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  1. BernhardS

    GSX pushback - aircraft jumping

    Thank you for your answers. I solved the problem. Strangely it only happened in EDDH - Hamburg by Justsim. I compiled the AFX-file with a p3dV4 compiler and now it works! But I don't know how a faulty AFX-file could have such an impact!
  2. Hello, thanks for that great new toy. You made a wonderful job ! At the moment I have some serious problems with the GSX pushback. During pushback my A 319 jumps up and done very quickly. Parking brake was released and there are no chokes, no traffic cones and no GPU. Latest live update from GSX has been applied. It looks about the same as in FSX times with the AES pushback, when the airplane was not correctly configured. Am I doing something wrong? I',m with win7 and P3DV4.3. Bernhard
  3. BernhardS

    AEROSOFT ELLX - P3D update planned?

    I don't think that Christoph Rieger still develops sceneries for flightsim. Buy the one that is availible for P3D - it's very good. Bernhard
  4. BernhardS

    Airport Buochs X for P3DV4

    This is a suisse product and so is the price But relating to Buochs I can say that this scenery is really good and worth the price. But Flylogic cannot write on their website that this is a P3DV4 version. That is absoluty not correct and misleading. I fear that their original developer have no more interest in converting their sceneries to P3DV4 and also have no interest in develop the remaining suisse sceneries Bernhard
  5. BernhardS

    Airport Buochs X for P3DV4

    At the moment Buochs ist not compatible with P3Dv4. Although Flylogic says on their website that it works in P3DV3 apron and runway isn't visible. The developer used some old FS9 code to show apron and runway which doesn't work anymore. I think it's the same code, Aerosoft used in their older German Airports. Please write to Flylogic about that, so they are urged to re-work the scenery. Bernhard
  6. BernhardS

    Mega Airport LEBL Prof, Helligkeit P3Dv4

    Ganz so schlimm wie im obigen Screenshot ist es bei mir nicht, aber es ist definitiv viel zu hell. Im Übrigen spielt es (bei mir) keine Rolle, ob HDR on oder off ist. Der Helligkeitsunterschied ist minimal. Bernhard
  7. BernhardS

    Mega Airport LEBL Prof, Helligkeit P3Dv4

    Abgesehen von dem nachts teilweise zu hellen Apron finde ich den Airport übrigens super gelungen. Texturierung, Modelle, fps sind alle wunderbar und das umgebende mitgeliefernde Gelände mit vollständigem Autogen ist ja wirklich riesengroß. Vielen Dank für diesen wunderbaren Airport. Bernhard
  8. BernhardS

    Mega Airport LEBL Prof, Helligkeit P3Dv4

    Genau............. das gleiche Problem habe ich auch. Trotz dyn. Beleuchtung sind die Flugzeuge relativ dunkel angestrahlt, während der Apron extrem hell leuchtet. Das sticht sich total (P3DV4.1). Im Gegensatz dazu passt es bei Mega Airport Heathrow optimal, dort ist alles viel ausgewogener beleuchtet. Bernhard
  9. BernhardS

    Runway really bright lights. Is it normal?

    With my settings this is London Heathrow: and with the same settings Stuttgart: That's a significant difference. So it depends mostly in the creating or the sort of the ground.bgl. Those much too bright apron, taxiway and runway are also the same in Frankfurt. Bernhard
  10. BernhardS

    Runway really bright lights. Is it normal?

    Oliver, he says that the ground is much to bright during night. apron and taxiways shine very bright, although there is no light source. If you look at the new EGLL Pro there it is much better, only those ground parts are bright where a light source is. Your texture fixes don't change the ground. Bernhard
  11. BernhardS

    Twin otter extended and F1 GTN

    I have purchased the Twin Otter a long time ago. But I would pay with pleasure an extra fee for an upgrade of the Twin Otter with integration of the wonderful GTN 750. Bernhard
  12. BernhardS

    Malaga Installer don't ask for SODE

    The patch for the non-installed SODE jetways works for me without any problem. Thanks
  13. BernhardS

    Mega Airport Prague - advisory thread

    Sorry to say this: It would be best to never ever change files in the autogen folder!!!!!!!! That's all shit, coz there is no standard in changing this files and it's impossible for a user to keep files up tp date in this folder. Every developer change things here at whim without thinking about the consequences. Bernhard
  14. BernhardS

    Twin otter extended and F1 GTN

    +1 for GTN integration!
  15. BernhardS

    Unrealistic Tinted Windows

    I have the same opinion as "kannwar". The human eye in reallife has great abilities to compensate "faults" in windows, as tint or dust. After some time human eyes doesn't see those things, they blend them out. But the monitor doesn't have such ablities, so excessive tint is always a problem and it doesn't makes simflying more real, but it makes it more unpleasent. A bad example is the Do27 of Marcel Felde. The windows are so much tinted (maybe coz of the aging of the plastic material of the windows), that it is (for me) very unpleasent to fly the plane. So I changed the texture to delete those tints. For sure the human eye can wipe of most of those tints in the real aircraft. So it would be a good option to disable excessive tinted windows! Bernhard