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  1. lots of thank you!
  2. HI can we expect a picture of how will be the main door "opened in jetway mode" ?
  3. hahahahahahahahaha what a team XD
  4. its true that you broke the Hartmann`s plane?
  5. hey anybody knows ho to build with active sky the best conditions for soaring with aresoft glider? cheers
  6. in fact he is guaranteeing serious bugs! XD
  7. iberia for sure!
  8. i heared a rumor that lord vader is the developer of that aircarft
  9. stroooooooooooooiss cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnttttttt wait anymooooooore hahahahahaha we diserve an award as the most pacient simmers customers
  10. can i request for the next update, to do AES for Asturias RFS?
  11. yes for me its the same, but i have seen in you at orders, it show your purchases and the dowload links. i think the will update our data in the next month, i dont know how difficutl would be migrate all the data to the new web
  12. very cool new shop by the way, it was necessary
  13. web navigator intregated?
  14. o button to call burger king or something like that inside the cockpit, with paypal integrated XD would be amazing!