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  1. thanks all for answers
  2. Where would that Coral route be, please? And cool screenshots! Thanks, Aharon
  3. Cool video and BEAUTIFUL COCKPIT PANELS!! Is DC-8 supposed to produce lots of black smoke during take off run and take off?
  4. darn those stiff competitions!! LOL Nilo4, GREAT SHOT
  5. Does a plane have to be on ground for "attention to detail" ??
  6. Elly, Thanks for useful easy guide map pointing out the specific hanger to me. Will look for it in my scenery. Regards. Aharon
  7. Elly, I own Aerosoft ENVA version 2 but do not remember seeing that hanger in your third screenshot. What scenery is that?
  8. Kroswynd, Not a problem. No need to apologize. I never knew there was one hour limit for changing screenshots. Thanks for clarification and explanation of "time frame". When I read time frame expires, I thought it means last day of the month. LOL Regards, Aharon
  9. Wrong Read the screenshot contest rules: Users are allowed to change their posted image up until the time frame allowing you to do so expires. When the time frame expires, I assume it means March 31 deadline.
  10. Taking off from secret ice runway during Cold War training during years of 1950s showing FSX generated ice lake (please click on the screenshot to get sharper view of the screenshot)
  11. Anthonyg1996, Thanks for your kind words. Regards, Aharon
  12. Thanks for your kind words, Bermuda425