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  1. Ok, then lets not work at two different locations on this topic and let support handle it.
  2. I didn't knew the precise expiration date of the latest build when I wrote my last post here. So as there is no new version available at the moment there is no version available to test.
  3. The configuration looks ok so far. You are still getting the plan not displayed as company route in the MCDU? If so, please post EBBRLPFR01.flp file (as shown in your latest screenshot) here.
  4. Yes, increase your FPS. How many FPS (frames per second) do you have in those situations? The bus needs stable 18 FPS (or more) for it's FBW work properly. Below that all kind of strange things can happen.
  5. Half an hour ago you provided information you have been asked for last night. Now you sort of complain that you are not getting an answer? If this community forum "is not fast enough" for you I would suggest to contact Aerosoft support directly via EMail to On a side note: you should also post your screenshots directly into this topic (drag&drop them in the light gray area right below the field you write your comments into) instead of using an external service. Makes it much more easy to view them. Furthermore, a screenshot is not a photo made by a mobile phone but for example made with the ctrl-print key on your computer. A very convenient tool for screenshots is the "Snipping Tool" which is part of every Windows versin (>= Windows 8).
  6. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  7. Please open the following folder in your Windows Explorer and show a screenshot of the files in it: C:\Users\YOU\Documents\Aerosoft\Airbus\Flightplans
  8. What is the exact name and version of the Aerosoft Airbus product you are using?
  9. The configuration of your documents folder is wrong, as also the folder for the "Airbus Extended". This is how it should look like:
  10. So the place were you try to enter the code is the Aerosoft support database? What if you check your account at SimMarket to download the latest version (1.31) from there?
  11. After you buy the A318/A319 package you can download and install the A318 Research Edition as well. This is a pure research edition to test new parts of the software for the upcoming A330 as also the A318/A319 resp. A320/A321 updates being scheduled after the A330 release. If you are not interested in taking part in testing and reporting problem you find in the research edition there is no need to install it anyway. Just because there are no new test versions being released at the moment doesn't mean that the existing version should/could not be used for testing. Again, this is a purely research version and not at all a released product.
  12. You are not on the latest version. The latest version is 1.31. For this version there is one hotfix available Dave already mentioned, but that didn't came with it's own version number. So please get yourself the latest version (1.31) from your shop account or support database and perform the update following the instructions in this topic.
  13. That was about the display resolution of the PFD and ND.