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  1. 39 40 41 42 XD
  2. i will start the reverse countdown: 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 ......
  3. you rock too!
  4. You rock hahahaha XD
  5. Founded. Fu....... CFG file corrupted. For other users who has this problem: 1. please check if is driver GPU, someone has reported that if they revert to a previus versions of drivers the issue is gone (didnt was my case) 2. please reinstall the lastest C++ visuals files 3. try to the delate all the files on Fligth simulator files inside my documents. 4. try to delate fsx.cfg and create a new default one (then if it works, that was my case, use a backup of your old cfg a replase the default new one, and the issue is gone and you have the same old config.) these are all the solutions i found on forums, and one of these will be fix this problem. please Mathijs, change the title of the post to "FSX freeze on free fligth menu"
  6. open a ticket its the best soltuoin you can do, and for sure i can promise you your devices work well with the plane i have a friend with the same hardware as yours and he use it withe the airbus.
  7. thanks. yes i know i just was asking to people here.
  8. because all info related fsx error, is reletadded due test addons in these last weeks. but for example no error from today. i today i had this issue. Have you ever heard or read about this extrange issue?
  9. wow, sorry mathijs then what i have to check or what i have to find?
  10. the logbin file you mean?. how i check that? i simply erase it or what i have to check thabks for the amazing quickly help mister Kok
  11. since 2 o 3 weeks fsx game strange errors. look if i start the sim, and i am doing other things with the computer like use chorme or another program later, when i change to the sim windows gets freeze, but not freez at all only the screen iand its solved when i end fsx process. but if jut don do anything and wait to sim finish the start up it will not get freeze do you know something about that? and only happens when the sim starts with the free flight section.
  12. i saving money to buy asca and the update of active sky but i have now actually rex texture direct 4 with soft clouds. so i need tu unistall rex to use asca rigth?
  13. +300, Although "los canariones" always think the opposite. For├ža chicharreros! cheers
  14. maybe baby, or maybe not....wait or yes! who knows, what else?..... (Downloading mental diarrhea in this forum during a long night of work as a sound editor for a movie, never work in the cinema industry ... never)
  15. ok ok i thought its was for P3DV4 reassons. i didnt understand your post already.