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  1. Madeira, no grass!

    Thank you so much for the analysis. I have removed both the FXS and P3D versions of LPMA. I have also removed LPMA files form the Effects folder and Texture folder from P3d. I could not find the MKSUDIOS folders or XML files anywhere. After uninstalling both versions I installed the FSX version but everything is exactly the same. Can you maybe be much more precise as to where I can find these folders that might be creating this problem? They are not in the SimObjects folder as far as I can see. Thank you in advance! P B Nielsen
  2. Madeira, no grass!

    With the new Madeira, I am not showing any grass between the runway and apron, just a black area. This is only the case for FSX, my P3D shows up perfect. How can I resolve this? Thanks, P B Nielsen, Copenhagen
  3. AES Remote

    SOLVED: Remote AES folder located in FSX folder on remote computer, AES remote updated, all working.
  4. AES Remote

    Hey there I am still having problems getting AES remote to remember the correct IP Address. I see that I am running AES version 2.44 in my FSX computer but running AES Remote version 2.3 on my systems (secondary, Prosim) computer. Question 1 : does this matter? If so, how so I update just the remote version? Question 2: if this does not matter, how do I get Remote to remember the correct IP address? It was working fin a while ago, but now I have to punch in the correct IP address every time. It comes up with default every time unfortunately, instead of Regards Per Birck Nielsen Copenhagen
  5. IP address changes

    I solved it by punching in the correct IP address in the HKEY window.! All working well again! :-)
  6. IP address changes

    Hello again Here are the relevant screen shots! Regards PBN
  7. IP address changes

    Hello again. I Just checked, and AES Remote runs as administrator. The HKEY shows the correct IP address, however the AES Remote window comes up with the last digit missing every time and therefore the wrong IP address! I am stumped!
  8. Hey there I run AES 2.42b. My AES Remote is 2.3. Is that OK, or do I need an update on the Remote? Thanx P B Nielsen Copenhagen
  9. IP address changes

    Thank you OPabst! We are closing in maybe, but I am taking small steps at a time here. Thank you for being patient. :-) The Aerosoft file was right where you said it would be, in the WOW having locted this, I need guidance for the next step please. You say "Maybe you can check, if this key changes, when you press the Save Button in the config menu" I cannot see any changes when I press the save button in the " Setup AESRemote" window. And I do not know which config menu you are referring to unfortunately. And I wish I knew what to look for. Might it be easier to reset it, or am I almost there?? Regards P B Nielsen Copenhagen
  10. IP address changes

    Need some more help please: I have located the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE by typing regedit in the start menu, but there is no Aerosoft\AES\AESRemote. I have looked in both no avail. Apparently I am missing something. Hope that you can help me out! Thanx.
  11. IP address changes

    Will do, and I'll get back to you with the result. Thanx!!!
  12. AES remote sound configuration

    I have been able to reconfigure the sound in AES, but in a workaround way. The AES remote goes to the default sound device. So if you want it somewhere else, then select that "somewhere else" as your default sound folder, and send your other sounds to the other speakers you have connected. regards P B Nielsen Copenhanen
  13. Hey there I have FSX, two computers, FSX on one, Prosim and all systems, among these AES remote, on the other. Works great. After a in house power failure, the IP addresses on the computers changed, eventually everything was configured again and working. HOWEVER..... I corrected the IP address in the VistaMare folder in FSX, and I corrected the IP address in the AES Remote window. All OK. BUT, When I shut down AES Remote, and start it up again, it comes up with a wrong IP address, even though I had pressed SAVE on the correct entry. It comes up with while the correct one is, and was punched in: It has been workng flawlessly for over a year!! Any ideas how I can correct this? regards P B Nielsen Copenhagen
  14. Hey there, I am very fond of AES, I feel it adds a great deal of realism to my simulation. I need to configure the sound differntly than how it works now, on remote. I do not know if it is possible, I am sure you can answer. I run a two computer setup in my fixed base cockpit Computer 1 : FSX OPUS, Vpilot Computer 2: Prosim, AES remote CP flight and a whole lot more. Sound from my computer 1, the FSX computer, is split up so that the FSX airplane sounds, go through one of three televisions (that create the front view), this is set up in the FSX sounds menu. Vpilot sound goes through a sound output in the computer (there are two of these, one in the front and one in the back). AES, which operates in the remote mode, also goes through the same speakers, and I am not happy about that. I would like Vpilot and AES on differen speakers. So: my problem is, how can I change which set of speakers the AES remote sends its sound to? I hope I have explained it well enough, othewise please ask supplementary questions. Regards, P B Nielsen, Copenhagen