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  1. I can't wait seeing you approaching some of those small airfields waiting for you while coming along with the Queen...
  2. The final flight back to Paderborn

    That's okay for me... ...hmm, I didn't use JoinFS up to now, but Teamspeak is no problem.
  3. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Honestly, I wouldn't miss them too much as long there is sufficient other stuff available. However, I honestly think about other options an weather X-Plane could be an alternative. The reason is finally that I hate it to be tied to Microsoft's OS, as Win 10 is as snoopy as any concierge could be and it's quite hard to prevent it. Next year, before building a new machine I'll test this alternative for sure (likely based on Linux)..
  4. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Hi Dale, As it seems this sort of switching is the only possibility for proceeding in a (half the way) known environment. Dove couldn't get themselves in gear and X-Plane 11 would need to drop all kind of investment done so far, in terms of money for add-ons and efforts. However, I'll grasp the nettle next year in Spring earliest.
  5. That's the reason for me waiting till next year - probably late Spring. As I'm still on FSXA I would need to buy quite a lot of stuff again anyway and this gives me time to decide where to got to. Regarding the graphics I'm not too jealous at the moment as it seems that I'd quite successfully pimped my present sim (it's a matter of taste anyway, I think).
  6. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Think what you want...
  7. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    That's my last batch of flights before our grand final. Time again taking a really old lady specifically as the distances are not too long. Leg #131.1 LSZH-EDNY (Friedrichshafen), JU52, 45 nm, 0:26 hrs, VFR Tanking off at Zurich Klothen, RW 34. Heading direct for Friedrichshafen. The Bodensee is covered with clouds, not serious enough foiling our plans. Landing at Friedrichshafen, a smaller "cigar" is towed outside its hangar. Leg #131.2 EDNY-LSZR (Altenrhein), JU52, 11 nm, 0:10 hrs, VFR The Zeppelin is still under treatment when we left a while later for a really short hop over the lake. Just 10 minutes to go. It's time for a break. I only need to turn the tail a bit. One day later, the weather became worse meanwhile and it rained. Leg #132 LSZR-LOWI (Innsbruck), JU52, 92nm, 0:40 hrs, VFR via Feldkirch, Bludenz, St. Anton/Arlberg, Landeck, Nassereith After a 270° right turn heading for Feldkirch. After passing St Anton/Arlberg Almost done, after passing Landeck we are going to leave the peak in front to our right before turning for Innsbruck We had to take RW08, rolling no to the stand Now I start waiting for a pleasant summer, the flightplan to Paderborn is prepared (I don't have the nice, but fake alternate, sorry Toby) and hope for a grand final where most of you guys can participate. See you.
  8. I rather think you have used some plough furrows when approaching the area east of Gaza to avoid any radar contact instead of following the detours of the official airways.
  9. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Well Dale, these are the sentences just describing useful sources for collectors like me. I didn't care too much for AI in the past, mostly because of a lack of time. Otherwise I couldn't practice enough hours per week my guitar play in order to improve it despite my advanced age... ('s only Rock'n Roll, but I like it! ). BTW, I suppose that you are one of the guys having problems from time to time as far as the remaining space on your hard drives is concerned (like me). A full backup takes ages - it's a nightmare.
  10. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Hi Dale, you're absolutely right! Fortunately the weather is not that nice that I urgently want to sit on my terrace... Regarding your traffic experience I can't judge as I had been most of the time relatively low while flying eastbound along the coast. Where did you find the nice repaints of celebrity's rides? However, for me remains reporting about the last flight towards Zurich. Leg #130.5 LSGG-LSZH (Zürich), B738, 143 nm, 0:38, MOLU3N MOLUS DCT WIL WIL2Z . Due to the wind direction and necessary SID and STARs the short hop took quite a while. After taking of at RW23 we had to pass PASSERY VOR before u-turning left. Here we can see the mouth of river Rhône into lake de Genève and we are about to pass Montreux, well known for its famous Jazz Festival. 1971 the Band Deep Purple wanted to use the Casino complex for some recordings when it was burned by an idiot during the last concert of some other artists. However, this event inspired the band to the song "Smoke On The Water" and Richie Blackmore to his great guitar riff being the most recognizable part of it. Here we are following the approach to RW34 before ATC directed us to RW16. LSZH is crowded as always... (I used a quite puristic scenery of Stefan Liebe, available at Avsim, See you, likely I'll continue today.
  11. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Hello guys, here is my flight from Nice to Zurich (actually, it's more than one leg). The overview (to Geneve only) is here: Leg #130.1 LFMN-LFMR (Saint Pons), PC6, 60 nm, 0:35 hrs, VFR First towards VOR AZR by crossing the city of Nice... ... and then another left turn along the river La Tinée. The weather is not as nice as proposed. Approaching Sant Pons. Leg #130.2 LFMR-LFHU (Alpes d'Huez), PC6, 72 nm, 0:50 hrs, VFR: via Saint-Crépin, Lac de Sierre Poncon, I left out Saint Crépin and continued to Alpes d'Huez, a first Altiport. Passing the Massif des Écrins having some peaks around 4000m elevation. . The demanding final, however, by using the Porter's STAL ability not a real problem. Leg #130.3 LFHU-LFLJ (Courchevel), PC6, 45 nm, 0:26 hrs, VFR After a short coffee-break, ready for using the jump (actually the Turbo Porter lifted off when reaching the marks) The view became much clearer compared to the remaining early morning fog north of Nice. Here a nice view showing the Mont Blanc (4808m), Europe's highest peak west of the Caucasus. Courchevel - the first time I saw it in Summer. Climbing uphill for a lunch break. Leg #130.4 LFLJ-LSGG (Geneva), PC6, 65 nm, 0:40 hrs, VFR RW23 The Porter began climbing even if I didn't use full power in order to enjoy at least a bit the downhill feeling... Due to the wind direction I had to fly a downwind track along Geneva's airport. I'd been a bit late, but asked the tower for a short approach to no avail. I love the city and the promenade around the lake and its nice fountain. (Scenery: Done by Guy Nemoz, Altiports - I still used the old version 3, available there as well. LFMR is from the same source. However don't forget to install the library and read how to install, LSGG is done by Rene Scharlach and available at Avsim, ).
  12. Neal, nice to see you here around again - and wow, you've got a task! However, even if some guys rushed through the last legs, I think we're going to have sufficient time for summer vacation before flying the real final - specifically as we need to negotiate the right date and time in order to get most of the gang together. Take your time. Probably it make sense re-sorting a bit the legs around the Mediterranean.
  13. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Hello again, Here is the grand final of the next leg, I've reached Nice after a really short jump. Leg #129.3 LFML-LFMN (Nice), B732, 92 NM, 0:24 hrs, LUC4B LUC DCT MUSNB ILS04L After taking of and a right turn we are passing the city of Marseille. Passing Saint Tropez at just FL090. The marina is right at our Starboard. Approaching RW04L at Nice, Côte d'Azur. The City is visible in the background. I don't think that I'll stay too long. It's sunny and hot and Nice itself has a quite narrow and busy pebble beach, a crowded promenade bordering to a real beautiful boulevard with palm trees and some overwhelming jugendstil houses (e.g. Hotel Negresco) - unfortunately this alley is most of the time jammed. Furthermore during the tourist season you can expect each three minutes a plane approaching close to the shore usually the other way round than this morning. However, Nice is nice in April... (Both cityscapes, Marseille and Nice are XpressSim products, the airports are freeware and done by Ray Smith, available at Avsim and UTX Europe v2 provides all vectorlines and Lanclasses) See you somewhere. I think my next flights will be slow, but not too low via at least one Altiport (probably Courchevel) to Geneva before heading for Zurich.
  14. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Hi guys, While reading some of the above postings I got sometimes the bad feeling that I've missed the starting shot of a final race. Actually, I only finished today the flight to Valencia and up to now just the first of three stages to Nice. Leg #128.4 LERE-LEVC (Valencia), PC12, 28 nm, 0:09 hrs, VFR RW12 The PC12 got some own ideas how to get from A to B and I a was a bit busy. No pictures therefore during the short flight. Leg #129.1 LERE-LEBL (Barcalona), B732, 204 nm, 0:36 hrs, SOPE4B SOPET UN608 MATEX MATE2Y After switching over to my B737-800, the rest of flight preparation took only a couple of minutes and soon we climbed out of RW12, passing the city... ... and its harbour. Barcelona's cityspace in sight. Final approach... (Valencia cityspace and Barcelona are both Scenery Solution's XpressSim V2 - even with thousands of customised objects you can fly a PMDG without being afraid about VAS problems) See you again.
  15. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Hello again, This morning I took the B200 and left Madrid towards Requena. It had been a mixture of VFR and IFR as I filed a plan between LEMD via CLS VFR and checkpoint N (Chera) north of LERE. The circling to land under IFR rules. Leg #128.3 LEMD-LERE (Requena), PC12, 157 nm, 0:58 hrs, RW36R CJN A33 CLS - VFR:CHERA (N) A short landing and roll out. Turning for parking. (The airport is my own work. I added some landclass around and a few buildings according to Google). Final part for fulfilling this leg will be Valencia. See ya guys.
  16. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    All right, here is the first batch of legs bringing me to Valencia. As I want landing at Requena as well, I need a smaller aircraft before. Leg #128.1 LPFR-LPPT (Lisbon), B738, 127 nm, 0:28 hrs, ODEM6E ODEMI DCT ESP ESP9B Approaching Lisbon, before overflying the airport and following the ILSLOC Z RW21 approach (fortunately without any holding). Just docked in at gate A17 (It's an old Megascenery I bought years ago together with Stockholm just for EUR 5,-. It lacks a proper adaption to the surrounding mesh and I think I'll do it again myself - not yet, I'm afraid.) Leg #128.2 LPPT-LEMD (Madrid), B738, 330 nm, 0:52 hrs, IDBI3N IDBID DCT PORLI DCT OGERO DCT TLD TLD1J Here we go again before having a night stop (ore more) at Madrid. After a quite fast flight with nice tailwinds at FL410 we arrived at Madrid's Airport Adolfo Suárez. (Nice freeware done again by Ray Smith. It should be not only availabe at but at AVSIM, too.) Now there is a bit time to think about the plane to take for the next flights to and from LERE. See you guys...
  17. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Hello guys, Here is my report of my last leg in order to complete all alternatives of this choice. Leg #127.3 LXGB-LPFR (Faro), B738, 213 nm, 0:52 hrs, XAVIR DCT AMPIR T100 ORTOP DCT GIMAL GIMA6C (TOGA AT LPFR) Climbing out of Gibraltar (I'm wondering how long the rock's monkeys will remain loyal to their place after Britain's Brexit - there'll be much less tourists feeding them, I think). A Ryanair sitting at the runway too long forced me to go around, adding quite some minutes due to the subsequent hold over GIMAL - probably the PF had a short nap after a long day. Faro is obviously crowded. Many planes are sitting here. (A nice scenery done by Peter Hermans (, As I have quite some stages on my way to Valencia I'll continue today via Lisbon to Madrid (different to my first planning) before changing my gear. See ya...
  18. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Nice story - including your summery. Nothing unusual during my next legs (I think in schedule???). Leg #127.1 LEIB-LEMG (Malaga), B738, 369 nm, 0:57 hrs, BAVE1R BAVER UM603 ALT UN851 ROLAS RO1DCQ Following the STAR led to a nice terrain warning. I wouldn't like it when flying in clouds... Taxi to the gates. (Scenery: Peter Hermans, Leg #127.2 LEMG-LXGB (Gibraltar), B738, 100 nm, 0:21 hrs, PIMO1S PIMOS B28 XAVIR XAV01 RW09 After nearly doubling the short flight we have Ceuta to our left and Gibraltar's rock at the right side. The finals to Rw09 (Scenery - including all fixes - by Klaus-Peter Kniffka, Fortunately there is no need for international procedures even if the situation between Spain and Gibraltar is <err> complicated. In about two years we gonna have a real frontier here... See you guys.
  19. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Here are those legs missing in order to include all alternatives around Mallorca. What I haven't mentioned the last time is the author of the Menorca . This file doesn't correct the elevation differences around the airport and I did it myself by using again Don Grovenstin's very helpful tool "Terrain Sculptor" for concealing the resulting cliffs. Okay, now both remaining hops of this series: Leg #126.2 LEMH-LEPA (Palma de Mallorca), B738, 98 nm, 0:26 hrs, MAME1C MAMEB MAME1M LEMH again: (AFCAD: Steve Morrell, AVSIM: - sufficient traffic for my taste... Approaching Palma de Mallorca (AFCAD: Ray Smith, AVSIM, After a short turn a long flight to Ibiza, more than doubling the direct distance due to the wind direction. Leg #126.3 LEPA-LEIB (Ibiza), B738, 138nm, 0:26 hrs, CASO1L DCT IZA DCT IBA ILSY06 Approaching the island. A slight turn over Ibiza Town and its harbour, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, when passing IZA NDB Flying the required teardrop outbound before the final right turn. The salinas , visible left of the aircraft's tail, are likely much older than each other facility around. It's time for a rest. Half of EasyJet's fleet is clustered in my back... Freeware scenery done by Sierra.Foxtrot-Design,, See ya later around Spain's mainland.
  20. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    As announced, the next batch of flights: Leg #125.1 LIEO-DTMB (Monastir), B738, 379 nm, 1:01 hrs, LABO5B LABOM Q125 KOVAS M732 CAR M733 OSMAR UA725 TANIT UM739 CBN UG727 DIDON G727 ATLEL ATLE1R Departing Olbia Passing the southern part of Sardinia, here is the coast named Costa Rei where I'd made my first attempts of windsurfing in 1980 (well!). At the left the shoreline where the wind could carry you easily (haha) when blowing too strong from NW to deal with as a beginner - approaching Monastir. Leg #125.2 DTMB-DTTJ (Djerba), B738, 129 nm, 0:29 hrs, ELJE2B ELJEM M738 SFX A411 JBA ILSZ09 Crossing Djerba while already turning for ILSZ09 approach. It's hot! That's it! The best I can remember of Djerba had been a wild ride with a catamaran while having a gusty 7 bft offshore wind bringing sand from the Sahara. I'll never forget my daughter crying while I balanced the boat on our portside hull while trying to get the pressure from the sail. We returned to the shore without turning turtle but all other did staying outside. Leg #126.1 DTTJ-LEMH (Menorca), B738, 595 nm, 1:27 hrs, TINA1A TINAP A856 KIRAS UZ147 DIMAO G6 ANB R34 MOUET UM4 ETOIL UM739 ODAKA UZ924 RIPAL UM603 MORSS MORS2B Many clouds over the Mediterranean, a rough ride while approaching Menorca and after all surrounded by masses of EasyJet birds... However, even if it might become worse, I'll do the other Balearic main islands as well...
  21. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    It's time to fly and to report a bit - I'm (again) behind the schedule anyway as I wasn't keen heating my workspace here too much... I preferred the shadow of my terrace and reading the English translation of Liu Cixin's "Remembrance of Earth's Past" trilogy, consisting of "The Tree Body Problem", "The Dark Forrest", and "Death's End", quite pile of paper (however, ebooks are available as well). Leg #122.2 LIRQ-LSZA (Lugano), B200, 180 nm, 0:30 hrs, FRZ5P FRZ L995 TZO Z982 SRN SRN6L Leaving Florence while turning over the city (Scenery Solutions' XpressSim, airport region and cityspace) Approaching Lugano Leg #122.3 LSZA-LIMC (Milan Malpensa), B200, 45 nm, 0:30 hrs, VFR --> RW 17L After a short VFR ride at 5000 ft - Milano in sight while passing Vergiate (LILG) Leg #123 LIMC-LFKC (Calvi), B200, 190 nm, 0:35 hrs, NOV7Y VOG M858 LIGUR LIGUR2 Coming up Napoleon's exile... Approaching Calvi (I pimped it myself by using ADE in conjunction with Terrain Sculptor). Leg #124.1 LFKC-LFKJ (Ajaccio), B200, 36 nm, 0:18 hrs, VFR Approaching Accaccio. Airport Campo Dell' Oro Leg #124.2 LFKJ-LFKO (Propriano), B200, 18 nm, 0:10 hrs, VFR After a real short hop over the next land tongue and its mountains, landing at Propriano. (LFKJ and LFKO are part of XpressSim's Accaccio Region package). Leg #124.3 LFKO-LIEO (Olbia), B200, 59 nm, 0:30 hrs, VFR Heading now for Sardinia's Olbia, back again to Italy (any IFR would have doubled the flight time anyway and the weather was nice). BTW, all European sceneries are overlaid by Scenery Solution's UTX Europe (v2). The next leg to Monastir is already competed, but will be reported after reaching the Balearic Islands. See you...
  22. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Hi Dirk, DTJJ should rather be DTTJ.... (btw. after looking for Djerba's airport I made the same typo when adding it to my list ). That's my own flight plan (if someone is interested): (done) Leg #120 LDSP-LGKR (Corfu), B738, 330 nm, 0:52 hrs, RILI2E RILIM L862 BRD L995 TIGRA UT75 BETAK BETA1U (done) Leg #121 LGKR-LIBD (Bari), B738, 178 nm , 0:41 hrs, TIGR2F TIGRA L995 BRD L612 DOLON DOLO1P (done) Leg #122.1 LIBD-LIRQ (Florence), B738, 340 nm , 1:08 hrs, EKMU5B EKMUR T415 VIE L612 ANC M986 GAVRA BIKTU VISUAL 23 Leg #122.2 LIRQ-LSZA (Lugano) Leg #122.3 LSZA-LIMC (Milan Malpensa) Leg #123 LIMC-LFKC (Calvi) Leg #124 LFKC-LIEO (Olbia) Leg #125.1 LIEO-DTMB (Monastir) Leg #125.2 DTMB-DTTJ (Djerba) Leg #126.1 DTTJ-LEMH (Menorca) Leg #126.2 LEMH-LEPA (Palma de Mallorca) Leg #126.3 LEPA-LEIB (Ibiza) Leg #127.1 LEIB-LEMG (Malaga) Leg #127.2 LEMG-LXGB (Gibraltar) Leg #128 LXGB-LPFR (Faro) Leg #129.1 LPFR-LERE (Requena) Leg #129.2 LERE-LEVC (Valencia) Leg #130.1 LERE-LEBL (Barcalona) Leg #130.2 LERE-LFML (Marseile) Leg #130.3 LFML-LFMN (Nice) Leg #131.1 LFMN-LSGG (Geneva) - on the way probably some Altiports in France Leg #131.2 LFMN-LSGG (Zürich) Leg #132.1 LSGG-EDNY (Friedrichshafen) Leg #132.2 EDNY-LSZR (Altenrhein) Leg #133 LSZR-LOWI (Innsbruck) Green is done already, red means added by my own decision. I should mention that most of those Altiports - like LFLJ, LFKX and LFHM) are requiring a special license (a smell of Lukla).
  23. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Hi guys, This is my report about the first legs of the last batch: Leg #120 LDSP-LGKR (Corfu), B738, 330 nm, 0:52 hrs, RILI2E RILIM L862 BRD L995 TIGRA UT75 BETAK BETA1U I left Split early in the morning... ...and landed at Corfu after a quite short flight. Both sceneries had been pimped by myself (based on UTX Europe v2). Leg #121 LGKR-LIBD (Bari), B738, 178 nm , 0:41 hrs, TIGR2F TIGRA L995 BRD L612 DOLON DOLO1P Off to Bari (BTW: Navigraph missed the ILS 07 approaches - why ever). Here I just used a close-to-standard-scenery from (no investment from my side). x Finally an extra-leg in order to change to a smaller plane for the next few stops: Leg #122.1 LIBD-LIRQ (Florence), B738, 340 nm , 1:08 hrs, EKMU5B EKMUR T415 VIE L612 ANC M986 GAVRA BIKTU VISUAL 23 Florence cityspace and airport are done by ScenerySolutions (XpressSim V2 series) Time to stay a bit.. I wish all of you nice flights.
  24. Hello guys, After my own experience with some of those MegaSceneries I'm now quite happy that I'd pimped both last airports myself. There are quite some designers who didn't care for flying (except in the default C172 which might work) and I'm missing some quality control from the publisher's side as well that goes farther than looking for eye-candy. I'm accepting short frame rate drops down to 13 to 12 fps, as this works still quite smooth, surprisingly. As far as I'd been able to observe the VAS problems it has to do with the total amount of drawcalls, virtual traffic of all kind, and as well as with the used texture resolution (4k for clouds might looks nice but could easily knock down the system). I think ACES had a remaining problem too as it seems to me that they didn't implement a proper management of the used memory. This can be shown by a quite easy test: Just place your plane at a complex airport (it should be a complex bird like one of the latest PMDG birds), roll to take-off and look for your VAS figures after being airborne. Take a second look after climbing to your planned flight level after e.g 15 to 20 Minutes. Then safe this status and re-boot your flight sim. I'm sure that you can see a remarkable difference when looking again at your remaining memory being cleared now from previously used stuff. BTW, the worst I ever experienced with more recent sceneries than Aerosoft's old MegaSceneries had been 'New York City X' by 'Drzewiecki Design'. I wasn't even able approaching the vicinity of Big Apple without getting in VAS troubles.
  25. All right, I've landed at Split. Leg #118 LUKK-LHBP (Budapest), 450 nm, B772, 1:11 hrs, NUNT1P NUNTA P90 UDSIG L140 NARKA DCT ABONY ABON4R Leg #119 LHBP-LDSP (Split), B772, 298 nm, 0:55 hrs, B7 PUST3D VEBAL UL196 UNIPA DCT OKLAX OKLA3B Budapest took me only two hours for pimping it a bit. I used UTX EUR v2 as basis (very simple, but I didn't want staying too long there anyway). Split is made from the pictures and charts, nonetheless by using default objects and buildings (except the lamps). After landing half of the airliner's stands had been blocked by GA and meanwhile I geve them some off-side place for parking. The picture is taken before and I'm just turning in.