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  1. Are you on Windows 10? There have been an update lately that introduced font problems into Windows. In the meantime MS has released a fix for that. Please check, that if you are on Windows 10, you are on the latest status of all available updates for it.
  2. If the product page does t state P3Dv4 compatibility and it is also not listed in the compatibility list being linked in the start page of this forum then no answers can be given yet. AS has to check and update 200+ add ons. This takes some time as you can imagine. Please be patient and check the compatibility list on a regular basis.
  3. Please keep this kind of discussion out from the A330 Preview topic. This is the better suited location:
  4. This is the Aerosoft forum
  5. There is a general discussions forum for example. The A330 preview topic surly is not the place to dicuss things not related to the A330.
  6. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  7. Aerosoft has already confirmed a few posts up to sort the problem out with that shop. Why does it leave a bad taste with Aerosoft then in your mind?
  8. As this is the PFPX support forum I would like to close this topic as the export is working now. Handling questions of the B747 should be discussed in other forums.
  9. Just because the parts you saw in a video look finished, doesn't mean that a) they actually are finished, and b) there might be other parts that were not shown in the video, that might not be finished AS has no reason to delay a new add-on. It's just that certain things take their time, and once everything is finished and has passed all tests it will be released.
  10. Wie bereits merhfach im Forum erwähnt, hat Aerosoft 200+ Add-Ons einzelnd auf P3Dv4 Tauglichkeit zu testen und zu aktualisieren. Das ist, wie man sich leicht vorstellen kann ein sehr zeitaufwändiger Prozess. Sobald Informationen verfügbar werden, ob ein Add-On auf P3Dv4 Level gebracht werden kann, wird es in die Kompatibilitätsliste aufgenommen, zusammen mit einem Hinweis, wann es denn aller Voraussicht nach soweit sein wird. Aus der Tatsache, dass ein Add-On derzeit nicht in der Liste ist, lässt sich also nicht wirklich etwas ableiten, denn im Zweifelsfall ist es einfach noch auf der langen Liste der Add-Ons, die noch begutachtet werden müssen. Ergo: einfach regelmässig einen Blick in die Kompatibiltätsliste werfen und etwas Geduld mitbringen
  11. Two posts up he wrote already that everything is working fine now
  12. Please do not post copyright protected material here.
  13. Then please ask that question for example here.
  14. Yes, there will be. As stated by Judith 3 posts up.