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  1. Firefox: Download-Problem with Quantum... Workaround

    Great - thanks a lot for sharing, Tyrion! Bert
  2. Hi all together! If you have problems with downlods using the new Firefox Quantum (v57) please simply delete "https://" at the beginning of the download-string. After this the download will make it through as normal. Hope Mozilla will get this issue fixed soon. Best regards! Bert
  3. Jumping Jack = plane with an avatar

    Roger wilco - thanks...
  4. Jumping Jack = plane with an avatar change so far: ~ 15 fps with an i7 at 3,2 GHz. Thanks! Bert
  5. Hi Folks! Yesterday I tried to exit a PMDG 738NGX with the "Male Pilot 2". It works as ususally with CRTL + SHIFT+ E. But immediately I had left the plane it "jumps" uncontrolable all over the airport. Never seen this before. Re-starting the situation doesn't solve the problem. Even not ot choose another pilot or a different (and/or different painted) 738. I had to restart the sim to "calm" it down. With this situation I used DD's NY Airports KLGA with New York Citiy X and the available FTX stuff - all for P3D v4. The 960 graphics device shows a consume of ~ 3,3 GByte VRAM (0,6 GByte left) under Windows 7 64 Bit. Can someone confirm this behaviour and maybe know the reason? Unfortunately the maker of the avatars doesn't have neither the 737's nor the DD sceneries and cannot help here. Thanks a lot! Bert
  6. Less Autogen with Napoli X P3D v4

    Hi all together! HardrockCafe's solution (see above) works for me as well: After an update of the Orbx Libraries de- and reinstall Napoli X and the autogen is back again. Thanks folks! Bert
  7. Less Autogen with Napoli X P3D v4

    Hi Oliver! Michalis opened another threat to this problem later here: It's exact the same to me - have a look below. NapoliX_City is below NapoliX with the scenery.cfg. I can confirm the look having NapoliX_City deactivated. Changes of the Autogen-settings are causing no differnences. thanks for help! Bert P.S. In use are furthermore Fly Tampa-, Flight Beam- and FSDT-sceneries with FTX Global Base, Trees and growing number of sceneries - layered directly above from "Bathymetry". P3D v4 with Hotfix 1.
  8. Dear Co-simmers! May you help me please? I'm new to P3D and have v4 istalled soem weeks ago. Stunning experience compared to FS X... What else?! With Napoli X outside the airport perimeter I see only very few autogen (vegetation and buldings) compared to the version for FS X which is "stucked". I've brought the autogen slider to the right but without success. What can I do here or do you see the same aka alomost no autogen? Thanks a lot! Bert
  9. Zwei Dinge bezüglich Bali X

    Hello all! I've now de- and reinstalled Bali X three times - finally I've got this additional argument inside FSX.CFG: SimObjectPaths.8=C:\ProgrammData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects ...which should be the correct one for now I see SODE jetways at Bali X. Thank you, guys and have relaxing days now! Bert
  10. Zwei Dinge bezüglich Bali X

    Hi Antti! That's right - the VOR is transmiting but missing as an object and therefore not visible. Would you please deliver it as well? Best regards! Bert
  11. Zwei Dinge bezüglich Bali X

    Hallo Jürgen! Ersteres ist da - zweiters nicht. Wie lautet das korrekte Argument für die FSX.CFG? Merci vielmals! Bert
  12. Zwei Dinge bezüglich Bali X

    Hallo zusammen! Beim warten auf's Christkind ist viel Zeit zum Testen... Danke für Bali X - eine insgesamt sehr gute Arbeit. Drei Dinge sind mir aufgefallen: 1. Da gibt es eine "kantige" Wasserfläche südöstlich des Airports. Laut "Kugel Earth" sollte da kein Wasser sein. Und wenn schon, dann nicht so eckig bitte... 2. Das D-VOR/DME BALI BLI 116,20 MHz ist zwar anwählbar, aber nicht körperlich vorhanden. Ich bitte um Nachrüstung. 3. SODE funktioniert nicht. Obwohl mit SODE installiert und korrekt eingestelltem Config-Tool gibt es keine Jetways. Jetways mit STEUERUNG + J werden angezeigt und funktionieren. Vielen Dank - schöne Feiertage! Bert
  13. Bali X+ORBX

    Akzeptabel bis sehr gut... Habe ich mir gerade angesehen. Bert
  14. VAS usage new EDDT

    Mathijs and Tom... Good news. Take care! Bert
  15. VAS usage new EDDT

    I hope Aerosoft does so, Mathijs - this is not about working (by the meaning of fitting into each other?) together but lowering the VAS usage which is critical with EDDT. Best for now! Bert