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  1. Eduard Gasull

    Prepar3d v4 crashes when starting with Airbus

    Solved reinstalling. Also be careful with some textures it can cause CTD for example the last Iberia texture for 319 cause crash to destokp. By my question is why
  2. Eduard Gasull

    Prepar3d v4 crashes when starting with Airbus

    Whit me I even can’t start from default aircraft
  3. Eduard Gasull

    Prepar3d v4 crashes when starting with Airbus

    Same here!
  4. An "EFB" is an electronic flight bag. Check Wikipedia for a good article on them. Here's the English version.

  5. Eduard Gasull

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    whats an EFB?
  6. Eduard Gasull

    Windows 7

    No problems with Windows 7 here. check you have correctly installed P3DV4.3
  7. Eduard Gasull

    Report from Aribus 318/19

    As I don't have airbus 320/21, I still don't know if this has been fixed. But just in case I want to report it to see if you can work into it. For some reason, in certain situations that I can't identify, not always the Secure message is reproduced when the Airbus start to taxi. Sometimes it sounds, others don't. I don't fly with checklist & and copilot function but with FS2crew (that by the way report that bug to them, fs2crew open right front door instead of left rear door) another issue I have found a little bit annoying is that if you change view while the sound is being reproduced. For example from the cockpit to outside view, the sound will stop, So when you enter again in the cockpit the sound has been stopped. This thing, for example, does not happen with CRJ. I can go outside and then return inside and the sound still being reproduced. cheers!
  8. Eduard Gasull

    Box buying, update question.

    ok thanks, so I need to save money a little more!
  9. if you have old Airbus 320/21 or Airbus pro 318/19, both download version, I will be able to have a discount to buy the box version? Sorry if that has been answered but in the pricing topic I didn't see anything about this topic. As a collector, i want to buy the 320 box version. cheers!
  10. Eduard Gasull

    Aerosoft 318-319 UPDATER question

    thanks mate!
  11. Hi, in the last update available, you show that some things have change for 318/319 But I can see any new version on the updater. ALso, you say that version 1.2 is set to realign with 38/19 but the last version that i see in my updater is... see the picture. Thanks!
  12. Eduard Gasull

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    I hope so, they say they have the 330 almost done, just they need to have the 320 stable and then proceed with the 330. It would be a very nice Christmas gift!
  13. I know off topic but could share your computer specs also your add-ons that are you using in those pictures? also the frame rate! thanks!
  14. This is not te correct forum to ask that, go to the support forum, you will have a faster answere of the developers over there. But sounds like and incorrect livery installed to me