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    Hi it seems that you have high resolution 3D cockpit unticked in your fsx settings. It is explained in the manual (vol 1 introduction that it has to be turned on, If you tick it to ON the nd size should be back to normal being the same size of the other displays.
  2. Hi guys here is my leg report for leg 42 from San fransico to Portland city. This leg was a fast lag as unlike the previous one where we had 100kts headwinds on this leg we had 100kts of tailwinds. So here we are at gate E60 boarding our passengers ot portlandcity. Luckly we had ground service online here at San Francisco We were expecting taxi to runway 10R for departure but ATC asked us if we could accept another route and a 01L departure with "current winds". We accepted the ATC "offer" and we taxied to runway 01L. We arrive at runway 01L and there is a aircraft with an emergency on board landing on runway 19L. And we reach our rotation speed in around 24s of rolling time And a shot while we climb to our cruise altitude. And a exterior shot. And affter some time of struggling with the FMS to get ourselfes on the route that ATC assigned us we arrive at our cruise altitude. And as it is a shorflight with our tailwinds we start our descend into Portland By following the MOXEE6 Start into portland we get established on ILS for runway 28R And we still keep it on autopilot. According to activesky next the winds at portland airport are at only 3kts but we are at 1700FT with 18kts of tailwinds the AP keeps struggling and we decide to go manual. And the tailwinds went away as we approached runway28R. Once again a hard landing with a -378FPM. One more landing with these rates and I will have to go back to base training. And here we to finish our flight deboarding our passengers at Portland. As soon as the deboarding is complete the landing gear will be inspected by the maintanence guys. Flight Information: Date: 17th of February of 2016 Aircraft Used: A319-115 FWTBJ Network: Vatsim Time of departure: 16:02Z Time of arrival:17:08Z Fuel on board : 6.1tons At the moment i have arleady completed leg 43 flight from Portland to Vancouver ( on the 19th) and i am planning to do leg 44 tomorrow the 26th. Due to school exams i am getting a little bit behind of schedule but two weeks from now the exams have arleady ended and i can get back on schedule. By the way i was able to use some of my money savings to buy the milviz 737 200. Still getting used to it but i wanted to use the old school sperry 77 autopilot with the FMS but it is veryhard without having a navigation display. Anyways i think I will get the 732 from Vancouver and fly it for "some" legs. That´s all for this leg reports. Have nice flights
  3. Hi guys here is my leg report for leg 51 from grand canyon to San francisco. I completed this leg on the 30th of January and it took a while to arrive on San Francisco due to 100kts headwinds during almost all of the cruise phase of our flight. So here we are at GrandCanyon. Starting our boarding so we can get to San Francisco And GSX warned us about icing so to prevent the same situation we had last flights it is time for some deicing. Tower view as we rotate at runway 21 Wing view of our climb And a shot as we arrive our cruise altitude. Now the headwinds start slowing us down making us a ground speed of 340kts And our route take us above Las vegas!. And closer to San Francisco we start our descend And we approach san Francisco And we start our approach for runway 28R And some minutes later we touchdown!. Unfortunately i was focusing on getting a lined up on centerline touchdown which resulted in a hard landing ( -300FPM) And here we are parked at gate E 60 deboarding our passengers. Flight information: Aircraft Used: A319-115 Time en route: 1H and 29 minutes Time of departure: 14:53Z Time of arrival: 16:23Z Route: PGS DCT KADDY J92 BLD DCT FRA DCT MOD Fuel required: 7.3 tons Took a while do to this leg report due to school and also due to being away since saturday due to carnival. Btw Tobus took a look at milviz 737 and indeed it looks good I will try to save some money to purchase it and i hope that i am able to get it before the end of this trip( I beleive that in the end of March i can get it). That´s all for this leg report. Have nice flights
  4. Hi guys. Looks like Tobus and Philippe found the problem of my flight. I recreated the same weather conditions and according to ASN ( debug window) icing was in level 4 ( maximum possible) so yes the issue was icing and my long preflight ( around 20 minutes) indeed. Meanwhile i decided to do a VFR flight around grand canyon before going to the next leg And Philippe i guess as i started my flight passion due to airliners i never tried to use any "old school aircraft" however i wouldnt mind to fly a 737-200 or a 727 ( if i had x plane i would fly them for sure) but i will try to save some euros ( im curious about the A300) as i would like to try to fly one of those aicrafts in the transition between full digtial and analogic gauges such a 737CL or a A310 but unfortuntately there arent great quality airplanes for those variants
  5. Hi guys just finished my leg 51 flight from EL paso to Grand Canyon( previous flight stories should be coming soon). This was by far the most stressful leg i had so far on this trip you will see why. So here we are at El paso. Today we are getting 5.2 tons of fuel, 102 passengers and 2 tons of cargo making a takeoff weight around 58 tons. Our taxi to runway was a little bit long as we had to taxi to runway 04 for departure. Here we are lined up 50% N1 engines stable and we advance the throttles to flex. As i was watching rotation to take a picture i noticed that the rotation was too long. Went back to the flight deck view and had to set power to TOGA then the rotation slowly started with 15 degrees of pitch( I think we had a tailstrike at this moment) Even with TOGA it doesnt want to climb. Setting Flaps 2 to help the A319 to climb then it looks like it start´s to climb. Positive rate Gear up and engines doing an amazing sound (blue sky star simulations sound pack) Affter setting Flaps two at around 5000FT the aircraft stopped to climb again. We tried to put Flaps 3 but it didnt climb at this moment to prevent a crash i had to increase fsx speed to around 160KTS to be able to climb. Now at 7000 feet we still climb with Toga (why you may ask)? We tried to put thrust climb t doesnt climb and speed starts to reduce, same with MCT, retraction of flaps even with TOGA doesnt help. Only way to climb was Toga + flaps 1 Now as we are kind of stable climbing it is time for an exterior shot. As we are unable to climb using normal thrust we decide to level off at around FL200 making this our cruise altitude. Of course a full toga climb down to FL200 burned us a lot of fuel. So he had to try to reach a higher flight level. We kept trying using thrust climb and if speed was reduced we hited Toga. In the end at some point thrust climb was able to get us to 30000FT Now at flight level 300 and looking at MCDU predictions we start to get worried. MCDU says we can get to Grand canyon with 0.4 tons on board. As it doesnt have wind in consideration we decide to think. In the end we decided to go for grand canyon but use runway 03 for arrival and do a full descent down to ILS G/S altitude( so that Thrust idle can be kept during almost all descend) just in precaution we decided to arrive all traffic on the viciniy of our situation and go squawk 7700( vatsim) We start our descend and hope for the best 40nm to localizer waypoint and 680 kilograms on board Grand canyon in sight that is a good sign. And we managed to get to the localizer and to the glide slope. Trusting on A/P now as we captured the glide gear is coming down and we go straight from flaps 1 to flaps 3 Decided to go manual. Approach is stable and lined on runway and good on vertical path Touchdown with a -151fpm rate. Lined up on centerline using Idle reversers and autobrake medium Used single engine taxi to get to parking and we made it! Passengers are now deboarding and we can call the maintenance guys to check what was wrong. As the "maintenance guys" arrive into the flight deck they start searching for "clues" and they notice a brakes hot indication And on fuel page this can be found. So far nothing has been found to be the cause of the issue( iguess low and negative temperatures at el paso -4ºC/-7ºC Dew point and not using the anti ice. Only used turned it on when we were unable to climb) if you can guess based on the pictures i would be apreciated to prevent this to happen on future legs. If you want the flight plan with weights and stuff i can post it here. (Now looking at another topic with this problem and a hifi forum looks like it is the active sky next icing simulation) Flight information: Date: 27th of January of 2016 Aircraft: A319-115 F-WTBJ Route: GREBE J86 INW DCT FLG V291 KACEE V257 GCN Cruise: ( Planned FL380) actual (1st FL200 and then FL300) Dep runway: 04 Arrival runway: 03 Departure time: 14:58Z Arrival time: 16:13Z As always have nice flights
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    Airbus A319 CFM TAP Portugal CS-TTP

    Very nice livery and it works so idk why its tagged as broken
  7. just got the 318/319 awesome aircraft :)