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  1. Airbus A320/21 Question?

    As their functionality isn't implemented yet the initial release of the current bus didn't had these displays. It was decided to better leave them out than blank all the time. Over the time the online networks started to work on their support for them and service pack 3 added the displays in preparation for that. But they are still without functionality. The screenshots on the product page were taken from the initial release and therefore don't have them.
  2. Und Oliver hat auch denn Grund dafür genannt. Das scheint hier aber gerade tapfer ignoriert zu werden. Wenn man seine Aussage mit etwas weniger negativer Grundeinstellung liest, könnte man da auch durchaus draus lesen, dass sobald alle Umbauten abgeschlossen sind, diese nachgereicht werden. Nur mal so am Rande bemerkt...
  3. SUGGESTIONS (could be pinned)

    It either have a certain market share or you think many users use an Android tablet. It can't be both. If you state those numbers it would always be a good idea to to also post a link to their source. AS surely monitors the market and will surely revisit the decision if they think its necessary. And just for the record: I would like such an app very much as well, as I also think the browser version is only a bad workaround on my Samsung tablet.
  4. EDDH Pro Runwaybeleuchtung

    Schau mal hier:
  5. Weltkarte weiß

    Was Du mal ausprobieren könntest ist folgendes (in der gegebenen Reihenfolge) PFPX starten PFPX beenden Den Inhalt dieses Verzeichnisses löschen: C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\Temp\
  6. Assuming as VA you not only have a website but also some kind of client software (to log the flights): Your client software can grab the session id from an LVAR and push it into your website. From there it can be easily shared among your pilots. You could also distribute it via your website into your client software which then sets it via LVAR into the sim. So it should be relatively easy for you to build a nice and comfortable system for your VA and your pilots.
  7. upgrades dortmund

    Was soll an der Frage fies sein? Du stellst sie nur einfach zur falschen Zeit: nämlich lange vor dem Release und damit lange bevor eine Entscheidung getroffen wurde. Ergo: Deine Frage kann einfach noch gar nicht beantwortet werden. Das hättest Du Dir aber auch schon selber denken können, nicht wahr? Wo ist bitte schön der Betrug am Kunden? Ich nehme an, Du hattest eine alte Hamburg Version und hast das versprochene Update kostenlos erhalten, richtig? Wie kann etwas Betrug sein, was Dir vorab nicht versprochen aber dennoch geschenkt wurde? Um ehrlich zu sein entbehrt Deine Logik nicht einer gewissen Komik. Da Du hier ohnehin nur provozieren willst (Du bist nicht ganz grundlos im AS Forum unter Moderation) schliesse ich diesen Topic. Ginge es Dir um eine vernünftige Diskussion bzw. Frage/Antwort würdest Du in Deinen sämtlichen Posts einen anderen Grundton anschlagen.
  8. can't save aircraft.cfg

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  9. EDDH upgrade service?

    ??? Das sind nicht die gleichen sondern ältere Versionen. Weil der Entwickler entscheidet, für welche der älteren Versionen er einen Updatepfad bieten möchte. Das ist nichts ungewöhnliches sondern Standard. Du kannst ja mal versuchen bei Microsoft einen Update Preis für Dein altes MS Office 2000 auf das aktuelle MS Office 365 zu bekommen.
  10. Of course you will be able to close the 2D panels easily again when not needed anymore.
  11. can't save aircraft.cfg

    So you install it manually instead of using the livery manager? Anyway, you just need to start notepad.exe as administrator (right click on the .exe file, then "run as administrator"), You would need to do the same with the livery manager if you wanted to use it.
  12. A video explaining a few things on the AN2

    I have just pinned this post. Thanks for sharing!
  13. How to set a Panel State?

    That's how it is implemented, yes. Alternatively you can alter one of the predefined panel states in code (Custom1.abx - Customer4.abx files in above mentioned folder). But this is not officially supported and we can't provide help on this here in the forums.
  14. AES Update KMIA V4 from V3

    Please post your request here:
  15. With all due seriousness: You were asking for features compared to other products on the market, not a real Airbus. There is already an Avatar with a flash light available for P3Dv4. Aerosoft focuses on the daily job of a pilot. So at this point I would like to refer to Mathijs' answer to your question.