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  1. Server Down?

    All back.
  2. Help please, been stuck for days

    Why not simply change the folder within the Navigraph FMS Data Manager?
  3. Of course is the previous version discontinued. There will not be any updates for that anymore. Just to clear up the name confusion here a little bit. These are the names of the Aerosoft buses: Airbus X Airbus X Extended Airbus A318/A319 - Airbus A320/A321 Airbus A318/A319 Professional - Airbus A320/A321 Professional - Airbus A330 Professional
  4. lukla CTD general

    Please don't take photos with your phone. Just copy & paste the details given in the event viewer in here.
  5. Hi Nixon, to be 100% sure you should check the product page in the Aerosoft shop ( for every of your add-ons and check the specific P3D version given in the "system requirements". Do not expect upwards compatibility, meaning if only P3Dv3 is listed, you shouldn't assume P3Dv4 compatibility. You really have to look for P3Dv4. There is also a P3Dv4 compatibility list for all add-ons being sold by Aerosoft:
  6. Switzerland Proffesional X Stutters

    What kind of graphics card do you have?
  7. My sim keeps crashing while flying the airbus

    Please install this hotfix assuming you are on Airbus version 1.31. If you are not, please update to that version first.
  8. Super Traffic Board

    eventvwr.exe -> Windows Logs -> Application Further more: what Windows version are you using? And again the question if you get any error message displayed?
  9. That shouldn't become necessary. The is a hotfix which needs to be installed manually:
  10. EL HIERRO P3D4 win 10 only ???

    Windows 10 is the recommended environment given by Lockheed Martin for their P3Dv4. You will find that all other given system requirements for "Sim-wings - Canary Islands professional - El Hierro" are also the original LM recommendations. It will work with less, but if the manufacturer of the simulator recommends more, then it is a good advice to follow that recommendation.
  11. My sim keeps crashing while flying the airbus

    Please tell a little bit more in detail what you are doing right before the crash.
  12. Airbus X - Start in cold

    Well, that answers the question quickly: the buses aren't compatible with P3Dv4, yet... More on that can be found here:
  13. Airbus X - Start in cold

    What simulator are you using (exact version)? What exact version of the airbuses are you using?
  14. Please read the first post of this topic which is also linked on top of every page of this topic.