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  1. Tom A320

    where is the Client download?

    In the program folder of SIMstarter
  2. Tom A320

    A little error by me

    In that case please run "ASUpdater,exe", and not "ASUpdateUpdater.exe".
  3. Tom A320

    Flightdeck Window Spark

    Also, please install the latest update for the bus using the "AS Updater" from your Windows start menu.
  4. Please use this topic for your livery requests. If you post images of the livery you are requesting please be aware that we do not allow to post copyright protected material. In such cases you need to post LINKS to such images only. When inserting a link into the post editor it will be replaced automatically by the image. You need to revert that again by clicking on the following link below the image How do you know if an image is copyright protected? A printed copyright statement within the image (like "Copyright by ...") is a good hint for example And please keep in mind: this is not a support topic.
  5. Tom A320

    St. Elmo's Fire, and Inability to Takeoff

    Yes, for the bus P3Dv4.3 is mandatory. Also make sure to run the AS Updater to get also the latest update for our bus.
  6. Tom A320

    St. Elmo's Fire, and Inability to Takeoff

    What exact version of P3D do you have installed?
  7. You need to enable the experimental updates in the configuration of the updater to get this update downloaded and installed.
  8. Tom A320

    Airbus goes nuts

    The fly by wire of the Airbus needs stable 18 FPS or more. If they drop below this value it is possible that the AP is not getting enough time anymore to calculate everything needed. This will cause exactly what you experience. The solution is to lower the performance needed by other parts of the sim.
  9. You're welcome Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  10. Tom A320

    FSX schmiert ab

    1. schau mal unter 3. 2. die alte Version deinstallieren (wie jedes andere Windows Programm), die neue Version aus Deinem Shop Account herunter laden und das Setup starten.
  11. You can simply google for the name of your anti virus software and quarantine to find the documentation how to get files out from the quarantine of your anti virus software.
  12. Tom A320


    Please don't turn this topic into the scenery request topic. Thank you.
  13. Tom A320


    Because the bundle update is only available to the owners of the previous bundle. You own the old A320/A321 and get BOTH new packages discounted. I think that is already a pretty good deal, isn't it?
  14. Tom A320

    Unstabilization on cruise

    Please check your FPS the next time this might happen. The bus needs at least stable 18 FPS for its fly by wire / AP. My guess is, that while being in the background your P3D wasn't able to get those 18 FPS because of other parallel running processes on your computer.
  15. The installation location depends on your selection during the setup. There is of course a default location but that depends on previous installations you did into P3Dv4. I have for example installed by Airbus into: D:\Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional\
  16. Tom A320

    No notification of release?

    Hi Rob, you are absolutely right, usually there should have been a post in the Releases forum letting you know about the release. But the forum went sort of crazy with the release. Instead of the 100 or so posts per day we had like 100 per hour. Personally I have never seen something like this happening over several days in the row in the last years here in the forum. Things are calming down again and I am sure Mathijs will find some time now for that post. Although now you know it already
  17. Tom A320

    Keine Bilder von Flugzeugtypen

    Ich habe leider keine Idee, was das FSX Setup Problem im Detail sein könnte und wie man es löst. Ein frisches Windows ist da sicherlich nicht die schlechteste Idee.
  18. @Driver8 just forwarded the following link to me (thanks for that!) which explains how to restore quarantined files: Nevertheless it is necessary to configure the above linked exclusion to prevent any future problems.
  19. Tom A320

    Overspeed in cruise mode

    Please always provide screenshots of all relevant parts (PFD, ND, FCU, flight plan page in MCDU) so that we can see, in what state your bus was.
  20. No, and before re-installing you need to configure an exclusion into the Windows defender to prevent this from happening again.
  21. Tom A320

    Keine Bilder von Flugzeugtypen

    Stammt das vom FSX Setup selbst oder von einem Add-On?
  22. Tom A320


    Bleibt der komplette Simulator wirklich für 2-3 Sekunden stehen? Kannst Du in der Zeit irgendetwas oben im P3D Menu anklicken und siehst dort irgendeine Reaktion? Welche anderen Add-Ons hast Du parallel installiert und am Laufen (z.B. Wetter Engine)?
  23. Interesting how the Windows Defender comes to different conclusions on different system. I was never told by him that he thinks there is a virus in the Aerososft files. So much for the trustworthiness of anti virus software. Aerosoft scans all files prior shipment and you an be sure that there is nothing included that comes even close to be a virus, trojan or malware. False positives are a general problem in the anti virus software industry, and with all the security problems that were made public the last years one starts to question if they are not doing more harm than good to a system.
  24. Tom A320

    An A220 in FSX/P3D ?

    Please post your request here: