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  1. Hello! I know it was easter, but may i ask again carefully if there is a chance to get the current version (v2.7 for FSX)? I know it's my fault that I did not download the update before you switched to the new shop system (according to the linked posts, it should have worked there already), but it would still be nice if I can do it now. Or do I have a chance that the OPS Center mentioned here will be released this week and that the mentioned update works with it?
  2. JD66

    Charts poor print quality

    Thank you Mathijs for keeping this in mind. And if ElliotCarver is the first one with this comment, so I would be the second. I am familiar with the LIDO charts, and like he I previously received them from Navigraph. Now I have both chart subscriptions, and I think I have to keep both because both have their individual advantages and disadvantages. Maybe you can increase printing quality in future. Just a comment on file size: I neither know the actual download size of Navigraph/Jeppesen charts nor that of NDP/LIDO charts. But as I did not uninstall the old Navigraph application until now, it is easy to figure out the file sizes of the former Navigraph/LIDO charts. I did not hear any complaints about their file sizes. Here are some examples, most of them from the 1709 cycle (±1?), the last one Navigraph published with LIDO charts. KLAX: 11.113.750 Bytes (largest file I found) EDDF: 10.810.233 Bytes (second largest) KDFW: 9.963.010 Bytes KJFK: 8.377.595 Bytes KORD: 7.294.534 Bytes LFPG: 6.621.280 Bytes KATL: 6.459.283 Bytes EHAM: 4.881.466 Bytes EGLL: 3.059.439 Bytes So I think it should be no issue to increase file sizes (if they actually are lower) up to this values.
  3. JD66

    Missing Charts

    Servus Patrick, I also notized that LOWZ now has IFR procedures. But all these airfields, LOAN, LOAV and LOWZ, only have published approaches for aircrafts in approach category A and B. On the other hand, LIDO alway publishes the approach plates only with the minima for category C and D. Procedures which are not defined for category C or D, but only for A and B, are left out entirely. Consequently, it is quite possible that LIDO will never publish any charts for airfields which only have procedures for category A and B like the mentioned ones.
  4. Hi! In preparation for the upcoming cross the pond event on VATSIM I just want to update my Vienna scenery, what I obviously did last in april 2015, when version 2.60 was actual. Now (and since november 2015) version 2.70 is actual for FSX, but I seem to be not able to download it from the support center. The support center offers me version 2.60 for FSX/P3DV2 (which I actually have) and version 2.80 for P3DV4 (which is useless for me until I will install that simulator …). Please look at the screenshot appended. I have found all these threads in the forum, but they did not help me: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/101158-flytampa-mega-airport-vienna-x-neu-in-v270/ http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/129655-fly-tampa-vienna/ http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/117261-fly-tampa-vienna-latest-version/ Any help for me? Thanks!
  5. ??? Of course, it is a browser's problem - I knew that already before your answer … But I solved the problem by myself. So why should I change to another browser? No reason to do that, as I have all my settings, bookmarks and so on in Firefox. But because it is not my browser's problem (as Firefox does not belong personally to me …) I thought some others might have the same problem, and I thought it could be helpful for others to share my solution. And I posted it here - assuming it would make less sense to post it in a Firefox- or NoScript-Forum because (maybe I am wrong with this …) most of users with the same problem would look here for a solution.
  6. Hi! Using Firefox with the NoScript-Add-on I have had problems with PFPX filling the VATSIM flightplan prefile page since a few days. But as already written in the german forum I was able to solve the problem. For those of you who encounter the same problem here is my solution: First of all you might have noticed the NoScript UI vanishing from Firefox since the last update. To bring it back (you will need it!) please follow the instructions given here. Thereafter follow this steps: Click on the NoScript-icon => Options … Tab "Advanced" => 2nd row tab "XSS" => Input field "Anti-XSS Protection Exceptions rules" Add a new line as following and click OK - prefiling should work again now! ^https?://(www|cert)\.vatsim\.net/fp/(file\.php)?\?1=.* It should look somehow like this (screenshot from german version):
  7. Moin! Ich benutze Firefox mit aktivem NoScript-Add-on als Standardbrowser. Beim CTP am 14.10.2017 hatte ich das Problem, dass PFPX den Flugplan für das VATSIM-Prefiling nicht korrekt an den Browser übertragen konnte. Auf die Schnelle musste ich alles per Hand eingeben … Bei meinem letzten Online-Flug davor am 08.10.2017 hatte es noch funktioniert. Heute hatte ich etwas Gelegenheit, mich näher mit dem Problem zu beschäftigen, und konnte es lösen. Damit andere auch was von meiner Lösung haben, poste ich sie hier und gleich auch noch in Kurzform im englischsprachigen Teil. Da das Prefiling mit dem IE als temporär aktiviertem Standardbrowser problemlos ging, konnte eigentlich nur ein Update bei Firefox oder dem NoScript-Add-on den Fehler verursacht haben. Zunächst einmal ist seit dem letzten Firefox-Update das Icon für NoScript aus der Icon-Leiste verschwunden. In einem anderen Forum habe ich dafür den folgenden Tipp gefunden (englisches Original hier): Firefox-Menü => Hilfe => Mit deaktivierten Add-ons neu starten … Auf den Button "Im abgesicherten Modus fortfahren" (oder so ähnlich) klicken Nach diesem Neustart Firefox schließen und noch einmal ganz normal neu starten - das NoScript UI sollte wieder da sein! So, nun zur Lösung des eigentlichen Problems: Auf das (bestenfalls soeben wiederhergestellte) NoScript-Icon klicken => Einstellungen … Reiter "Erweitert" => Reiter in 2. Reihe "Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)" => Eingabefeld "Ausnahmen vom XSS-Schutz" Das Feld um folgende neue Zeile ergänzen und auf OK klicken - jetzt sollte das Prefiling wieder funktionieren! ^https?://(www|cert)\.vatsim\.net/fp/(file\.php)?\?1=.* Das Ganze sollte ungefähr so aussehen wie in meinem Bildanhang.