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  1. Please make sure to download the latest version from your shop account. After installing this as administrator (right click on the installer icon, then "run as administrator") please run the "AS Updater" from your Windows start menu to get the latest fixes installed all well. During installation make sure to have your anti virus software disabled to prevent it from any false-positive detection and putting files into quarantine.
  2. Tom A320

    unable to access download manager

    Have you noticed the hint on top of every page here in the forum?
  3. Tom A320

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Eduard, as a regular reader of this topic I would have assumed you have read Mathijs' latest statement on this question and Franks reminder of that a few posts up.
  4. Tom A320

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Just read a few posts up and you will find your answer.
  5. Tom A320

    Runway view breaking in to cockpit view

    Transparent textures are a sign of too few memory in your FSX. What exact version of the FSX are you using?
  6. Tom A320

    There is a problem with Aerosoft Norilsk

    The problem is most likely, that Norilsk is not compatible with P3Dv4, but only with Prepar3D, i.e. P3Dv1.
  7. Tom A320

    Contact Points

    Ich sprach natürlich von den Reifen des Airbus, nicht denen der GPU. Mit schön reden hat das nichts zu tun, wenn ich sage "ich könnte mir auch vorstellen...". Das entspricht einzig meiner persönlichen Meinung. Sonst hätte ich das sicherlich anders formuliert. Und wie Otto bereits sagte, andere Hersteller stellen das genau so dar.
  8. Tom A320

    Contact Points

    Ich könnte mir auch vorstellen, dass das genau so gewollt ist, da der Reifendruck ja nicht unendlich gross ist, und somit der untere Teil der Reifen komprimiert wird. Würde die Auflagefläche nur wenige Millimeter oder Zentimeter betragen, sähe das doch arg unrealistisch aus.
  9. Tom A320

    Contact Points / sunken chocks

    Bumping a post is ok, but please do not open multiple posts for the same problem. The case stays in your previous topic. You might want to post the screenshots from here in that one as well.
  10. Tom A320

    Gibraltar X upgrade

    Yes, that's the case. Discounts can't be cumulated in an order.
  11. Tom A320

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Please read 7 posts from yours up. Thank you!
  12. Tom A320


    Yes, that's the case. The values there are set by the windows installer who installed the latest full version. So here you see the version that was installed by the setup (not the updater). To check for the current installed version (and for available updates) you need to look into the updater.
  13. Tom A320


    The colleagues are working on it, but it obviously needs more time. No time frame is available at the moment. And I also moved your topic out from the Airbus support forums.
  14. It fixes the problem listed in the release notes. What do you mean by comprehensive? It's an "AS Updater" update, where certain files are getting replaced. It is not a complete re-installation that is done by the setup. You can always take a look into the log folder of the updater to see everything the Updater did in the several updates over the time.
  15. Exactly. That's what the updater is there for