanks for your kind words Well trying to hold steering wheel while taking screenshot and talking to airport controller (ALL OF THOSE) at same time. It is like real world pilot trying to hold yoke for steering L1101 during lining up while using hand for digital camera to take photographs.