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  1. The Black panel once again

    And that's why the hotifx page says this
  2. Walter, that down voter did also some other down votes and is on close watch from now on...
  3. Please do not start a release date discussion again. At no point in time any specific date has been promised. Time frames that have been given were always clearly stated like "we plan" and not "we promise". Plans can always change, and ALL changes have ALWAYS been clearly communicated and explained here. I fully understand that there are a lot of people around waiting for the release (including me, as I really want to see this wonderful bird being flown not only by the devs and beta testers). But the release will not come a second earlier from starting discussions about dates over and over again. Patience is the keyword. The product will be released once it's finished. Please all keep in mind that Aerosoft, i.e. Mathijs in person, is extremely open here in the forums. This is something you will find not too often somewhere else. (And from a moderator perspective: follow ups on the release date discussions will be removed from this topic, as we announced and did already many times in the past).
  4. Falcon and P3D v4

    Oh, sorry, my bad. I just mixed the both planes up.
  5. Falcon and P3D v4

    Anton, I don't know too much about the differences, but both easily coexist in your P3D. The manufacturer column in the aircraft selection windows tells you which F14 you are currently looking at, the LM one or the Aerosoft one.
  6. Please refrain from such wild guesses which do not correlate at all with the information given today and in the first post in this topic. Thank you.
  7. Mallorca X

    Thats true as well...
  8. Mallorca X

    This looks to me like the old "Mallorca X" for FS9+FSX and not "Mallorca X Evolution". "Mallorca X" is not compatible with P3Dv4.
  9. Thank your for the extended information, but still, please provide the information Dave also asked the topic opener for.
  10. Blurry terrain in landing

    Please follow the suggestions first.
  11. Blurry terrain in landing

    Please follow Ottos 2. suggestions -> lower all your settings. He even gave you exact hints what to do.
  12. Airbus X Exterior issue

    As FSX is a 32bit application it is limited to 4GB usable memory, regardless of how much RAM you have installed. With the HIGHMEMFIX it is even less, just 3GB. Running short (not yet out) of memory causes issues you face. This is not add-on related but a system immanent problem. What you can do is to reduce the scenery complexity settings in your FSX configuration and also use a scenery manager (e.g. SIMstarter NG) to only have the two airports enabled you need for your current flight and all other 3rd party airports disabled. This will drastically lower the memory consumption of the simulator and will fix the texture issue you face.
  13. Airbus X Exterior issue

    Hello, this is most likely not related to the DX10 preview but the available RAM/VAS situation on your machine. Can you tell me the amount of RAM you have installed in your machine and if you have the HIGHMEMFIX installed within your FSX?
  14. DUBLIN P3d V4

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  15. DUBLIN P3d V4

    Please accept the answers already given to this discussion. There is no need to open a Dublin topic again and again. No new information will come from that at the moment.