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  1. Is Tapatalk broken for the Aerosoft forums?

    I wouldn't wait for that to be honest. Aerosoft has wasted spent a lot of time in trying to get tapatalk working again last year and at some point decided to stop any further wasting investigation. I am not aware that any of the included factors have changed since then. For a few years I also used tapatalk for the forums I am using. But to be honest, I stopped doing so for more than a year ago. The mobile browser versions of these forums became really good, and for the few things I need a desktop browser for tapatalk wouldn't be of help either (mostly moderation stuff).
  2. Prepar3Dv4.1 ENVA

    Please provide screenshots (jpg or png file format) showing the problems.
  3. Oslo season issue

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  4. Uninstall first before reinstall?

    Yes. Best you follow the instructions here:
  5. Ich stehe sehr regelmässig in den Tunneln und selbst wenn die mal so ausgelegt wurden, dass man die auch bewegen könnte, sie werden definitv nicht bewegt. Das sind nichts anderes als starre, längliche Wetterhäuschen zum warten, bevor das Boarding startet.
  6. assign airbus commands to encoders

    Please let us know about your final result (I want to see pictures )
  7. assign airbus commands to encoders

    As far as I understand encoders, they usually have 3 pins, 1x in, 2x out. When turning the encoder it gives an impulse on one of the out pins for every reached detent. Each turning direction has it own out pin. So in fact they are switches which give you pulses which you can then connect with either one of the above "plus" or a "minus" functions.
  8. ACFT STATE not enabled in MCDU

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  9. Der Trick ist, dass das keine Jetways sind, sondern einfach nur Tunnel die in der Relaität auch nicht bewegt werden. Also Finger weg von STRG-J
  10. ACFT STATE not enabled in MCDU

    As Otto already said, you need to install SimConnect manually. You will find the installer here: Prepar3D v3 Base Folder\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib\SimConnect.msi
  11. assign airbus commands to encoders

    The problem with a potentiometer is, that is has a min and a max value. Meaning you can't turn it endlessly in both directions. You need something that allows you to turn it endlessly in any direction and just gives you triggers (including the direction of turning). Get yourself the latest copy of LINDA and the Airbus LINDA module. The module includes an "actions.lua" file. That includes quite a lot of ready o use LUA functions that come quite handy here: AB_SPD_plus AB_SPD_plusfast AB_SPD_minus AB_SPD_minusfast AB_HDG_plus AB_HDG_plusfast AB_HDG_minus AB_HDG_minusfast AB_ALT_plus AB_ALT_plusfast AB_ALT_minus AB_ALT_minusfast AB_VS_plus AB_VS_plusfast AB_VS_minus AB_VS_minusfast How do you want to do the switch between the managed and selected modes of each of these knobs?
  12. Just "ENVSHADE" on my side.
  13. ACFT STATE not enabled in MCDU

    What simulator are you using? You might need to manually install SimConnect.
  14. Two years? Why haven't you bought the A318/A319 already?