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  1. just wondering has anything been said about optimizing performance to improve framerate on the 2017 busses?
  2. so i updated and now the screen for the right fmc is blank so i cant set anything up and the speed heading and altitude screens on the autopilot is blank. should i reinstall or is there something im missing here?
  3. does this plane work in FSX steam edition?
  4. i start the aerosoft launcher and it says i have a update available. i click updat and the only option is gives me is to update later. the run AS-updater option is grayed out. so how do i update to the newer version? also where can i find a paint template for the 320?
  5. when im level of descending the engines to over produce power or under produce, it cant seem to apply the proper thrust. this caused my speed to go over what i have it set for then under. it just keeps doing this and casue the camera in the flight deck to move forward and back constantly, really annoying, i never had this problem with the airbus x so am i setting something wrong or is it just this version?