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  1. can you keep inform us about this matter? I'm really worried about that because I cant spend right know 600 € in a GPU
  2. so 4gb 970 GTX will not be enough to run the airbus with at least 24 fps?
  3. how to install 4.2?

    i have followed the steps of the guide and know all is working as it should. exe now is 4.2, P3D about now says I'm running 4.2, i have uninstalled and reinstalled content and scenery. No need to reinstall the planes, they load with no problems, also Active sky does not work as expected. so thanks for your help guys.
  4. how to install 4.2?

    you need a glass of wine my friend!
  5. how to install 4.2?

    Oh my god!
  6. how to install 4.2?

    forgive my unknowledge but is the frist time updating P3D. im a traditional FSX USER.
  7. how to install 4.2?

    so that means that i need to reinstall orbx active sky, airplanes etc etc etc again? thanks sou much for you coments
  8. how to install 4.2?

    hi i run the installer, the complete setup of 4.2 without unnistall 4.1. If i click in properties of P3D exe, i see it is version 4.1 but my control panel detects it is versión 4.2 What i did wrong i need to uninstall 4.1 first?
  9. lol, i spend only 4 minutes in dowload.
  10. thanks good i move to P3DV4 froms FSX. To all customers, i know its hard when you have spend to much money, like me. But you can always have both, but when your try V4 you will only want fly on V4 not FSX any more.
  11. Douglas DC-8 preview

    LOL DAMN did not passed hahaha
  12. Douglas DC-8 preview

    seriusly this VC llos stunnig, i thing i will learn to navigate as a real fahsion pilot with this bird.
  13. Douglas DC-8 preview

    wow, what a wonderfull aricraft what VC bufff i thing this plane is goig to rock them all!
  14. Since one of the last post of Mathijs, the 320 (64bits) will be released after aprox 5 weeks, if remember well, after the 318/319 release. and unknown time for the 330 release. Actually i thing he said they will be no 32 bit release until all 64 bits are released. Thanks good i jumped from FSX TO P3DV4 this last christmas. But im not sure, my english skills are not quit good.