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  1. Yes you are right, but imagine that you are going to TAP corner to ask some questions and you are a recently "new customer". You ask to the worker some questions and... what would you think about TAP if the customer support worker answer you: "that info its in the website, use the search function..." why don't you read the website? I 80% sure your reaction to this would be: " the complaint sheet, please? " trying to get inside the aerosoft forum staff, I understand that is a little bit frustrating to answer the same question again and again 1 thousand times, even if it was answered to pages ago (its a forum, it is made to be read) But as customer, I think if aerosoft use the forum as part of the company image, they should be more patient with this kind of situation. And we, as normal users of this forum, instead of downvote those kinds of questions, just answer politely to that question helping the aerosoft forum staff But its just my opinion. (feel free to erase that post) Cheers
  2. Eduard Gasull

    Milviz Wx Radar

    can i join that air hauler company?
  3. but if you fly with AS16+ASCA does it read them?
  4. And finally i will fly an Airbus on my sim again
  5. Eduard Gasull

    Future plans to add CFD to DC-8?

  6. And for a GTX 970 4G ? And medium settings?
  7. Eduard Gasull

    Some simulation questions

    That true an i undertsand. I though it was a very small detail, but thinking that say you are totally right. Any way DC-8 as it is it’s a very strong product. For me the only one that i really hope and beg to see in the future updates is shared cockpit.
  8. Eduard Gasull

    Some simulation questions

    WOW didn´t now that, what a bird. Okay, that makes sense to me. I know that but I don't know if connect events like engine fire (on the sim) and fire alarm it's too much complicated but would be very nice to have it. Yes I´m not saying develop this plane training emergency skills, but if fire alarm is developed as part of normal ops, would be very nice detail. Don't worry I make a lot of writing mistakes, I´m the king of that, aerosoft staff knows. Cheers
  9. Eduard Gasull

    Some simulation questions

    Hi, I have noticed something I want to ask for: I know DC-8 is focused on normal operations but there few basic things that are simulated in all default aircraft: Reaching over speed for more than 1-2 minutes don´t active the crash on the sim (with crash set on) Overpass the limits of G-force won't cause or activate the over G crash on the sim. (that means move the plane as a fighter) Engine fire alarm won't detect if an engine is on fire even this alarm is simulated. Are these things going to be updated or will keep as they are? Cheers
  10. Eduard Gasull

    Im considering getting this, just have a few questions.

    This plane is awesome. One of things i have to remarkt is the incredible frame friendly it is. It has a incredible sim performance. Very stable and high FPS event on Frankfurt profesional + Orbx global + Orbx Trees + AS16+ ASCA + Ai traffic + Acrobat reader with 4 documents open+ 2 monitors. The systems are great, they only focus on the normal operations. The ins i cant say my opinión because im still learning how to use them, how they work. This old system completely new for me. The he true glass rain effects are wonderfull. i just say if you are interested in old fashion planes you won’t regret to purchase it. Cheers
  11. Eduard Gasull

    Im considering getting this, just have a few questions.

    Thanks for all your work Michael, im very excited for the cargo version. I hope sales are going great. Im recominding this plane to all my friends everyday. Its now one of my favorite aircraft. So i hope a beg you consider if sales are enought to do that, talk with aerosoft to implement shared cockpit features on the aircraft. Simply with All work you need to do to handel DC-8 would be one of the most usefull sharecockpits ever. Best whises.
  12. bravo!! this game of words just kill me . thanks for the info!