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  1. It is a very handy tool and provides some fantastic visuals! Just keep in mind that they often do interpolate data, so while they can be very accurate in areas that have many weather stations close together as you get to more remote locations they can become increasingly inaccurate and unreliable. Another one I like using is,30.07,437
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    Adam T

    First leg of the trip done! It went a bit quicker than expected thanks to a steady tailwind that gave me about 315kts GS for most of the trip. Completed in about 3 hours and 25 minutes. EGLCLIRN.kml
  3. Already have both, I've been looking at scenery options though!
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    How big did you make the Aux tank and did you reduce the aircrafts empty weight to simulate removing the seats and interior? You can increase the fuel and range fairly significantly just by removing the interior weight of the aircraft and we do it quite often.
  5. Decided to give this a go. I'll be using modern single engine turboprops (PC-12 and TBM 850) but may throw in a Citation, Phenom or Hawker 800 for a bit more speed on the longer routes. I'll be modifying my PC-12 to carry less weight and more fuel based on some of the PC-12s that we ferry through here in the real world. The TBM I'm adding just to change things up once in awhile so I don't get sick of the Pilatus too quickly. I'll take screenshots throughout each flight as well as record each departure and arrival...I may also stream each flight. I will also being flying on VATSIM as often as possible under the Elite callsign ( I'll also make a stop in KAPA and CYQT since that is where two Pilatus dealers are located as well as my home airport. My routing will be.. EGLC LIRN HEPS OMDB VABB VECC VYMD VVNB VHHH RCTP RJTT RJAW PWAK PHMU KPAO KAPA CYQT CYGD KTEB CYYT BGBW BIRK EGLC
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    Discuss repaints in this topic

    All those liveries look amazing! Well done to everyone and thanks for all the great options! A bit early...but once we have a -100 I hope someone would consider doing some of Calm Airs old Twin Otters.