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  1. Hans, I have the same problem unable to change any leg restrictions. When you say you have fixed it, will there be an update for this? Thanks Keith
  2. Is there a setting to allow the altitude selector know increment in 1000 feet steps rather than 100s. I have searched the manuals but cant find any reference to this. Thanks Keith
  3. Is there a way to change the zoom displays to a different size? I know I can use the mouse and drag the boxes to make them larger but I would like to make them larger by default Many thanks Keith
  4. drayton_k

    Windshear warning clearing

    Thanks Hans. It didnt clear and it was there all the way to destination. No worries though I can live with it..
  5. Hi, can someone tell me how I can clear the flashing Windshear Warning message on the PFD please. I have looked everywhere but cannot seem to clear it. Thanls Keith
  6. drayton_k

    P3D Not responding

    Hans, I think it was the legs page. I'm just trying it again and will enter the whole flight plan before I depart, then I will enter a new waypoint into the plan later and test.
  7. drayton_k

    P3D Not responding

    P3D V 4.3 29. 25520 Latest version using update From runway 04 EGSS CLN4S, departed fine and then tried to enter KOK just before reaching CLN. Thanks Tom
  8. I have just brought the CRJ and doing a short test flight and when entering a new waypoint P3D stops responding and I have to kill the sim. Not a good start I must admit ! I started from EGSS and just entered the SID first, flew the departure fine then tried to enter KOK as the next new waypoint and the sim froze. Can anyone help at all?
  9. drayton_k

    Interested in purchasing

    I have always updated my P3D to newer versions using only the Client installer and I have never had a problem with the Airbus or any other addons. I dont think you will too if you follow the instructions by LM
  10. drayton_k

    Your best Screenshot

    Munich bound skirting the storms Enroute Departure from LGZA Greece
  11. drayton_k

    Somebody tested Win7

    Yes me too, Windows 7 is running the bus like a dream.
  12. Do you mean that there are no images showing for the aircraft within the livery manage for the A319's? If so I have the same problem, the A318 is fine. After checking the livery folders there are no thumbnail images for any of the 319's.
  13. drayton_k

    No PED message

    AH right, great thanks Fragged....
  14. drayton_k

    No PED message

    HI, I have a message on the upper ECAM screen saying NO PED in green. Can anyone tell me what this is? Thanks Keith
  15. drayton_k

    PFD and ND Never initialize

    Hi, I have set the ADIRU's to NAV and initialised the MCDU with departure and arrival airport but the PFD and ND never initialise properly. They still show ATT and HDG map not avail all the time. I have started from C&D cockpit by the way. Please ignore have now sorted it!