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  1. Antarctica X 1.20 Config Tool Error

    I don't know actually. But as said, this is just a cosmetical glitch with no impact on the functionality.
  2. FSDG Scenery Updates October 2017 for P3Dv4

    Please have a look here:
  3. Antarctica X 1.20 Config Tool Error

    That's a glitch in the config tool. It actually does the configuration you are asking it to do, but for what reason ever closes the finished job with that error message.
  4. Seriously? The answer is just ONE post up!
  5. And that "maybe" is currently the only answer given when it comes to a release date. After that first post more information has been already given, e.g. that the buses are now available to the core beta tester team. From that you can derive that things are progressing.
  6. Unless FSL hasn't changed their folder structure you should find the answer here:
  7. First post in this topic gives you your answer.
  8. Yes of course it will stay. I just wanted to prevent the discussion to start all over again after it has been already closed Further follow ups might be removed though...
  9. Hi Jack, just export your flight plan into P3Dv4. That will give you the .pln file. ASN/AS4 is able to read it from there.
  10. Please respect that the "2D Panel" line of discussion has been closed earlier.
  11. CRJ Too many problems

    Matt, next time you come here you might simply ask for help with your problems instead of telling us you are only after a refund. Maybe that would help motivate people taking the time to work things out with you. In order to get help, you need to ask for it. It's that simple.
  12. V1.6 for FSX??

    It is for all simulators, like all versions before also have been. If you update or not is up to you. That's why Peter publishes the release notes for every new version to tell you about new features and bugfixes. From them you can see if the new version contains something that might be interesting/necessary or not.
  13. If it would be just like like "here is the code" and "just add it to the project" it would have been done like that. But as I said, the ASN decision was only taken for the CRJ v1...
  14. Checklist Stops When On Vectored Approach

    Please follow the "Descent" and "Approach" documentation of the step-by-step guide (Vol6-StepbyStep EN.pdf). If you don't miss any of the given steps there, the APPROACH CL becomes available in time. It will be started automatically about 10nm before the DECEL waypoint. Or if you have left the path of the configured flight plan (because you are getting vectored) you can start it manually.
  15. As Mathijs already said that 2D panels will be discussed AS internally, there is no need to discuss their need in here any further. AS has understood the request and considers it. But as Mathijs also said, this is not already a promise.