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  1. Shalom and greetings all my pals, I do not know which subforum I should post so I am posting here in hope any Aerosoft moderator would correct by moving my post to an appropriate subforum. Check out this nice video showing VC-10 in mint condition!! Regards, Aharon
  2. Do engine spooling for 30 seconds before entering into runway for take off run
  3. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting in middle of battling powerful snowstorm and nasty strong winds approach to and landing on BGBW Narsarsuaq Airport located Narsarsuaq in southern Greenland Battling winds while trying to land Snow blowing on runway behind the plane Trying to balance the plane while battling against strong winds Seconds before touchdown TOUCHDOWN blowing lots of snow behind Reverse thrusters are starting to deploy TOO SLOW probably due to freezing weather Backtracking on runway to taxi back toward gate Arrived at gate while leaving flaps deployed because in freezing Greenland weather, there is chance you might not be able to deploy frozen flaps!! Thank you for viewing!! Stay tuned for next exciting flight!! Regards, Aharon
  4. Excellent winter screenshots (funny thing that I just finished winter screenshots and was going to publish now!!) Amazing winter settings BUT BUT hey Air Canada wants to know why you forgot to stop by de-icing area for de-icing Great winter shots. Regards, Aharon
  5. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Newly arrived for Teal's service!!! Notice metallic shine on bottom of the new plane that just had been delivered to Teal! Will take it for test spin flight!! Thank you for viewing and please stay tuned for next exciting flights. Regards, Aharon
  6. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Chanukah and Christmas are around the corner and month of Novemnber signals time for serious holiday shopping which means serious overload of cargo hauling works by all airlines which have to add extra planes to handle holiday cargo load madness. Presenting charter holiday cargo hauling flight by Air Canada cargo DC-9-30 from CYUL Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport 12 miles from downtown Montreal to CYVO Val-d'Or Airport located 2.5 nautical miles south of Val-d'Or, Quebec, Canada. Airborne on climb to FL220 after take off from runway 06R Still climbing at runway heading passing entire city landscape of Montreal where you can see three bridges called in following order from screenshot's right to left: Pont Champlain bridge, Pont Victoria bridge (route number 112), and Pont Jacques-Cartier bridge (route number 134) Time to make left 180 degree toward west passing background view of Montreal's suburb of Montreal-Nord where you can see Prairies river running across near top of the screen Still on 180 degree turn toward west passing background view of intersection of two highways route numbers 15 and 640 located in suburb of Sainte-Therese Still on 180 degree showing sun's sunrise glow on the plane Now time to go north with background view of very controversial CYMX Mirabel International Airport located 21 nautical miles northwest of Montreal Cruising at FL220 northward Passing Blue Sea Lake at YMW waypoint where monstrous snake-like animal with a horse head monster called Misiganebic or Grand Serpent lives Descending from FL220 to 5,000 ft On final runway approach to runway 36 Seconds before touchdown while blowing out snow dust with background view of nice hangers Still seconds before touchdown with background view of pair of DC-3s that famous Peter Lindell the foremost expert in Canadian commercial aviation history can identify which airline operates those 2 DC-3s! TOUCHDOWN Don't you love snow blowing during braking down on runway? Look at cool hanger!! Airport terminal is now in view Glad that DC-9-30 managed to stop before taxiway E therefore no need to backtrack on runway! Taxiing toward gate Approaching terminal Squeezing between 2 planes while twin propeller airline plane with propellers spinning at full strength was waiting for DC-9 to park properly before taxiing to runway. I am sure that famous Peter Lindell the foremost expert in Canadian commercial aviation history can identify which airline is that twin propeller airline plane! At freezing night, time to fly back to Montreal with tons of loads of Royal Canadian mail containing tons of holiday cards Thank you for viewing my flight. Please stay tuned for next exciting flight. Regards, Aharon
  7. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting a nice Aussie domestic flight offered by super shiny TAA DC-9 from YPAD Adelaide Airport located adjacent to West Beach 4 miles west of the city-centre of Adelaide to YMML Melbourne Airport located 14 miles from the city centre of Melbourne At gate finished being boarded with passengers on a rainy day Wow passenger apron is very wet!! Taxiing to short of runway 23 Entering into runway 23 for take off Airborne on climb to FL300 with background view of waters of St. Vincent Gulf Making 180 degree left turn to go to east while climbing through heavy clouds Check out super shiny bottom of the plane Now on eastward still on climb to FL300 through heavy clouds Climbing climbing Super shiny tail view of waters of Lake Alexandrina Leaving background of waters of Lake Alexandrina while heading to cross Murray river seen on far right of the screenshot Cruising across typical Aussie landscape Dig super shiny metallic bottom Melbourne airport is so busy that I have to circle twice above green forest of Fryers Ridge Nature Conservation Reserve Finally it is my turn to approach runway 27 with background view of two parks: Fryers Ridge Nature Conservation Reserve seen on bottom of the screen and Castlemaine Diggings National Heritage Park seen just below the plane Landing gear is open in color and original black and white On final runway approach to runway 27 with background view of skyline of Melbourne Seconds before touchdown TOUCHDOWN Dig this super shiny reverse thrust!!! Exiting from runway 27 into taxiway N toward gate Approaching gate Arriving at gate where passengers can run to catch connecting international flight offered by next door 744 Thank you for viewing. Please stay tuned for next exciting flight. Regards, Aharon
  8. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting an exclusive delivery flight of new CRJ-700 from BGBW Narsarsuaq Airport located in Narsarsuaq in southern Greenland to BIKF Keflavík International Airport located 31 miles southwest of Reykjavík the capital of Iceland. On climb to FL350 after take off Leaving Greenland Nice combo of sun, Greenland, and tail Crossing waters of Denmark Strait located between Greenland and Iceland Nice sunset view over Denmark Strait Cruising at FL350 On descent from FL350 to 10,000 ft with sun setting in background Nice sunset during descent Approaching island of Iceland with background of full moon At 5,000 ft above waters of Faxafloi just off Iceland where you can go for whale watching (sorry did not see any whales there in FSX) On final runway approach to runway 02 Sun being disappearing during final runway approach Seconds before touchdown blowing out snow TOUCHDOWN Front wheel landing gear lowering down slowly in most graceful manner Front wheels making runway contact Crossing runway 11/29 during braking down Exiting from runway 02 into taxiway K1 toward gate Taxiing on taxiway N4 Arrived at gate Thank you for viewing. Stay tuned for next exciting flight. Regards, Aharon
  9. Starting engines at 5 am in empty EFHK airport......
  10. Amazing video!!!!! What is up with white bath towels on first officer's seat? Does your first officer have habit of taking bath towels from every airport hotel? Regards, Aharon
  11. GREAT SHOTS and thanks for letting/educating us about this airport that I never knew about! Regards, Aharon
  12. Shalom and greetings all my pals, The hotels in ski areas around Telluride are having serious shortage of beer, wines, and liquors so they asked their chief alcohol distribution center in Las Vegas to have last minute emergency cargo delivery of those stuff. Presenting last minute emergency cargo hauling from KLAS McCarran International Airport located in Paradise about 5 miles south of Downtown Las Vegas to KMTJ Montrose Regional Airport located on the northwest side of Montrose in southwestern Colorado Airborne on climb to FL350 with background view of entire city of Las Vegas and the airport of departure visible above the fin on top of the plane Passing the same places seen below the plane while still climbing to FL350 Passing waters of Las Vegas Bay where you can see Lakeshore Road below the engine Passing Colorado River while cruising at FL350 Passing waters of Grand Bay Wash Bay Cruising past above desert of Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument Yep Colorado River is very long across few states as the plane passes that river Cruising at FL350 carrying tons tons tons of bottles of beer, wine, and liquor Passing famed Grand Canyon National Park Passing waters of Lake Powell Passing Glen Caynon Dam seen behind right wing's tip and KPGA Page Municipal Airport located mile east of Page in Coconino County, Arizona seen on lower left corner of screenshot Powell Lake is huge!!! You can tell from snow that the plane is approaching Colorado Descending from FL350 to FL200 Making lots of turns toward the airport of destination Passing Delta suburb of Montrose on way to the airport runway 17 On final runway approach past mountains of Gunnison Gorge National Park Seconds before touchdown TOUCHDOWN!!! Front landing gear lowering down slowly in most graceful manner Front landing gear making ground contact Braking down on icy runway is not easy!!! Exiting from runway into taxiway for very long taxi to cargo apron KMTJ airport is fun because it is next to city where you can see buildings!! Thank you for viewing!! Stay tuned for next exciting flight Regards, Aharon
  13. round the world in 80 days

    Thanks, Neal
  14. All virtual airlines do that on their websites. If you know anyone or has buddies who own virtual airlines, you can ask them. If you have generous discount policy for many virtual airlines for sceneries, the least they can do is to thank you by helping you create interactive Google map showing planes' locations. Smiling Regards, Aharon