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  1. Please click on screenshot to get crisp sharp view of the plane
  2. Aharon

    Early Morning Blues

    cannot figure out what airport
  3. Bermuda, Thanks for kind words. Regards, Aharon
  4. Akanishta99, Thanks for kind words. Regards, Aharon
  5. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Few years ago, I was in KJFK airport getting very excited taking lots of pics using cheap 199 buck digital camera like genius or wizard with fancy digital SLR camera. Guess what?? I found a airport security guard running to me waving while saying no pics no pics. When he got closer to me and demanding to see what pics I took, I could smell his foul breath reeked with beer and his eyes were extremely red as if he was some drunk deadbeat. He was wearing airport security uniform but it was not police or TSA uniform. Just local security subcontractor. He asked me to delete all pics!! Pic of gorgeous Akia A340 is GONE. Pic of JFK airport in gorgeous sunset is GONE. Pic of EL AL 744 taxiing into gate is GONE. Pic of neat row of JetBlue Airbuses is GONE. Pic of Delta 744 is GONE. Pic of Avacia A330 (spelling for Central American airline) is gone And what pissed me off was that I saw gorgeous Caribbean Airlines 737 arriving to dock to gate. It looks brand new to me as if it was just built few days ago. No dirt detail Very shiny! I cannot tell which 737 but it had winglets and it was christened the name of Trinidad and Tobago. This pic is GONE. The only pic that the drunk bum security guard allowed me to keep is as seen below: In other words, I had been transformed from genius to idiot with only one pic to show no thanks to this unqualified security guard probably with secret criminal record........... Few days later, I have been returned from idiotic to genius with set of nice amateurish pictures of KSFO airport!!!!! A320 panel 777-200ER 777-300ER with MONSTER ENGINES This MONSTER ENGINE commands you to respect, bow, and worship!! Irrefutable proof that any 777 with MONSTER ENGINES must demand respect, worship, bowing, and pampering as seen on those next two pics Look at interesting stuff on back of 777-200ER Can anybody explain to me the purpose of red square on top of the 777-200ER even though I do not see any door??? This scene amused me. I saw few passengers running to the gate which was just about to close the door because they were late and then moments later I saw tractor with bags rushing to the plane to load. I saw stewardess being very pissed at the gate and then she ran down the stairs to tell the luggage loading guy to hurry up. She even helped him to load bags into the plane!!!! 777-200ER being pushbacked while 744 was waiting 1/2 hour for that plane to leave 777-200ER starting engines while 744 was maneuvering around to allow 777-200ER head to runway 744 744 getting special treatment A319 leaving gate wow I never knew you could easily walk into that luggage hold of Delta 767 with winglets without ducking your head! Notice this same 767's new winglets 737 getting ready for departure Look at this Alaskan guy wishing he would date that virgin lady Arriving from Canada Parking indicator for MONSTER ENGINES New 744 arrival from South Korea!! Qantas 744 Few days later at KLAS!!! KLAS is VERY VERY VERY HOT at 107 degrees and you must bring portable fans to COOL OFF landing gears of Airbus A319!! Leaving KLAS gate KLAS action Read this warning sign Hawaiian Airlines' new A330 at KLAS KLAS terminal Nice tail paint of small prop plane Lousy attempt to take pic of planes taking off Boarding plane finally My first night aviation photography attempt at KSFO Thank you for viewing my very amaterish pictures!! Aharon
  6. I think I know who you are, Adam!! It is me Aharon Cool screenshots and great ground textures! Regards, Aharon
  7. LOL Bermuda425 Thanks for kind words
  8. Kroswynd, Ahhhhh thanks for explanations and clarification on theme of this month's screenshot contest. Regards, Aharon
  9. Aharon

    George did Good!

    I am BUMMED that FlyTampa does not offer new version of KBOS for FSX users. I want THAT JETBLUE HANGAR!! Regards, Aharon
  10. Do not understand this but do you mean you want a screenshot showing extensive AI traffic display on grounds of any airport?