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  1. Sharm El-Sheikh maybe?
  2. IVAO/VATISM Networks: Free or payed license

    yes but i mean with donations they cant provide today 2017 a software that are really compatible with prepar v4, not talking about MTL. we think if all provide 3 euros month, will be enought to make ivao can develop an update for the software? Also i think only people who is really interested in learning to use ivao well will pay for that resulting in a better users. What sim bussines men think about that? i would really help? or its a bad idea.
  3. Today i have disscus with one member of aerosoft staff forum about networks with this devate comes to my mind one idea that some of my sim friends and i have been thinking about it. I want to know what aerosoft communty and workers think about make networks a payware addon. we think if ivao for example make a 2 or 3 euros supcription needed it in order to use it servers. will provide a better experience about software develpment and uptades. has this ever been discussed? what do you think?
  4. ATC Software Recommendation

    Dave for me that image proves that are dead. vatsim is ok in north europe (UK, NORWAY DENMARK..) but look south europe. nothing. IVAO again no even such a complete FIR under control. and no traffic. I understand that thouse who are looking for ATC SOFTWARE is because on ivao are always at unicom. And i like to see a lot of traffic, do an aproach as number 3 on ils, thouse things only happen in ivao once peer week and it really really depends of the airport. I know atc software is not real as IVAO/VATSIM but they work well and they let you do what a normal pilot in anormal flight do, as the aerosoft airbus. So? you will have as much traffic as you configurate. you will have 100% airspace and frequencies available. you will even can declarate some emergencies an abnormal procedures. (that need to improve a lot) yes you wont have a real person, who knows better than a software, you wont have the warm touch of a real person
  5. ATC Software Recommendation

    for thouse who downvote. Its an opinion (ivao/vatsim) and im really shure that my answer is really helpfull to his question.
  6. ATC Software Recommendation

    IVAO or VATSIM are always dead, no control or good act services at all. If you find some one controlling online is the best experience but i the reality is that 90% of your flights will be with out control. so I have Two offline softwares. PRO ATC X is wonderfull, but VoiceATC is perfect. it supports emergencies VFR IFR and it works like FS2CREW but its difficult to manage. because you need to speak a very well ICAO language. Sat exactly what pilots say at reality and have good english pronunciation. BUT AFTER ALL Voice ATC for me is the best. If you want a easiest one, Pro ATCX is a wonderfull software that is getting better year by year. But it does not support VFR at this moment.
  7. will Vreden, Betzdorf-Kirchen and Heide Buesum released for P3DV4
  8. so if 330 plans are 4Q2017 in words of fabian. The a318-21 2018 edition will come in 2017 if no issues in deadline right? is just that im moving to prepar 3d v4 from fsx, so im afraid to stay without airbus until 2018.
  9. Airbus 318-321 will come to P3DV4 with a330 or will be after 330 release?

    thanks guys will check when finally buy P3D

    Hi, finally after see that for almost all the planes that i have, except the pmdg ones and AS16+ASCA i think maybe the time has come. For me is sad becuase i have grow with FSX and FS2004. but ok, is there any good AI traffic payware or freewere for P3DV4. thanks!

    Thanks mate! Do you believe guys with 4Ghz quad core i7K, plus 24GB RAM + 970 GTX 4 GB + SAMSUNG 850 EVO SDD will be ok? and when i mean ok, its to run for example amsterdam with airbus with at least 27- 30 fps with high end settings,

    I hope so, i know asca+ AS16 have the crossgrate discount. Aerosoft its free wich i am very glad about that. but for majestic? or PMDG? i will need to buy it again i think.

    ist normal but its lazy. P3D for me means, buy P3D a new SSD just for P3D an their addons. And restar to but again addons that i bought. that would take me months. at least Fabian recognice is not something you do with a lot of pleasure the first time,

    yes, thouse were my thoughts, until i see that i can not buy Fuerteventura MK studios becuase they decided not do develop FSX. if all the developers start to do, we will have to do it by force in a future not so far.