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  1. Hello? Iberia (x32 340)? swiss (x7 340)? air france? (x12 340) lufthansa (x24 340)? british airways? Air korea? emirates? etc etc etc a lot of companies have the 340 or 4 engines planes For me an A340 would be a nice option. but what do you guys think about an Embraer 190/95. Would be very nice to have an embraer with aerosoft standar quality!
  2. Of course yes, i have made my own airports with afcad editor for your DHC-2 on lakes of pyrinees montain like Eduards´ summer house, with this ICAO code LEGG (this not exist and i could select it from the default gps and gps from carenado or alabeo. the only thing is if the developer have time or want to check it. thanks Tom
  3. Hey Eduard! Just of curiosity where are you from? Im from Hamburg, Germany but I have a brazilian mother thats because of the brazilian/portuguese name "Almeida".

  4. the A340 (not yet announced) will be after 2017, but for me is enough if aerosoft decide to develop it, i will be happy knowing that when i reach my Grand father age the A340 Aerosoft will be released
  5. thats my dream and my favorite aircraft, i beg you I promise to buy 50 copies if you guys develop that plane after 330
  6. your computer is a very good computer, dou you have SSD ? because that make the difference. Emi is rigth you migth wait to see how P3DV4 how performs to you, 64 bit its another story. My computer is pretty similar to yours (a little bit better, ) but really close , i still fly with FSX and i got normally 60 FPS on ground 30 on ground with a masive config. My recomendation, is if you dont have an SSD buy one and upgrade to v4
  7. Hi i think is something with a conflict of this scenery. Becuase doesn´t happen with any other airport. I think maybe is because of LEGY/ LEGX. Can you please make an update for this? the problem is that we can to do a gps direct, even with the default gps.
  8. will be fs2crew for CRJ? is there any agreement with this house?
  9. amazing!
  10. nop, =) that is what is said here.
  11. yes it is.
  12. lots of thank you!
  13. HI can we expect a picture of how will be the main door "opened in jetway mode" ?