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  1. How to Image the OFP format in PFPX

    Hello, you can change the logo in: C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data it is a Bitmap (.bmp) file: 350x150 pixel
  2. PFPX and Windows 10

    Could you please also try to revert to the previous graphic card driver.
  3. Thank you for your report... will be solved with next update.
  4. Refund

    Maybe he sent (and bought) the email to us, as we´ve 2 emails requesting a refund!
  5. PFPX 1.28.9i Hotfix etc

    The red field - destination airport - shows an error, so you are not able to save. Do you also get a greyed out save field with an existing airport?
  6. Passenger Weight Bug

    It´s on our To-Do list for next update.
  7. Passenger Weight Bug

    What PFPX version do you use? - do you already try with the hotfix?
  8. We had no reports like this but will have a look at the issue.
  9. PFPX freezes at start

    Yes, It seems to be a registry issue.
  10. PFPX and too-small text on 4K monitor

    Ok, Christian will have a look on the text size. Judith
  11. PFPX not recognising Topcat

    If you still have problems, did you already try these following steps? Did you already try to close TOPCAT? Do you run both with admin rights? Are PFPX and TOPCAT on same device? which PFPX Version / TOPCAT Version do you use Sometimes it is helpful to do a reinstallation of TOPCAT. Other users reported that this solved your described issue. Best regards, Judith
  12. PFPX freezes at start

    Do you have a working version in meantime?
  13. PFPX freezes at start

    Hello, we have similar reports with earlier hotfixes and was solved with the following steps... maybe you could give it a try: "Initializing weather" issue ... Did you already try to delete the temp folder? C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\PFPX Data\Temp "Initializing interface" Issue ... Right click "Run as Administrator". Set up to permanently run as administrator. best regards Judith
  14. PFPX Update I need help

    Hello, the latest hotfix can be downloaded from Please make sure that you have PFPX 1.28 ( or 1.28.xx) if you post a screenshot and an example of your issue it would be easier to see your issue... best regards, Judith
  15. Oceanic Waypoints

    Your request was put on our list, please note that it might take some time ...