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  1. Hello dear Tobus, I fully agree with your kind proposal. Just tell me here when I can begin to do this! I will not be able to do this 80-days tour on real time (I can only make 2-3 flights a week)n but I will stick to FSX time and hope to do this Tour in 80 FSX-based time. Let's see nyway, a great thanks to have proposed me that my friend. Best Philippe
  2. Hi guys, This is the route I plan to follow for the newt weeks-months ... I changed the first part from what I wrote before. 1st Part Departure: London, United Kingdom London City airport, UK (EGLC) . London City airport is located about 10 miles from Burlington Street where Phileas Fogg has his house. London-Ashford-Lydd airport, UK (EGMD). This airport is the closest to Dover where they board a ship bound to Calais. Calais-Dunkerque airport, France (LFAC). Phileas Fogg and Passepartout land at Calais and take a night train to Paris. Paris-Le Bourget airport, France (LFPB). They change train at Paris, going from the Gare du Nord to the Gare de Lyon. Turin-Caselle airport, Italy (LSZA). They change train at Turin. Brindisi-Papola Casale airport, Italy (LIBR). Foggs and Passepartout boarded the Mongolia steamer here for Suez. Heraklion-Nkos Kazantzakis airport, Greece (LGIR) Arrival: Suez-El Tor airport (HETR), Egypt 2nd Part Departure: Suez, Egypt Suez-El Tor airport, Egypt (HETR). Our travelers are still aboard the Mongolia steamer. Medina-Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz airport, Saudi Arabia (OEMA) Aden-Kharmaksar airport, Yemen (OYAA). At which harbor the steamer Mongolia stops and takes coal. Al Mukalla-Ryan airport, Yemen (OYRN) Salalah airport, Oman (OOSA) Muscat-Seeb airport, Oman (OOMS) Karachi-Jinnah airport, Pakistan (OPKS) Ahmedabad-Patel airport, India (VAAH) Arrival: Bombay, at Mumbai-Chhatrapati Shivaji airport (VABB), India 3rd Part Departure: Mumbai, India Mumbai-Chhatrapati Shivaji airport, India (VABB) where our travelers took the train to Calcutta, at least they were thinking they could do so in one leg)... Satna airfield, India (VIST). Closest airport to the village of Kholby where the Indian railroad stopped, at the great surprise of our travelers, and where Phileas Fogg and Passepartout bought the elephant Kioni to reach Allahabad where the railroad to Calcutta was to be found. Allahabad-Bamrauli airport, India (VEAB) where Mrs. Aouda joined the company. Benares, Varanasi-Lal Bahadur Shastri airport, India (VIBN) Arrival: Calcutta, at Kolkata-Chandra Bose airport (VECC), India 4th Part Departure: Kolkata, India where our travelers boarded the steamer Rangoon bound to Hong Kong via a stopover at Singapore. Kolkata-Chandra Bose airport, India (VECC) Chittagong-Shah Amanat airport, Bangladesh (VGEG) Yangon-Mingaladon airport, Burma Myanmar (VYYY) Mergui, Myeik airport, Burma Myanmar (VYME) Phuket airport, Thailand (VTSP) Melaka-Batu Barendam airport, Malaysia (WMKM) Singapore-Changi airport, Singapore (WSSS) where the Rangoon stopped a few hours to make coal. Kerteh airport, Malaysia (WMKE) Ho Chi Minh City-Tan Son Nhat airport, Vietnam (VVTS) Hanoi-Noi Bai airport, Vietnam (VVNB) Arrival: Hong-Kong, at Hong Kong-Chek Lap Kok airport (VHHH), S.A.R. People’s Republic of China 5th Part Departure: Hong Kong, SAR-PRC Hong Kong-Chek Lap Kok airport (VHHH), S.A.R. People’s Republic of China. Where our travelers were separated, in a second state provoked by Inspector Fix, the 'opiumized' Passepartout boarded the regular steamer Carnatic bound to Yokohama, while Phileas Fogg and Mrs. Aouda used the racing yacht Tankadere to reachYokohama. Taipei-Taoyuan airport, Republic of China (RCTP) Shanghai-Pudong airport, People’s Republic of China (ZSPD) Nagasaki-Omura airport, Japan (RJFU) Hiroshima-Mihara airport, Japan (RJOA) Arrival: Yokohama, at Tokyo-Haneda airport (RJTT), Japan this airport is the closest to Yokohama-Tokyo harbor. 6th Part Departure: Yokohama, Japan Tokyo-Haneda airport, Japan (RJTT) where our travelers boarded the transpacific steamer Carnatic bound to San Francisco in 22 days. Sapporo-New Chitose airport, Japan (RJCC) Okha-Novostroyka airport, Russia (UHSH) Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky-Yelizovo airport, Russia (UHPP) Shemya-Eareckson Air Station, USA (PASY) Adak airport, USA (PADK) Dutch Harbor-Tom Madsen airport, USA (PADU) Kodiak-Benny Benson airport, USA (PADQ) Anchorage-Ted Stevens airport, USA (PANC) Yakutat airport, USA (PAYA) Juneau International airport, USA (PAJN) Prince Rupert airport, Canada (CYPR) Vancouver International airport, Canada (CYVR) Portland International airport, USA (KPDX) Medford-Rogue Valley airport, USA (KMFR) Arrival: Oakland, at Oakland International airport (KOAK), USA Our travelers arrived at San Francisco harbor but they took the Ocean-to-Ocean railroad at the Oakland station, on the other side of the Bay. 7th Part Departure: Oakland, USA Oakland International airport, USA (KOAK) where our travelers boarded the Grand Trunk train bound to Omaha. Sacramento International airport, USA (KSMF) Reno-Lake Tahoe airport, USA (KRNO) Ogden-Hinckley airport, USA (KOGD) Laramie Regional airport, USA (KLAR) Kearney Regional airport, USA (KEAR) where the Sioux attacked the train that stopped at Fort Kearney to recieve the help of the US Cavalry. Where our travelers bought a windcar to reach Omaha. Omaha-Eppley airport, USA (KOMA) where our travelers boarded the fast train to Chicago then New York. Des Moines International airport, USA (KDSM) Iowa City Municipal airport, USA (KIOW) Chicago-Midway airport, USA (KMDW) Columbus-John Glenn airport, USA (KCMH) Pittsburgh International airport, USA (KPIT) Harrisburg International airport, USA (KMDT) Arrival: Newark, at Newark-Liberty International airport (KEWR), USA Our travelers arrived at New York. They jump out the train to go immediately to the Cunard pier which is just on the other side of the station street. The New York station was at Newark, NJ, and the Cunard pier was at NewarK. Hence, my choice of Newark airport. 8th Part Departure: Newark, USA Where our travelers missed by 45 minutes the steamer China and where Phileas Fogg and his fellows boarded the Henrietta after paying a total of 8000 pounds for the journey to her owner, captain Andrew Speedy. They boarded the ship and departs the New World for the Old one, but bound to Bordeaux and not to UK. P. Fogg, once at sea, deposed (momentarily) the captain and changed the destination to Liverpool. Newark-Liberty International airport (KEWR), USA Portland-Jetport airport, USA (KPWM) Mocton-Romeo Le Blanc airport, Canada (CYQM) Saint Pierre-Pointe Blanche airport, Saint-Pierre-et-Micquelon, France (LFVP) Gander International airport, Canada (CYQX) Goose Bay CAFB, Canada (CYYR) Hopedale-Agvituk airport, Canada (CYHO) Narsarsuaq International airport, Greenland (BGBW) Kulusuk airport, Greenland (BGKK) Reykjavik-Keflavik airport, Iceland (BIKF) Vagar-Torshavn airport, Faroe Islands, Denmark (EKVG) Inverness-Dalcross airport, UK (EGPE) Belfast-Aldergrove airport, UK (EGAA) Cork International airport, Ireland (EICK) This is the airport the closest to the Irish harbor of Cobh which, before 1920, was called Queenstown. Our travelers deboarded from the coal-empty and wooden parts burned Henrietta at Queenstown, Ireland, and took the rapid train to Dublin. Dublin-Collinstown airport, Ireland (EIDW) . Where our travelers took the rapid ship to Liverpool. Liverpool-John Lenon airport, UK (EGGP) . Where Phileas Fogg was arrested by Inspector Fix to be a few hours later freed from jail. Arrival: London, at London City airport (EGLC), UK
  3. Neal McCulough

    Quite a nice route indeed... Haut les coeurs my feind! Philippe
  4. gazoeller

    Hi Gernot Great to see you again fooling around Enjoy being part of this withyou and all other flying buddies! Philippe
  5. This is the route I plan to take for the first “big leg”: London to Suez in seven days. I'm choosing London City Airport as my starting and finishing point, since this is the airfield that is the closest to Phileas Fog’s house, I suppose. I plan to do this “big leg” in ten flights, with mandatory landmarks highlighted in red. London, United Kingdom (EGLC) Departure Oct 2nd London-Ashford-Lydd (EGMD) closest airport to Dover Calais-Dunkerque, France (LFAC) Paris-Le Bourget, France (LFPB) Lugano-Agno, Switzerland (LSZA) Pesacara-Abruzzo, Italy (LIBP) Brindisi-Papola Casale, Italy (LIBR) Foggs and Passepartout have boarded the Mongolia steamer here for Suez Corfu-Ioannis Kapodistrias, Greece (LGKR) Heraklion-Nkos Kazantzakis, Greece (LGIR) Alexandria-Borg El Arab, Egypt (HEBA) Suez - El Tor, Egypt (HETR) Arrival Oct 9th
  6. Yup I can't believe it myself !!!! Well, I stay with twin-egine stuff though ...I'm a bit conservative you know.
  7. Hi guyz! After the long and funny Round the World Aerosoft Tour 2015-2017 ... I decided to join you all for repeating Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout journey around the world in 80 days. In this firt post, I present you the "baby" with which I'll fly this virtual journey honouring Jules Verne's heroes. I will present the intended route on a nextcoming post later. I will fly a DH104 Dove in BOAClivery since, most certainly, Phileas Fogg would have chose BOAC company if he had the possibility to do so, no?? Besides, it's a wonderful plane to fly!!!!!!!!!! Have great flights and happylandings Philippe
  8. Hi guyz, Phileas Fogg made this transpaciifc leg in 22 days ... so we may think to use a northern route in 22 days ... maybe : Yojkohama heading north to kamchatka, then shemya (USA), teh Aleutian islands, Anchorga, then going south to Frisco thru Prince Ripert, Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland ,?? What do you think? It's possible to do that "northern route" in 22 days quite easily I think.... ??? have happy landings Philippe
  9. Hi friends at Aerosoft! just arrived from the previous World Tour. And I got this new proposal ... very interesting indeed So let's read the RULES !!!! Call you back soon guyz, Philippe
  10. Hi Gernot,

    Unfortunately, I'll not be in Lelystad on the next 4th of november, thu I've prepared all the journey (air ticket + hotel) ..... Got some familial problems to solve here ...

    Tobus is not answering to my emails. Do you ,kow, my friend, the procedure for askinf Mathijs for the rewarded aeroosft adon ? I'd like the CRJ one ..

    But I do not know how to proceed... (getting old I prsume?!)

    All the best to u,


    1. gazoeller


      Hi Philippe,


      sorry to hear that you have got family issues. Hope you can solve/overcome them soon.

      Here is the message from Matthijs to Toby:


      "... when you finish before sept 30th, do this to get your gift:


      Press copy indeed.
      Send them this and let them contact me (gaz: Matthijs) via
      To get your copy free of charge follow these steps:

      1) Do a standard download order
      2) On the payment page select [REVIEW/PRESS COPY] as payment option (you will NOT be charged for this order)
      3) Enter some comment in the comment section so we know what this order is about (gaz: your name or your login referring to your reports)
      4) Let me know the order number (gaz: via email for mailaddress see above)
      The order is now put on hold until one of our administrators clears the order. You will then get the serial code and the download link."
      My download of the CRJ 700/900 X was processed real quick.
      Are you going to participate in the follow-up tour by Aerosoft? Around The World in Eighty Days

      Hope we can meet sometimes, either virtually, perhaps with Andras Meridian Airlines or even live.

      Beaucoup de salutations

      Gernot Zoeller

      PS: For quick communication use either email "" or WhatsApp "+49 175 935 3549"

  11. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Hi guyz! Ooooooooooops I made a mistake in english grammar "For sure you will miss me gys" was to be correctly meaning: "For sure, I WILL MISS YOU guys" ... because of the inverse construction of this sentence in French: Vous allez me manquer. In French, we put "YOU" in the first plave and we write You will miss ME. The English construction of teh sentence is inverse: I will miss you. I was meaning: I will miss you all:!!!!!!!!!!!! Gernot, you wrote, I quote: @Philippe, glad to see you made it too, after 2,5 years having you as companion on this tour with your informative flight reports. Believe me, I'm impatient to meet you (and Neal, the Irish, and all others) for real and share a beer or 2 or 3. ... All the best to u all Philipe
  12. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    For sure, you will miss me guys!
  13. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Nope, you're not nealmac and thta's great to be a last-fligher ,not alone! Philippe
  14. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    Hi friends, With some delay, I finally made it to Paderborn-Lippstad after a 2.5 years World Tour ... Philippe Leg 123 (or is it another number,??) completed: LOWI-EDLP Back to Starting Place! Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual. Saturday September 9th, 2 PM, we are at gate 9 at Innsbruck-Kranebitten international airport. After a long stay in the Inn valley, we’re ready for the last leg of this 2015-2017 World Tour. This is a beautiful September day, the weather forecast is quite pleasant … time to go! Five minutes later, we are at 6,500 feet climbing to FL200 over the Inn valley below with a view over the Inn rive,r and the small city of Kematen-en-Tyrol. We are roaring over the mountains of the Karwendel. We see the big 600-m high cliff that forms the north wall of the Inn valley which is quite visible from Innsburck airport, this is the Martinswand (the St Martin wall). We climb fast to FL200 and fly over the Wörner peak just in front (at 2 500 m). Behind this rocky wall lies the Bavarian plain that can be seen in the distance. At FL280, climbing to our cruise altitude (FL340), we have Munich city on our right. On our finale to runway 24, we fly close to Paderborn, on our right. Landed on Rwy 24 … last landing of this 2.5-years journey around the World. Taxiing to the gate, we can see the Aerosoft building … Is Mathijs looking at one of these windows? Parked at ramp parking 16 at Paderborn-Lippstadt airport after a 50-min flight from Innsbruck. Well, this is the end of that fantastic adventure. Hope all the best to you all buddies! A great thanks to Mathijs for initiating all this (and also for all the nice gifts we were and are awarded) and a special mention to Toby, the right guy in the right place for sure! Thanks to you all. As said by Farlis-the mountain climber: “See you all around, virtually.” Take care. Philippe
  15. Last batch: back to Paderborn

    And the following leg the same day ... Leg 122b completed: LSZR-LOWI To Innsbruck Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual. Saturday July 8th, 3:30 PM, we are taxiing to the active runway at Altenrhein for what will be a short flight to Innsbruck. Five minutes later, we are at 5,000 feet climbing to 7,000 feet over the Austrian city of Hard with a view southward over the Rhine valley where the Rhine River marks the border between Austria and Switzerland. In the distance, the Principality of Liechtenstein can be seen. We fly over the Austrian city of Lochau, on the northeast shore of the Lake Constance. Six minutes later, we have begun our descent. We are at 17,000 feet descending to 15,000 right over Klempten, the city of Bavraian Swabia. We are defueling tip tanks. At 12,000 feet heading southeast, we approach the Forggensee artificial lake in South Bavaria, Germany. Austria is just 5 km on our right. The River Lech flows through this lake. Forggensee is known primarily as a tourist destination for aquatic sports and recreation. The lake provides ideal conditions for surfing, sailing, fishing and boating. Maintaining 11,000 feet heading due south, we approach the Tyrolean part of the Inn Valley, just ahead in the distance. We overfly the Marienberg Pass that links Germany to the Inn Valley in Austria. On our left, the high peak of the Wamperter Schrofen (2,520 m) and further ahead the Marienberg (2,187 m). We also see the Drachensee, a high-altitude alpine lake. Arriving over the Inn Valley, with the city of Telfs down below. Innsbruck is on our left at some 15 nautical miles. Short finale for runway 08 at Innsbruck airport. Parked at gate 9 at Innsbruck-Kranebitten airport after a very short 22-min flight from Altenrhein. Some nice birds around and a full summer to spend here in Tyrolean Alps. Great! That'sall for today! see you on next september. Enjoy great hollidays. Philippe