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  1. If you have any screenshots please post the as png or jpg file, but not as a word document which could contain any kind of unwanted stuff.
  2. You can use the one build in your P3D. The question is really what FPS you have in those erratic moments. This is not necessarily the same number of FPS you have usually in your sim.
  3. From support experience here in the forums I know that there are circumstances where the installer doesn't detect FSX:SE correctly. I don't know it's code, so I can't tell 100% precisely which those circumstances are. But if a scenery doesn't show up in the scenery library after installation it is always a good idea to install it again and select FSX (of course only if you have just FSX:SE installed, and not FSX additionally parallel to that), or add it manually. I am glad it works now for you
  4. Yes. Otherwise the installer assumes the scenery configuration files at a wrong location.
  5. Please also give the full specs of your system (hardware and software). How many FPS do you have in these moments?
  6. The big question is: what have you installed on your machine prior the moment this problem showed up the first time?
  7. Well, in that case you don't have to do anything else than to switch the autopilot on and keep all FCU knobs pushed in. I think it is also a good idea to work yourself through the provided step by step guide.
  8. No, there isn't. Unless Aerosoft would go out of business, which is safe to assume will not happen
  9. Ray, please let me speak for myself in this regard, as I am not Aerosoft anyway. I actually like the downvotes. From time to time there are users around here with really strange ideas (to put it mildly). Such posts gather a huge amount of downvotes, which shows the poster that not only Aerosoft and the moderators here dislike what they wrote, but also lots of other users. In my opinion the downvotes help to keep discussions on a proper level. With upvotes only people quickly forget their good education. And while others forums like Avsim are independent this forum here is a company forum, and therefore part of the marketing of Aerosoft. This is one more reason to make sure to keep the tone of discussions on a proper level.
  10. No problem Please report back if this fixes your issue.
  11. Please try this fix:
  12. Yes, just disable the FO in the right MCDU checklist configuration page.
  13. That is exactly where I was heading with my questions. Please get the latest version from
  14. Have the wind conditions be the exact same in both flights?
  15. The old and the new version have nothing in common, they are completely different developments. I have given you the explanation why the developer chose it to be like it is at the moment. But I am sure he is reading your topic here.