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  1. If you have a Windows based tablet it would be possible in theory. But it would require a lot of manual work, as the fuel planner expects a certain folder structure and also a navigation database. If you are willing to do lots of trial and error, feel free to do so. Otherwise the answer to your question must be no, as this is no supported scenario.
  2. Just to be sure, you login into Windows with your name (that was the question), or is the name of your Windows machine your name?
  3. What exactly is the problem you are getting? Still that "Access denied?" Are you getting it while uninstalling the first installation or did that worked in the meantime and you are getting the error when trying to install again?
  4. There are a couple of quite informative pinned topics in the "Tweaking, repaints, SDK" forum:
  5. And this ends the release date question bashing.
  6. Please do not start an engine or type discussion right now. As Mathijs wrote, it's not decided yet, and for the initial release irrelevant anyway (refer to first post in this topic).
  7. Du kannst den Installer einfach starten. Der k├╝mmert sich um alles notwendige.
  8. A quick forum search reveals this:
  9. As a matter of fact the CFD was developed for the A330 and used the A31x/A32x as test bed. For the A330 it is getting now much more fine tuned. Yes.
  10. Beside the German Airports 2 - 2012 download you should actually have the German Airports 2 - 2012 (Dortmund) as well. Please contact for clarification on this.
  11. When you started the livery manager the first time, it asked you for the path to your simulator. Are you sure you selected the correct path? Within the folder the livery manager executable is located you will also fin a "livman.ini" file. Please post it's content here. Also, please post the link to the exact livery you have downloaded and try to install.
  12. Have you installed the livery using the livery manager? Have you started the liver manager as administrator (right click the exe file, then "run as administrator")?
  13. As far as I know only from the entire package (Cologne/Bonn, Hanover, Dortmund, Munster/Osnabruck, Leipzig/Halle) only Dortmund have been updated to 1.02. Dortmund comes now with it's own installer. AS has started to update the airports from the German Airports packages, but will only provide single installers for each of them, no bundle installer anymore. You should find the Dortmund 1.02 installer in your shop account.
  14. Guys, please. This is the A330 preview topic. General questions and topics can be discussed everywhere else. As much as what? Of course it "eats" VAS. Every object that is being loaded into your sim consumes memory. The goal of the AS busses is to be as VAS-friendly as possible. From the AS approach to simulate the daily job of a pilot a modelled cabin is a complete waste of VAS. And this ends the cabin discussion. Mathijs made a perfectly clear statement on this. (Further follow ups are getting removed)
  15. Where exactly is your problem? The preview pictures show HOLD LINE and the satellite pictures of Google Maps also shows HOLD LINE.