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  1. PMSoares

    Problem with spoilers

    Try to descend maintaining idle thrust and an indicated speed around 300 knots. Usually the plane will fly 2.5 to 3 nautical miles per 1000 feet of altitude lost. The vertical speed should settle around 5 times the groundspeed. For example, if you're descending with a groundspeed of 480 kt, your vertical speed should be 480x5=2400 ft/min in order to maintain a 3 nm to 1000 ft of descent gradient.
  2. PMSoares

    Repaints, livery requests, repaint support

    Muy buenos dias, capitán !!!! I understood that you were a crew member and flew DC8-51s for Aeronaves Del Mexico, right ? Could you please tells us more about it? How does the Aerosoft's DC8 compare to the real one? Systems and flight model wise. We would be glad to hear from you! Thanks in advance ! Muchas gracias ! Paulo M. Soares
  3. PMSoares

    Cargo Version Work in Progress

    Great news Michael! This cargo version will make this plane even more enjoyable ! Can't wait to take off from Miami and fly across Latin America in one of those old liveries like Fine Air, Arrow Air, LAC (Lineas Aereas Del Caribe) or ARCA Colombia... Keep on the great work!
  4. PMSoares

    Hydralic pressure loss

    I confirm that I had a loss of braking while landing at Ibiza... All systems were working properly. I was able to stop the plane by use of reversers and parking brake. This behavior didn't repeat in other airports.
  5. PMSoares

    Future plans to add CFD to DC-8?

    With a CFD me and my friends will no longer need to eat, sleep, work...
  6. What we do in real life is to run the performance calculations for the most probable runway and store it in the primary flight plan/performance. Then we run a second calculation for an alternate intersection departure, or even a takeoff from another runway and store the flightplan in the SEC F-PLN, along with its performance. When taking off from Miami International ATC can either assign us a takeoff from either runway 08R or 12, for example. It may tell us the T-O runway by the time we're cleared to line up, and obviously you'll not have the time to make any further calculation. At the gate, afterwe get the loadsheet, we'll calculate the performance for RWY 08R and store it on the F-PLN and PERF pages. Then we copy the F-PLN to the SEC F-PLN, change the runway from 08R to 12 and access the SEC-PERF page where we'll insert the new T-O data (V-Speeds, FLX, Flap setting etc). During the takeoff briefing, we brief both departures. By the time we're holding for takeoff, If ATC assigns us runway 12 instead of 08R, the only thing we need to do is to go to the SEC F-PLN and activate the secondary flight plan. It takes only one second. Kudos to Aerosoft team who has implemented this feature in the A320, while other software developers weren't able to do so.
  7. PMSoares

    Framerate issues, revisited again

    Hello Mopperle! I would suspect that P3D V3.1 is the cause, but lots of other add-on aircraft are working flawlessly in it. Even a quite "frame rate heavy" aircraft like Coolsky's DC-9 is working nicely. And it isn't even supported nor optimized for P3D. I was considering getting back to V3.0 but the performance and joystick issues of it make me think twice. I'm sure that Aerosoft Team will be able to fix this... Kind regards, Paulo
  8. PMSoares

    Framerate issues, revisited again

    I was a happy Airbus flyer using Prepar3d 3.0 and Airbus 1.31 with good frame rates (above 30-35) even in heavy airports like Latin VFR Miami. When I upgraded to Prepar3d V3.1 I started to have terribly low frame rates with Airbus 1.31 and wx radar on, even at default airports. If I switch off the radar, frame rates improve a little bit, but they're still much lower than in previous P3D version (3.0) . My system is an I7 4770K @ 4.2 GHz , GTX770 , Samsung EVO SSD, Win 7 Aerosoft Team ... Are you aware of this problem?