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  1. Hello Stefan and AS Team, It looks very good and I actually didn't expect such an friday update with the body textured and the start of developing a Virgin Atlantic livery!!! Do you may mean the wings, tail wing and elevator with miising parts to texturing? I have question about dirty texturing on the body and engines ive you consider to do them also? Thanks and keep up the good work Best regards Daniel
  2. Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    Hello Mathijs, I have question about the Combat Simulation "Jet Thunder" I had search the forums using the search box and google but I didn't find it!? Just wondering their is no statement that the project stopped or they are still working on it or I missed something, maybe you can put more light on this project if they will exist some day? Thanks Best regards Daniel
  3. Oh yes...., it sounds realistic! The exterial is more or less ready for the paint shop in the next few weeks and than they should go to the interior (cockpit systems deeply settings)! My opinion about this project is that it actually goes fast forward even if they released in early 2017 but I would be happy too if they released in December! Thank you very much Aerosoft Team for the great work done Best regards Daniel
  4. ICAO: RJSN Name: Niigata International Airport Type: Payware FS: FSX Designer: Wing Creation Inc Link: http://secure.simmarket.com/wing-creation-inc-niigata-rjsn-fsx-p3d.phtml AES 2.41
  5. Svolvaer lack of airport

    Hello folks, just information for solving the problem just I did and it works fine for me! First step uninstall the SODE by using Addon manager, Step 2, after that go the root folder of fsx and delete the SODE folder. Step 3, in the Fsx root folder go to the Simobject/Misc folder and delete the SODE folder. Step 4, go to the C:users/username/appdata/roaming/microsoft/fsx folder and delete the SODE entries in the file "dll.xml" and in the "exe.xml". Step 5, uninstall all sceneries that uses SODE. Step 6 and last one, install all sceneries again! This is for me definitely the best way to solve the problem with airports using SODE and it starts to show error messages or when the scenery don't look like it should be, or for those that install the new SODE 1.30 by downloading and do it manually for example me! I hope my step for step was clear enough! I wish you all a merry Christmas! Kind regards Daniel
  6. Svolvaer lack of airport

    My other question is if I uninstall SODE 1.30 and AS Svolvaer after that again installing just the Svolvaer scenery should be installing the SODE 1.21 by itself, is it right? For sure just if the SODE 1.21 is included in the installer file!? Merry Christmas!! Best regards Daniel
  7. Svolvaer lack of airport

    Ok maybe my solution is uninstall the SODE 1.30 and install again the version 1.21! I have check the SODE site but they have only the new one available for download! Any suggestions to go back to 1.21?
  8. Svolvaer lack of airport

    Hello I have the same problem, but I think that I have it because I install the SODE 1.30 and after that I bought the AS Svolvaer and no airport just an floating aircraft over the ground! Any suggestions! Thank you very much in advance I wish you all a merry Christmas!!! Daniel
  9. Hello, you don't need to read all the 201 pages! You can use the search box, but a few pages back you can read in 9 days to be realesd...but the countdown is stopped for developing reasons like fix some bugs! My opinion is that's the right way to go...as rushing realeses and everyone is claiming beacause of the bugs! Regards Daniel
  10. Hello everybody, can't wait for the release, but otherwise take your time thats needed for your project!;-) And if you see my post amounts its not so much because if I read the complete tread I have almost all information! And some cases I can't understand why some forum costumers vote down other costumers even if they make a constructive criticism!:-( I'm also a costumer of the ORBX forum there is no place for this kind of attitudes! Sorry if I'm out of the topic! Thank you very much Aerosoft team, stay on your way! Best regards