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  1. Subscription / Weather server down?

    As we have our server back under control it must be a different issue - message seems indeed to be an expired server subscription.
  2. Can't create new template

    Hello, the hotfix solves your issue... please have a look at:
  3. Updating route cache?

    Hello, You could try deleting ~RouteCache.tmp with PFPX closed do you already have the latest hotfix?
  4. Track and NOTAM´s not working

    sorry, after solving the first issue our provider did some server maintenance. Now it should work again. sorry for the inconvenience
  5. Subscription / Weather server down?

    Sorry, seems not the best day... after solving the first issue our provider did some server maintenance. Now weather should work again.
  6. Track and NOTAM´s not working

    should be solved now!
  7. Hello, Unfortunately we´ve got some issues with our database for Tracks and NOTAM´s... but we are already working on a solution within the next few hours. Sorry for the inconvenince! Best regards, Judith
  8. Weather hasn't updated in 24hrs.

    Should be solved already, the data source changed so we had to do PFPX adaption
  9. 1.28.9i The Parameter is Incorrect

    Yes we can confirm that we had some troubles - Chrisitan worked half night so it should be solved now. Sorry for the inconvenience Best regards, Judith
  10. Various Bugs

    There is also a pinned topic to your issue, but thank you for the links to the latest vcredist files!
  11. export FP to MaddogX .mdr

    Hello, we've no similar issue report so if you experience an error please send some more details and screenshots. best regards, Judith
  12. Server Down?

    Should be working again - there was server maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  13. Server Down?

    Seems indeed an issue with our server. We're really sorry and working on a solution... server time will be added for all users of course.
  14. Activation key not long enough

  15. PFPX freezes at start

    Hello, could you please attempt some trials... - run in compatibility mode - delete the temp files (weather) before reinstalling - clear all registry entries (Hkey_current user/Software/FSSGmbH) before reinstalling Sounds as it is a different problem, Gerardius's issue might result of a Win 10 Fall creators update - (freezing issue vs. slowly respond) Best regards, Judith