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  1. Hi guyz Last leg of this series ... Leg 112 completed: LHBP-LDSP To Split! Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual. Saturday April 29th, at gate G26 at Budapest-Ferihegy international aiport, it’s 2PM and we’re ready for the last leg of this batch of flights. Our today destination is Split, the famous resort city on Dalmatian Coast. Taxiing to runway 31L, we pass along two nice birds, a Turkish Airlines cargo Airbus A300F and, a rather unusual sight, a Boeing 707 of the Royal Canadian air Force. Heading south, at 5,600 feet climbing at 8,000 feet, we fly over the southern suburbs of Budapest. We have a nice view on the Danube River, Budpaest old city, and the Maragret Island and the Lagimanyosi Bay, in form a triangle on the right bank of the River. We also see the Rákóczi Bridge that connects Buda and Pest across the Danube. At FL210 climbing to FL320 and heading southwest, we have a view on Lake Velence (26 km2). This lake, just 15 miles of Budapest, is a popular holiday destination among Hungarians. Because of the sunny climate of the area and the shallowness of the lake, it is one of the warmest lakes in Europe. Four minutes later, at our cruise altitude (FL320) we fly by the Lake Balaton, the German Plattensee. This freshwater lake of about 600 km2 is the largest lake in Central Europe, and one of the most famous tourist destination in all Europe. The Zala River provides the largest inflow of water to the lake, and the canalised Sió is the only outflow. A nice view of the biggest city on its eastern shore, Siófok. Six minutes later, we pass over the Drava River that marks the border between Hungary (behind us) and Croatia (ahead of us). The Hungarian city of Barcs can be seen on the left bank of the river. At 15,000 feet descending to 10,000 feet, we fly over the northern parallel valleys of Bosnia. On our right, the Buško Lake that is formed on the largest karst field in the world: the Livenjsko Fields. At 8,600 feet descending to 2,800 feet heading south in the downwind leg of the approach to runway 05, we cross the Adriatic coast over the Croatian city of Šibenik. Our destination is on the other side of this peninsula. The coast is extremely indented here. Finale for runway 05, we fly over the Croatian city of Trogir. Split is on the other side of the airport. Trogir has 2300 years of continuous urban tradition. Its culture was created under the influence of the ancient Greeks, and then the Romans, and Venetians. Trogir has a high concentration of palaces, churches, and towers, as well as a fortress on a small island, and in 1997 was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. We can see the historic city of Trogir situated on a small island between the Croatian mainland (on left) and the island of Čiovo (on right). An old bridge links the two … and there are a lot of sailboats. A nice resort, obviously! At parking 1 of Split-Kastela international airport after a flight from alsmot one hour from Budapest. We are here for two weeks of holidays … yeeha! Nobody can dream better than two weeks in Split area at the beginning of May! Again, a very nice Aerosoft addon … look at the quality of the apron. That's all folks! Enjoy your stay at Split ... Philippe
  2. Hi everybody, coming closer to Split! Leg 111 (or so...) completed: LUKK-LHBP Budapest, the 'other' pearl of the Danube Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual. Saturday April 22nd, 2 PM at gate Mike-6 after pushback, we’re ready to leave bound to Budapest. Some interesting birds at Chisinau international airport. At 3,600 feet climbing to 8,000 feet, heading southwest, we have a last sight at Chisinau, in the distance, while we fly over the city of Laloveni. Climbing to FL200, six minutes after takeoff, we see the meanders of the Prut River, a tributary of the Danube, which is here the border between Moldova and Romania. At the background, we can see the Eastern Carpathian range. View from FL360 of the Romanian city of Bacău on the Siret River with several reservoirs. This old European city was famous for a nice common life of Catholics and Jews until WW2. In 1930, half the population was Jews and there were some 28 active synagogues. All this population vanishes in Nazi camps… Heading due west, in the vicinity of Cluj-Napoca, we cross the path of a DHL Airbus A300 freighter a few thousand feet below. We have entered the Hungarian airspace and begun our descent to our destination. At FL330, we are descending to FL280. We see on our left, the Romanian border city of Oradea. At FL240 descending to FL200 over the Hortobágy national park on our right. This is an 800 km2 park in eastern Hungary that is the largest semi-natural grassland in Europe with several man-made lakes well seen here. In that direction, just at 40 km, there is the border between Hungary and Slovakia. At the background, we can see the white summits of the Tatra Mountains. On the other side of these mountains, this is Poland. At 2,500 feet we align on the localizer of runway 31R over the city of Monor. Parked at gate Golf-26 at Budapest-Ferihegy international airport, just close to an Air France bird, after a 1 hour 6 min flight from Chisinau. It’s 2:40 PM local time, Hungary is 1 hour ahead of Moldova … and outside is a nice April day here, with a pleasant 14°C but it’s a bit windy. We have a full week to enjoy Budapest, a wonderful city to spend a week indeed! That's all guyz! have great flights and happy landings. Philippe
  3. Hey Gernot, This is a climbing fast for sure !! What a rate ... An impressed Phil
  4. Thanks @dcda I totaly agree with what you wrote about this fantastic addon ... I also wanted to post much more pix about ti and the rural surrounding .. A nice catch I think! Thanks Tobus to making us visit Chicinau airport! Philippe
  5. And the following leg, the next day! Leg 110b completed: LGTS-LUKK Easter Flight! Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual. Sunday April 16th, Easter Sunday, it’s 2 PM and we’re ready for this leg leading us to Moldova, a country that I do not know well... All that I know is that Moldova eagerly awaits its integration in EU! At gate T1, we prepare for the flight. This leg will be about 850 km, a rather long flight. Taxiing to runway, an Aegean Airlines A320 takes off. This is flight 540 to Dusseldorf. Arriving close to the holding point at runway 16, a Ryanair Boeing 737 prepares to take off for a short flight to Athens. After a U-turn, we are flying on a due north route at 8,000 feet climbing to 13,000 feet. On our left the city of Kalamaria in the southern suburb of Thessalonica. At 15,000 feet, climbing to FL250, we left behind Thessalonica, the Gulf of Thessalonica and the Aegean Sea and, in the background, Mount Olympus. At our cruise altitude (FL350), as already stated by Dirk-NL, probably when he was flying I the same area, there is still some snow below! We are over the southwest corner of Bulgaria and, below, are the Pirin Mountains, a part of the Balkans Mounts. The mountains range is named after Pirin, the highest god of the Slavic pantheon and the god of thunder and lightning Sofia is on our left, on our right there are some impressive CBs almost towering at our cruise altitude. We fly heading northeast. A few minutes later, we fly from FL350 over the Danube River, Europe’s second-longets river after the Volga. This river is here the border between Bulgaria, on the south bank, and Romania, on the north bank. The city seen is in Romania, it is Turnu Măgurele. From FL350, view of Bucharest in the distance. From FL350, view of Buzău, a city in eastern Romania, located on the south bank of the Buzău River. Since 1831, the city seal harbors a Phoenix, because the city was fully destroyed and rebuilt several times. Maintaining 5,000 feet and heading northeast, we enter the downwind leg of runway 26 approach circuit. In the distance, we see the city of Chisinau, formerly known as Kichinev when, a long time ago, I was a kid. The area is quite rural, viewing all these fields. Taxiing to the gate. We see the passenger terminal with an Austrian bird at the gate. Taxxing to the gate at a remote apron. Yup, guyz, we are obviously in a former soviet airport, some Ilyushin-18s parked… Parked at gate Mike-6 at Chisinau international airport after a one hour and fifteen minutes flight from Thessalonica, crossing two countries: Bulgaria and Romania. Well, we have now a week to spend in Chisnau and Moldova. The airport addon is superb, a great thanks to Aerosoft and Drzewiecki Design to making this fantastic scenery. That's all folks. Have great flights Philippe
  6. Hi guyz, the next legs ... Leg 110a completed: LGSR-LGTS To Macedonia Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual. Saturday April 15th, 2PM, we are departing Santorini for Thessalonica; at 12,000 feet climbing to 16,000 feet heading northwest. At the background, we still see the heights of Crete Island. A lonely cruising ship is mooring in Fira Bay. View of the east coast of the Greek Peninsula from our cruise altitude (FL360). We see the Gulf of Megara just ahead, with the Attica Peninsula at right and the Peloponnese Peninsula at left. Behind the small Isthmus of Corinth, we can see the Golf of Corinth. View of Athens from FL360. Over Aegean Sea, we cross an incoming traffic just a 1,000 feet below. This is a Boeing 737. The traffic is dense in this area. At FL320, we have begun our descent while the Chalkidiki Peninsula is on sight with its three fingers protruding in Aegean Sea. At the extreme point of the third ‘finger’ (the Acte Peninsula) we see the high Mount Athos (2 033 m). View from 14,000 feet of the Potidea Canal, built by the Macedonian, around 350BC, it is still used to cross Kassandra Peninsula without navigating around it. At 3,900 feet, heading north, over the North of Chalkidiki Peninsula. View of the Volvi Lake with the city of Profitis. Thessalonica is on our left. Preparing to enter finale for ILS approach to runway 16. View of Thessalonica and its bay. Parked at gate Tango-1 at Thessalonica-Macedonia international airport after a flight of almost one hour from Santorini … and ready for a lunch at the place Dirk-NL indicated us! That's all folks for this first leg ... Philippe
  7. Hey Thanks a lot Dirk ... I know where to go for my lunch once at Thessalonica airport!!!
  8. Hi guyz, next leg! A very short hop... Leg 109 completex: LGIR-LGSR To Santorini Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual. Saturday April 8th, 2 PM (as usual) and we are taxiing to the active runway at Heraklion airport. The single plane at the passenger apron is an Airbus A320 of the Aegean Airlines which operates the regular flight to Athens at 3:25 PM. This is a beautiful day and this week in Crete was awesome. We particularly enjoyed its 650 miles-long coastline. Over the Bay of Heraklion at 3 400 feet, climbing to 13,000 feet that we will never reach because ATC will ask us to begin our descent when we will be about 12,000 feet! A nice view on the city, the typical mountainous background and the airport we just left. We see quite well the large Pankritio stadium which is close to the beach. At 5,500 feet, less than 5 minutes after takeoff, we fly by Dia Island, an uninhabited island less than 10 miles of Heraklion. The islet looks like a giant lizard with its head pointing to Heraklion. There is a legend that a giant lizard tried to destroy the island of Crete, but Zeus turned it into stone with a thunderbolt, thus creating the island. It is also said that Theseus, after killing the Minotaur, escaped to Dia island. There is a church on this island, dedicated to Saint Geroges killing the dragon. At 7,000 feet, we cross the Sea of Crete that separates Crete from Thira Island (Santorini). A ferry can be seen, it links Heraklion to Santorini with 3 departures per day. Six minutes later, we have descended to 2,100 feet, maintaining while in the approach circuit to runway 34R. View of Santorini Island, or Thira Island as its official name, on our left. Visual approach to runway 34R at Santorini airport. We fly very close to the high mountains of Mesa Vouno and, behind it, the 567-m high Prophete lias (Profitis Ilias) Mount. Parked at an unknown gate of Santorini airport after a very short 23-min flight from Heraklion. We have a week ahead to explore and enjoy this volcanic island, the remains of a very high stratovolcan that was there until 1620-1627 BC when it exploded, the famous Minoan eruption, one of the largest in the historical times. Last studies have demonstrated that its eruption, qualified of supercolossal by volcanologists, was 4-times more powerful than that of Krakatoa, with a plume of about 22 miles high , ejecting about 100 km3 of materiel and causing a tsunami as high as 500 feet in some area and ‘only’ 110 feet in the other places! Wow! The collapsed volcano is still active and volcanologists have recently demonstrated that there is still a giant magma chamber juts 2 miles under Santorini Island. Strange texture on the ground at this apron ... and no marking??? That's all folks. have great flight and happy landings. Philippe
  9. Hi guyz, The next #108 leg of the week ... Leg 108b completed LTAI-LGIR To Nikos! Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual. Sunday April 2nd, leaving our gate at 2PM at Antalya international airport. View of the Terminal 2building with some nice birds at their gate: Air Berlin, Norwegian, and two Turkish charters. Only Boeing 737s… At 7,000 feet climbing to 10,000 feet on a due west course. A last view on Antlaya, a large city with long beaches. A nice resort in Europe. Fifteen minutes later, at our cruise altitude (FL300), we fly over the Turkish city and harbor of Fethiye, the ancient Greek city of Telmessos. This city is named so in honor of one of the first pilot of Ottoman Air Force, Fethi Bey. Moreover, this cty is well known, and especially the little island that can be seen in the Gulf of Fethiye, because on 3 august 1953 an Air France Constellation, Air France flight 152 Pars-Tehran, made an emergency water landing there. Four persons, out of 42, died. The aircraft sank over an hour after ditching. The survivors received clothing, warm food, drink and shelter from residents during their stay in Fethiye. The Lockheed L-749A Constellation probably experienced a propeller blade failure resulting in strong vibrations causing the No.3 engine to detach in-flight. From the same location, over Fethiye, we see the southwest end of Anatolia, the Asia Minor Peninsula. Ahead of us, we see the Dodecanese islands and the largest one is Rhodes on our left. Behind Rhodes, we see the remote Dodecanese island of Karpathos. On the horizon, behind Karpathos, we distinguish the summits of Crete Island, our destination, some 220 nautical miles away. Heading southwest, view from FL300 of the city of Rhodes on the north tip of the island of the same name. At 50 km to our destination, we are maintaining 9,700 feet surrounded by rather high terrain (setting frantically the barometer of the altimeter!). These are mountains of the Dikti range and, right ahead of us, fortunately a bit on our right, is the peak Afenidos Kristos (2 141 m). At 8,600 feet descending to 6,400 feet heading north to the base leg for a visual approach at runway 27. We leave the north slopes of the Lasithian Mountain (known as Dicte Mountains). We overfly the village of Saint-Georges (Agios Geórgios). On this side of the mountains lays the Psychro Cave in which the mythology locates the birthplace of Zeus, the king of the greek gods and godesses. Parked at gate Tango-1, a remote location of Heraklion – Nikos Kazantzákis international airport after a flight of almost one hour from Antalya. This ramp is for business jets as evidenced by the building that can be seen closeby. The airliners are at a ramp on the other side of the airport. Now, let’s have fun in Crete wonderful scenic areas for a full week! Again, a great thanks to Aerosoft for this wonderful scenery. That's all for this week guys ... Have happy landings Philippe
  10. Hi guyz, Here are the next legs ... Enjoy and have great flights! Philippe Leg 108a completed LCLK-LTAI Fool's Day Flight Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual. Saturday April 1st, April Fool’s Day … 2 PM, gate 31 at Larnaca international airport. We are ready for a new leg of this batch, this time to Antalya in Turkey. This is a short flight, about only 186 nautical miles. Taxiing to the runway, we pass close the General Aviation Apron with a lots of small planes parked! At 4,000 feet climbing to 9,000 feet heading north, with the city of Klavdia in sight and the highway 5 that links Larnaca to Nicosia. View of Nicosia, Cyprus largest city, from 14,000 feet heading north. Crossing the Mediterranean channel that separates Cyprus from Turkey at our cruising altitude (FL280 for this short flight). We see the Kormakitis cape that looks like a needle pointing to Turkey, and behind it, the Morphou Bay. At an almost perfect geographical point (Lat 36.00°N, Long 33.00° E) , we cross the southern coastline of Turkey over the city of Anamur, This harbor is a resort city, well known for its nice weather and for its unexpected good crops of bananas and peanuts. Cape Anamur, seen here to the south of the city, is the southernmost point of Anatolia. We have begun our descent to Antalya, heading northwest, at 12,000 feet descending to 8,200 feet. On our left, the scenic beauty of the Antalya Bay closed, on its west side, by the mountainous peninsula of the Yardimci Cape. We see on our immediate left, the city of Manavgat and the Manavgat River. The numerous sandy beaches in Manavgat neighborhood makes this city an important sea resort in Europe. Bound to runway 18L, we see the airport and its three runways in the distance. We are at 4,500 feet descending to 2,400 feet for a visual approach. The view is superb. Taxiing to the gate at Antlaya international airport … an interesting piece of architecture for the terminal 1 building. Parked at gate 12, Antalya airport Terminal 2 (for charter flights), after a 42-min flight from Larnaca. It’s about 3:30 PM here and we will have plenty of time, tonight, to visit and enjoy the famous European resort that is Antalya. A great thanks to Aerosoft for this scenery!
  11. Re-hi The next day, we flew to Cyprus ... Leg 107b completed: LLBG-LCLK To Cyprus! Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual. Saturday March 26th, 2PM at Ben Gurion international airport, taxiing to the runway along a tarmac filled with El Al birds. At 7,600 feet climbing to 14,000 feet we leave Tel-Aviv and Jaffa behind us heading westward before turning north to join Cyprus. Heading north at our cruise altitude FL260 over Levantine Sea. At some 70 nautical miles on our right is the Lebanon coast. At FL230, descending to 12,000 feet, we have begun our descent to our destination and Cyprus Island stands right ahead. Maintaining 2,000 feet we approach Cyprus coast with, on our right, the Capo Greco headland that, at southeast of the island, points directly at Beirut and is a popular tourist resort on the Mediterranean. Besides, Capo Greco peninsula is the site of a sea monster appearances, the Ayia Napa Sea Monster. This animal is a cryptid, claimed to inhabit this coast. Most sightings occur around Cape Greco. It is known by the local fishermen as "To Filiko Teras", which translates as "The Friendly Monster". There have been no reports of it causing any harm, although it has been reported at times to rip and drag away fishing nets. There have been countless sightings of the "Creature from the Depths", with some local newspapers calling the mystery the "Cyprus Loch Ness". Long finale for runway 22. On our right, the central plain between the southern Troodos mountains and the Kyrenia Range at the north of the island. Nicosia is located at some 50 km away in the plain between the two mountain ranges. Parked at gate 31 at Larnaca international airport after a short 42 minutes flight from Tel-Aviv. We are back to Europe after two years of wandering around the world. Time to enjoy the old city, beaches and their seafood restaurants! That's all folks for this week. have happy cyberflights Philippe
  12. Hello buddies, The following flights ... Leg 107a completed: HECA-LLBG To Tel-Aviv Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual. Saturday March 25th, 2 PM at Cairo international airport. Taxiing to the runway with a view of the airport terminals in the distance. We fly over the eastern suburbs of Cairo at 3,600 feet, climbing to 9,000 feet and heading northeast. We see the airport and its three parallel 05/23 runways and, on the background, the huge city of Cairo that houses about 17 million people, suburbs included. 15 min later, we fly over Ismailia, located on the west bank of the Suez Canal that forms, at this place, a small lake called Timsah Lake. Ismailia was founded in 1863 during the digging of the Suez Canal. This city of the desert is known in Middle East as the “City of Beauty and Enchantment”. View of infamous Gaza from 13,000 feet as we descend to 4,400 feet on our approach to runway 30 at Ben Gurion airport. Heading north, maintaining 4,400 feet. we see Jerusalem, the Holy City at the top of Judean hills dominating, on the other side, the depression of the Dead Sea. At the background, the hills are Jordan. The highway 1, which links Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv, is going down thru Kisalon Valley. Visual approach to runway 30. Parked at gate Bravo-5 at Tel Aviv – Ben Gurion international airport after a 43 minutes flight from Cairo. It’s 4 PM here and the clear blue sky and a nice 18°C makes us happy. Now, we go for a thrilling night at Tel-Aviv numerous spots. We can see two big birds parked nearby, British Airways and Air France Boeing 747s. Though, Air France flies mainly A320s from Paris to Tel-Aviv and British Airways flies Triple-7, their new Dreamliners and, occasionally, A320. That's all folks Philippe
  13. Dear FlyingAxx, Damn, a GREAT thanks for this superb work done. Could we get your newly dveeloped addon of HECA ? I was using the version 2 (maybe the version 1, I'm not 100% sure) of the HECA addon payware developed by SDG (Sim Design Group) that I bought one or two years ago (when making a virtual trip around Africa). Yes I knew that HECA guys were changing quite hectically their ramps and taxiways and ways of taxiing VERY frequently... But anyway, I landed on the 05R runway (the one at extreme right on your pix) and I was asked to go to gate H4-3 (or 43 in short) which is on the ramp at the extreme left of your pix ... almost 25 min !!!! Philippe
  14. Hi guyz! Leg 106 completed: HESH-HECA To Cairo! Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual. Saturday March 18th, at gate 13 at Sharm El Sheikh international airport, we’re ready for this week leg, a short hop to Cairo just 380 km from here. It’s a beautiful day for the flight but some haze is expected at our destination. At 12,000 feet climbing to FL180, we head north letting Sharm El Sheikh and the Red Sea behind us … a last view on Saudi Arabia on the other side of the Aqaba Gulf. Over the city of Abou Redis and its airport on the Red Sea shore from FL240. In a cloudy sky, we have begun our descent and, heading northwest, we are at 5,200 feet descending to 2,400 feet. We pass the Nile and, on its western side, are two channels parallel to the Nile. At 3,000 feet, heading northwest, we see in the distance the Giza great pyramids on left and, on right, newest Cairo skyline. A few minutes later, we enter the finale for runway 05R in a dense haze right over Cairo downtown with a lot of tall buildings on the Nile east bank. Parked at gate Hotel4-3 at Cairo international airport after a short 43-min flight from the coast of Aqaba Gulf. The taxiing at this airport is insane. If the flight duration was 43 minutes, the taxiing from the exit 1 on runway 05R to this gate was about 25 minutes! This Hotel ramp is quite empty … In the distance we see the huge terminal building. That's all folks, Have great flights! Philippe
  15. Hi guyz, Leg 105 completed OEJN-HESH To 'the' Egyptian Resort! Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual. Saturday March 11th, we’re at gate B5 of Jeddah-King Abdulaziz International Airport. It’s 2 PM and we are ready for the next leg of this series of flights. After takeoff from runway 16C, we make a U-turn to head north over the huge city of Jeddah. This city, with a population of about 4.2 million people, is the largest sea port on the Red Sea, and the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia after the capital city, Riyadh. Twelve minutes later, we fly over the port of Rabigh, a city historically known as the place where the “first arrow of Islam” was shot at a Mecca caravan. We are at FL320 climbing to FL360, heading northwest. At our cruise altitude (FL360), we follow the Saudi coast of the Red Sea. Half an hour later, we have begun our descent to our destination. We are at FL200 descending at 12,000 feet. Right ahead is the Sinai Peninsula with the Ras Muhammad as its southernmost cape. On our left, is the Gulf of Suez and on our right, the Gulf of Aqaba. Visual approach to runway 22L, a rather unusual approach at Sharm El Sheikh. At our gate, gate 13, at Sharm El Sheikh international airport after a 1 hour 15 flight from Jeddah. We are getting closer to Europe since we can spot an EasyJet plane among those parked nearby. The first one since a long time! That's all folks! Have great flights. Philippe