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  1. The program shows you the available update as soon as it is out... but it would be necessary to do a full installation as there are numerous new functions. Best regards judith

    export FP to MaddogX .mdr

    With the upcoming PFPX release the issue is solved! best regards Judith
  3. schön zu hören, dass es wieder funktioniert... würde mich auch wahnsinnig machen, wenn man Minuten auf die Berechnungen warten müsste. Lg Judith

    pfpx new problem

    answered by email...

    Aircraft database

    glad to hear that it is working again!

    Aircraft database

    Hello could you please send a screenshot? Do you have the latest hotfix and updated vcredist files? best regards Judith

    Any word on PFPX update?

    Yes, updates are free of charges.
  8. Hello, with the upcoming PFPX release the issue concerning world map should be solved. Best regards, Judith

    How to fix small map font in Windows 10

    Hello, with the upcoming PFPX release, we redesigned the world map, so the problem with font size is solved. Best regards, Judith

    Any word on PFPX update?

    As soon as we moved back to Austria we're going to hire staff (programmer) to outsource some parts Judith

    Any word on PFPX update?

    There will be more screenshots in the next days...

    Any word on PFPX update?

    Hello, We really apologize the very loooong absence here in the forum... we´re glad to announce that we don´t have Ebola, are not lost in Antarctic or even dead… As Mathijs wrote the "fantastic thing" what happened to us is our second daughter, so our time was very limited. That´s of course not an excuse for no updates. We are going to release the new PFPX version within the next weeks (we try to release it before start of the worldflight 2018) – in advance we would like to post a few screenshots … Best regards, Judith
  13. Hello, Here a screenshot of the Aircraft Editor in PFPX to select the TOPCAT Performance file... Best regards, Judith

    Flight Plan format?

    Hello, did you already try to select a different format (see picture)? Best regards, Judith

    Too many copies of PFPX running

    Glad to hear that it works with the reinstalled vcredist files. we reset your activation count, so the message (too many copies...) should not appear. If you have any activation problems, please use the support ticket on our homepage. Best regards, Judith