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  1. Boise Bureau of Land Management

    Very nice. Russ
  2. Took awhile but here you are USCG 68-055

    Thank you. Russ
  3. VMO-1 European-1 wrap around camo repaint

    Downloaded and installed. Taken my first flight with it. Excellent work. Russ
  4. Wing Pylons

    What template are the outer wing pylons mapped? Thanks. I found them. I don't know how I missed them. Russ
  5. Philipinnes Air Forces OV-10C repaint

    Very nice work. Looking forward to your other releases. Russ
  6. USAF Broncos repaints

    Looking forward to the release of those birds. They are outstanding. Russ
  7. Bronco X gun effect

    Downloaded, installed and working. Thanks Russ
  8. Mosquito Control

    Jan Kees Thanks for the textures. As usual excellent. Russ
  9. Bronco X gun effect

    Looks good. What program did you use? Russ
  10. Since we are dreaming I still would like to see the 4 bladed model Along with the AOA indexer Russ
  11. VMO2 Tonsonhut 1970

    Certainly a different war time scheme. Russ
  12. Philipinnes Air Forces OV-10C repaint

    Nice work. Russ
  13. Nasa paint

    Jankees Looking forward to those releases. As usual great work. Russ
  14. Final Check Ride for the FAC

    Thanks for the compliments. Russ
  15. Final Check Ride for the FAC

    There is an error in the readme file. Use the below to set it up initially. Extract the files in the "Aerosoft OV-10A - TRAINING MARINE" folder, making sure "Use Folder Names" is checked. CHANGE THE "X" TO THE NEXT NUMBER IN YOUR CONFIG FILE!! [fltsim.X] title = Aerosoft OV-10A MARINE TRAINING RRS6 sim = OV-10B model = panel = sound = texture =FAC kb_checklists = OV10A_check kb_reference = OV10A_notes atc_id = 2210 atc_airline = FAC atc_flight_number = atc_heavy = 0 atc_parking_types = MIL_COMBAT, RAMP atc_parking_codes = atc_id_color = 0xffff0000 atc_model = ui_manufacturer = "North American Rockwell" ui_type = "OV-10A Bronco" ui_variation = Grupo Aéreo Del Casanare, Fuerza Aérea Colombiana, Training ui_typerole = "Military Light Attack and Observation" ui_createdby = "Aerosoft GmbH" description =These textures represent a OV-10A of Grupo Aéreo Del Casanare of the Fuerza Aérea Colombiana. The altered texture files are copyrighted by Russel R. Smith. The remaining unaltered files are the property of Aerosoft GmbH. visual_damage = 1 Sorry for the error. Russ