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  1. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  2. You need to use the Airbus Configurator to switch the nav data source from NavDataPro to Navigraph. Next question is, if you have configured the FMS Data Manager correctly. The correct folder for the manager to place the navigation data in, is: Sim Base Folder\Aerosoft\Airbus_Fallback\Navigraph\
  3. PFPX hat kein Terrainkarte.
  4. This is a SimConnect problem. What exact version of FSX are you using and from where did you download SimConnect?
  5. It's summer (i.e. holiday season)...
  6. You have to wait until SimMarket provides the update to you. It has been provided to them the moment it was released. Just give them a little bit more time. These are busy days for sim shops with all the add-on updates due to P3Dv4.
  7. On top of this forum you will find all pinned topics, including one explaining all details about the debug pack:
  8. Aber der Status is dort doch gegeben worden:
  9. Siehe hier:
  10. Of course there will be Christmas this year. But what would that have to do with the Airbuses? Please read the context of the statement you have quoted.
  11. The votes are given by community members. They are based on your posts respective their conception. This has nothing to do with how much money you've spent on AS products. This information would only be known to less than a hand full of people in this forum, anyway.
  12. tba - to be announced
  13. The eagle eyed would have also noticed a change from "Partly P3D V4 features" to "Full P3D V4 features". That of course comes with a "price" in terms of time to market. As Mathijs wrote only 20 minutes back: it would be really helpful for everyone, if the official statements in this topic were read carefully. There is a reason why Mathis write them always as detailed as possible
  14. Da dieser Thread beantwortet wurde haben wir ihn geschlossen. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben können Sie jederzeit einen Neuen öffnen.
  15. As explained by Mathijs that depends on the amount of new code in a version. Please read back Mathijs' detailed explanation on this.