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  1. Bert Groner

    Anchorage Professional DME Location Errors

    For sure they will correct this. Making mistakes is not the problem as it's human and not aoidable at all... Not to fix mistakes is the problem but Sim-Wings cannot be accused for not doing this. Best for now! Bert
  2. Bert Groner

    Anchorage Professional DME Location Errors

    Sure this helps, Dan - thanks a lot for the explanation! Bert
  3. Bert Groner

    Anchorage Professional DME Location Errors

    That's right... Best you can see that on Jeppesen charts as they show the DME-symbol close to the positions where the LOC transmitters has to be of the ILS equipped runways 07L, 07R and 15. So it seems to be clear that the DME is colocated to that transmitters. At 07L there is a distance of 1,9 NM to the threshold, at 07R it counts 2,2 NM. For the 15 there is no indication of the DME transmitter on the FAA chart. Jeppesen shows it colocated to the position of the LOC as well. Both charts depict no DME distances. But this has to be a distance of 2.1 NM DME. Best regards! Bert
  4. Bert Groner

    Anchorage Professional DME Location Errors

    Knowledge is Power... Here it is in all it's glory (and correct length): Fascinating! Thanks! Bert
  5. Bert Groner

    Anchorage Professional DME Location Errors

    Hi downscc! Fascinating: I cannot verify the extention of runway 07R with GE Pro... But the charts are clearly depicting 12.400 feet. Can you tell me/us please where to find the DME data/postions inside your given URL? I cannot find this data - maybe needing new glasses? Thanks a lot! Bert
  6. Bert Groner

    Firefox: Download-Problem with Quantum... Workaround

    Great - thanks a lot for sharing, Tyrion! Bert
  7. Hi all together! If you have problems with downlods using the new Firefox Quantum (v57) please simply delete "https://" at the beginning of the download-string. After this the download will make it through as normal. Hope Mozilla will get this issue fixed soon. Best regards! Bert
  8. Bert Groner

    Jumping Jack = plane with an avatar

    Roger wilco - thanks...
  9. Bert Groner

    Jumping Jack = plane with an avatar change so far: ~ 15 fps with an i7 at 3,2 GHz. Thanks! Bert
  10. Hi Folks! Yesterday I tried to exit a PMDG 738NGX with the "Male Pilot 2". It works as ususally with CRTL + SHIFT+ E. But immediately I had left the plane it "jumps" uncontrolable all over the airport. Never seen this before. Re-starting the situation doesn't solve the problem. Even not ot choose another pilot or a different (and/or different painted) 738. I had to restart the sim to "calm" it down. With this situation I used DD's NY Airports KLGA with New York Citiy X and the available FTX stuff - all for P3D v4. The 960 graphics device shows a consume of ~ 3,3 GByte VRAM (0,6 GByte left) under Windows 7 64 Bit. Can someone confirm this behaviour and maybe know the reason? Unfortunately the maker of the avatars doesn't have neither the 737's nor the DD sceneries and cannot help here. Thanks a lot! Bert
  11. Bert Groner

    Less Autogen with Napoli X P3D v4

    Hi all together! HardrockCafe's solution (see above) works for me as well: After an update of the Orbx Libraries de- and reinstall Napoli X and the autogen is back again. Thanks folks! Bert
  12. Bert Groner

    Less Autogen with Napoli X P3D v4

    Hi Oliver! Michalis opened another threat to this problem later here: It's exact the same to me - have a look below. NapoliX_City is below NapoliX with the scenery.cfg. I can confirm the look having NapoliX_City deactivated. Changes of the Autogen-settings are causing no differnences. thanks for help! Bert P.S. In use are furthermore Fly Tampa-, Flight Beam- and FSDT-sceneries with FTX Global Base, Trees and growing number of sceneries - layered directly above from "Bathymetry". P3D v4 with Hotfix 1.
  13. Dear Co-simmers! May you help me please? I'm new to P3D and have v4 istalled soem weeks ago. Stunning experience compared to FS X... What else?! With Napoli X outside the airport perimeter I see only very few autogen (vegetation and buldings) compared to the version for FS X which is "stucked". I've brought the autogen slider to the right but without success. What can I do here or do you see the same aka alomost no autogen? Thanks a lot! Bert
  14. Bert Groner

    Zwei Dinge bezüglich Bali X

    Hello all! I've now de- and reinstalled Bali X three times - finally I've got this additional argument inside FSX.CFG: SimObjectPaths.8=C:\ProgrammData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects ...which should be the correct one for now I see SODE jetways at Bali X. Thank you, guys and have relaxing days now! Bert
  15. Bert Groner

    Zwei Dinge bezüglich Bali X

    Hi Antti! That's right - the VOR is transmiting but missing as an object and therefore not visible. Would you please deliver it as well? Best regards! Bert