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  1. Fairbanks Pro trees on the water

    Assume you're also using ORBX Vector? If so go into the FTX Central configuration for Vector and turn off the winter ice option.
  2. Anchorage Professional Update v1.10 P3DV4

    Did a search for PANC Only ones I can find are in Anchorage Professional and ORBX SAK Everything else looks good in the updated scenery - the bridges over buy the tank farm are corrected - not sure I'm going to worry about this little hole. Bob
  3. Anchorage Professional Update v1.10 P3DV4

    Sorry Herman - about not starting a new thread. The title refers to update so thought this was the spot Anyway getting kinda late here "Alaska time" so will pursue this more later. Thanks, Bob
  4. Anchorage Professional Update v1.10 P3DV4

    no other mesh and yes on orbx
  5. Anchorage Professional Update v1.10 P3DV4

    this is with version 1.1 Hope this helps, Thanks, Bob
  6. Anchorage Professional Update v1.10 P3DV4

    Anybody else notice there is still a big hole in the ground off the end of runway 7R?
  7. Anchorage glitches

    I'm seeing the same as evaamo, at least the bridges near the port of anchorage. Thanks, Bob
  8. Getting stranded on Lake Hood

    Sounds like an excellent project for RTMM. Dex maybe?
  9. Getting stranded on Lake Hood

    Hi Oliver, That new AFCAD works great. No another note, any chance you could plant some brush on the Island - would make it easier to see when your taxiing around it. Thanks, Bob
  10. Getting stranded on Lake Hood

    If you turn off PALH_AFX-OP01.BGL and go with I assume in my case the SAK afd there are no hang ups - I taxied all around the Island with no problem
  11. Getting stranded on Lake Hood

    I can attest to the problem - just checked out Lake Hood and taxied around the Island and got stranded actually at both ends of the Island.
  12. PAFA Fairbanks P3D V2.5 no Buildings

    exactly how did you correct it? Thanks
  13. Near as I can tell they have them all correct. Iliamna sits just west of the Signature terminal at the East end of the airport. I think Desertair should be just to the west of Iliamna (between them and Northern Air Cargo) but there are no parking spots for them. You'll find Everts, ACE, DHL as well as Penair hangers at the North Cargo area. Lynden is correctly placed on the south area. The North area is populated with Polar Air and Atlas Air Cargo as the sub for DHL. Polar has a DHL color but nobody has done one for ai yet.Question. Have you found ai textures and flightplans for Conoco Phillips?edit: 12/01/11 Just noticed AIG has uploaded Polar/DHL colors to AVSIM and Flightsim
  14. Anchorage X released

    Hi Stein, Took a look and I'm not seeing what you are. Everything looks correct. Maybe you have a conflicting AFCAD? Bob