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  1. The folder is X-Plane 10/Aircraft/Heavy Metal/777 Worldliner Professional. There is no Boeing777v183 anywhere. My X-Plane 10 is 10.51. I downloaded all libraries and still 777 doesn't work and there was no request for serial. Should it request and if so when and where should I enter this serial?
  2. The folder is X-Plane 10/Aircraft/Heavy Metal/777 Worldliner Professional. There is no Boeing777v183 anywhere.
  3. Sorry about not answering soon but I was working a lot and away from this forum. What I did was create an aircraft (not a template and it seems working so I'll leave it here. Tks a lot.
  4. The download is a zipfile? and is it correct just to extract it to X-Plane 10/Aircraft/Heavy Metal folder?
  5. I just bought AS_777, downloaded it in zipfile. Extracted it to X-Plane 10/Aircraft/Heavy Metal/777 Worldliner Professional and it's there Then I run X-Plane 10, chose it but nothing works Key wasn't asked Is there something wrong that I did? Tks
  6. Solved

    AWAY FROM PC (VACATIONS). TKS. It worked fine in win10
  7. Sorry if this was already resolved but I couldn't find (I'm really new in this sort of things - trying to find something posted). Is there any issue to avoid updating win7 64bits to win10? Tks in advance
  8. It's my 1st contact with this ETOPS issue since I have never made a long flight. I flew C441 / Mustang / even Hawker 800 but just now I bought PMDG's 777-200LR and decide to go for long flights. Awsome work!!! No one that makes flightsim one's hobby can't be away from this masterpiece of information.
  9. BW901 did a splendid job and it was very very nice to share his work here. I just now begin to understand how things work with PFPX (which is superb), so I'm very naive. I really don't fly FSX default's airplanes since my 1st payware (Cessna C441). Now I have PMDG's 777, Eaglesoft's Citation X both in the database. I bought Wilco's Falcon 7X and would like to add it to PFPX aircraft database. Question: 1) is it possible? 2) where do I find the database file? 3) how do I collect data like AircraftTypeShort & Equipment? Many tks
  10. I bought F.O.C. and tried to install it. I had windows 7 ultimate edition 64bit and it was upgraded to windows 1o pro 64. When trying to open it there is a msg saying that MSSTDFTM.dll coulden't be found although it's. The samew goes to MSCOMCT2.ocx 1) FOC doesn't work in win 10? 2) it works but I need to do something else? Tks