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  1. P3D has a 256 character file address limit, it's possible these files have longer names and in conjunction with your Windows username the address of those texture files is exceeding that limit. The fix would be to install to a different location with a shorter address. Or the files could simply be missing.
  2. ckyliu

    PFD not showing speed or altitude

    It seems I'm being misunderstood, perhaps I was unclear. I understand the fonts must be installed into Windows to work, I'm not disputing that. What I'm asking is if the fonts are also in the P3D fonts folder. I do not expect the fonts simply being in P3D to fix the issue. The reason I ask if the fonts are in P3D is because that gives users somewhere to obtain the fonts and install them into Windows; copying a .ttf file from almost anywhere on your local machine and pasting in to Control Panel\Fonts is an easy way to install fonts in to Windows and thus fix the problem of missing fonts. But I realise with the Pro bus being installed outside of P3D's folders, this may not be the case, which is why I was querying.
  3. ckyliu

    PFD not showing speed or altitude

    So the fonts don't appear in the P3D fonts folder too, where they could be copied from in to Windows? Every other addon I have puts its special fonts in to the P3D fonts folder as well as Windows.
  4. ckyliu

    PFD not showing speed or altitude

    Looks like a missing fonts issues to me. If you've already tried a reinstall with admin rights, then your next step is to go to your P3D fonts folder and copy the contents in to your Control Panel fonts, that's fixed many such issues in other products.
  5. I meant odd behaviour or crashing of P3D itself, not of the Airbus (i.e. new content could be required by the core client). I recall reading it somewhere in relation to v4.3 but can't vouch for its accuracy, but seeing as it's free and easy to do I figured it was worth a shot.
  6. For the 4.3 update, you need to install the content too otherwise it can lead to odd behaviour. Doubt it would fix your issue but worth a try.
  7. You shouldn't need to trim once airborne, the Airbus autotrims, it's part of the fly-by-wire system. In simplified terms, point the nose where you want it, release the sidestick and it will hold that attitude in the short term and adjust trim to suit.
  8. ckyliu

    rays and cdu does not work

    Are you running the latest P3Dv4.3? The addons does not work with older versions.
  9. ckyliu

    Wierd situation

    Are you running the latest P3Dv4.3? The addons does not work with older versions.
  10. ckyliu

    If you get stuck....

    @FIGUEIREDO Are you running the latest P3Dv4.3? The addons does not work with older versions.
  11. ckyliu

    Annual poll on platform

    I will likely be "moving to another Flight Simulator" that wasn't available in the list: Dovetail Games Flight Simulator. Whilst Aerosoft have very fair pricing policies as regards P3D other developers do not (or even don't support it at all) which means I will be sticking with FSX until DTG comes out, because if I stomached the costs of going to P3D I rekon I'd only get 12 months of usage. If DTG's sim is decent, and especially if it gets to 64 bit before P3D, expect to see P3D fizzle out of favour fairly quickly.