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  1. TheCookieMonster

    FSLabs and Transitions/Published Approaches

    FSLabs are not saying that's a navdata issue by any chance, are they?
  2. TheCookieMonster

    FSLabs and Transitions/Published Approaches

    FSX-SE - sorry I forgot that.
  3. TheCookieMonster

    FSLabs and Transitions/Published Approaches

    That is not correct. Please check the AIP for EDDM.
  4. TheCookieMonster

    FSLabs and Transitions/Published Approaches

    Since the release of this Add-On I noticed a huge number of arrival procedures missing - this affects all kinds of TRANS and APPR VIA. A very (good) bad example is EDDM 08L: APPR VIA list is empty TRANS is emtpy I can only select the STARs, however not even the standard ILS APP via MIQ.
  5. TheCookieMonster

    Update German Airports 3 - Hamburg

    Confirmed, this is indeed a problem.
  6. TheCookieMonster

    Sacramento performance

    A friend of mine had the same issue, disabled all apron clutter, apron vehicles and car parks and the performance went up to satisfying levels.
  7. TheCookieMonster

    Air Berlin BER Template

  8. TheCookieMonster

    Lufthansa DLH Longhaul Template

  9. TheCookieMonster

    Lufthansa DLH Shorthaul Template

  10. TheCookieMonster

    Lufthansa Cargo GEC Template

  11. I assume they all calculate with the A320 CFM values and you adjusted the weights, right?
  12. TheCookieMonster

    Alternative VC textures (darker, with wear)

    Which files/folders to replace/copy and how to get the license plates back?
  13. TheCookieMonster

    LVR CLB flashing during take-off

    That only occurs to me when I don't setup the MCDU correctly, (INIT A/B, PERF, FPL pages). Make sure you follow the order INIT A > FPL > INIT B > PERF