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  1. seems indeed that the button has gone... sorry but the function will be back with next release. Best regards, Judith
  2. I have already forward your request to Christian. He´ll have a look on it. Best regards, Judith
  3. Maybe it was a misunderstanding of my side... there are at the moment a huge list of issues which are in work, so i was not sure that the question wasn´t "if" but "when". It is always very difficult to say a time for release, as there are unforeseen reasons in programming. Chrisitan is now in Holiday from "flying in real world" so it should be within the next 2 weeks.
  4. @grattis: we´re of course checking our tickets, if you could tell me your ticket number (via PM)... maybe we missed it. And as already posted from Tom and Stephen, Christian is still very busy to work on a new version.
  5. Hello, To 1) the remarks issue is a known one and solved with next update. To 2) Please check the unlimited field. best regards Judith
  6. We'll have a look on this issue...
  7. you´re right. would be easier for me too, as I got 120 pages of template fields to work out...
  8. yes, it ´s still on our todo-list... I take the matter into my hands asap. Best regards, Judith
  9. Hello, refering to your requests: 1. <&ETPWeight> field already exists 2. <&ETPISADev> field added in 1.29 Best regards, Judith
  10. unfortunately we don´t have the database for that and I fear it would exeed reasonable costs as it is for real aviation.
  11. sorry, but it is not possible to export the file in your Excel.
  12. There will be soon a new version which includes this feature again...
  13. well, there were still many tickets a day we received, so we did´n know that it would be more
  14. ...and we received it.
  15. Hello, the Support Ticket System at our homepage works again. You get a confirmation email with a ticket number - if it was sent successfully. We are very sorry if some of you were waiting for an answer - we might haven´t received your ticket. Best regards, Judith