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  1. gregoryv

    is it not work in P3D V4.2 ?

    Hello. 1. I personally don't have " a lot of bugs" and my FPS are excellent. 2. It doesn't work with P3D V4.2 Gregory
  2. gregoryv

    Advice for logitech extreme 3d settings

    Thanks Mathijs, Will try it today.
  3. Hey folks, Looking for advice for sensitivity/dead zone settings for logitech extreme 3d. I tried a few different combinations and still cannot find the best. Or it is too sensitive or too high dead zones. Thanks Gregory
  4. gregoryv


    Thanks! I am using Tomatoshade.
  5. gregoryv

    Importing flight plan from PFPX

    Ok guys. You can close this thread. It is specific problem with specific route and PFPX. Other routes imported with no problem. So it is not related to bus. Thanks Gregory
  6. gregoryv

    Can`t open Company Route Editor

    Hi Mathijs, Tried your method didn't work but what was suggested by Terry1718 working fine.
  7. gregoryv

    Can`t open Company Route Editor

    Thanks. That worked for me!
  8. gregoryv


    Great product and it is was worth to wait. Excellent cockpit textures, great performance . My first airbus and I am really enjoy it.
  9. gregoryv

    About framerates

    Hi Mathijs, I think you totally didn't understand my comment. I was talking about "other product" . A lot of people saying that "other product" having better system depth and etc. I said that it isn't worth when your performance is poor. I think your team did a great job and I am enjoying flying new bus
  10. gregoryv

    Your best Screenshot

    This is mine
  11. gregoryv

    Cannot close Captain window

    Thanks Stefan!
  12. gregoryv

    Importing flight plan from PFPX

    Hi Stephen, No. I computed and released flight plan. I am working with it not a first day.
  13. gregoryv

    Importing flight plan from PFPX

    So it is exported faulty from PFPX? Cause PFPX contains full route. Gregory
  14. gregoryv

    Importing flight plan from PFPX

    Hi Emanuel, Please find attached. Gregory LSGGLSZH01.flp
  15. Hello. I try to import a flight plan from pfpx. I managed to import a flight plan from PFPX but when I load it from FMS it appears to be empty except departure and arriving airport. The previous topic was closed but i still have an issue. When using simbrief, working perfect. What can be an issue? Please don't close the topic. I need your support. Thanks Gregory