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  1. Tom A320

    PFPX kennt GOBD Dakar nicht

    Habe auch keine Probleme in meinem PFPX...
  2. This should give you more insight into the release date:
  3. Please have a look into the topics in this forum:
  4. Read the first post in this topic and you will know
  5. Off Topic posts (like this) are getting deleted from time to time. As the first post in this topic clearly states.
  6. No, otherwise it wouldn't be done. I strongly suggest that you read a little bit through this topic, as it holds tons of information and answers to all of your questions.
  7. Please the the first post in this article. It explains about P3Dv4 and the other simulators. It also tells you the release date.
  8. Tom A320


    Please read through this topic. This question has been answered at least twice in here. Thank you.
  9. Please read that linked topic. Your question has been answered there.
  10. Tom A320

    Barcelona Professional RAM

    That is the recommendation Lockheed Martin is giving for their P3Dv4. As Barcelona Professinonal resides in this simulator it shares those numbers.
  11. If you mean airport charts, the answer is no. If you mean terrain or ground returns from the weather radar, the answer is yes.
  12. You will be able to buy the update from every shop you like, of course also from Aerosoft. The update process will require you to provide the license code that was given to you for the current Airbus. About the bundle please read through the following topic, especially the posts of the last 24 hours:
  13. Tom A320


    Yes. That's why I linked to Mathijs clarification.
  14. Tom A320


    Yes, that is exactly what Mathijs said and therefore reverted clarified my previous answer. That's why I posted his answer in here.
  15. Tom A320


    The post was this one: Mathijs clarified it afterwards in the preview topic: