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    Flight Plan format?

    Hello, did you already try to select a different format (see picture)? Best regards, Judith

    Too many copies of PFPX running

    Glad to hear that it works with the reinstalled vcredist files. we reset your activation count, so the message (too many copies...) should not appear. If you have any activation problems, please use the support ticket on our homepage. Best regards, Judith

    warning PFPX is already running

    Hello, Maybe you double clicked on the PFPX icon? If you still have the issue, could you please open a support ticket via or send me a PM with your full name to have a closer look. best regards, judith

    Schedule Icons

    Hello, Flights whose scheduled time of departure (STD) is more than 6 hours ago are shown in grey font and grey background, as are flights whose STD is more than 36 hours in the future. The grey dot appear if you select/plan a flight in future (or past) - no matter if you do an action or not. Flights whose STD is overdue are shown in red font and have a red button to their left. Flights whose STD is within the next 2 hours are shown in amber font and have an amber button to their left. A Flight get a green dot and get a green Background if you already released a flight plan. Do you also need the meaning of the STATUS symbols? Best regards, Judith
  5. glad to hear! Best regards, Judith PFPX support

    PFPX adding own directs causes crash

    Hello, which PFPX version do you use?

    Big Suggestions

    There are some new features planned with next release, so some of your suggestions are then included.


    Maybe you use an old PFPX version, did you already try the latest hotfix:

    Server Down?

    Hello, there was indeed an error with our server today which we recognized too late... we apologize for the long waiting time - now it should work again! Best regards, Judith
  10. We'll have a look on that!

    PFPX and too-small text on 4K monitor

    Hello, will be fixed with next release coming soon.

    Subscription / Weather server down?

    As we have our server back under control it must be a different issue - message seems indeed to be an expired server subscription.

    Can't create new template

    Hello, the hotfix solves your issue... please have a look at:

    Updating route cache?

    Hello, You could try deleting ~RouteCache.tmp with PFPX closed do you already have the latest hotfix?

    Track and NOTAM´s not working

    sorry, after solving the first issue our provider did some server maintenance. Now it should work again. sorry for the inconvenience