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  1. So I've spent entirely too much time on this livery. Months to be exact.
  2. It's been awhile since I announced this addon back in August. RL and the Military has kept me pretty busy lately, but I thought I'd provide a update of where I am and where the addon is going. Most of the UI is complete and togglable in the sim allowing a lot of adjustments on the fly. The majority of the lens flare assets are complete and implemented, though I'm looking to include a few more if I can get around to creating them. I've added a slider to the UI so the user can select the intensity, density, and opacity of the Lens Dirt and Debris effects. It can also be turned off completely if you so desire. I have included some external shading effects, however, I'm still unsure if these are something I'll include at all. There are already a lot of injectors out there (ReShade, ENB etc) and FSVE isn't one of them. Most importantly though, I've implemented the Jet and Prop Blast effects. More or less. These effects throw/spray water, snow, and debris on the camera lens when it's placed behind a aircraft when thrust is applied. This aspect is slow going as it requires a lot of time tweaking configs and effects in the SDK and other programs. Jet and Prop Blast Effects WIP. Link fixed. New Screenshots.
  3. A319 - Ryanair

    I like the 73 and all, but to me, it's a particularly ugly aircraft. So yeah, I do think it looks better on the 319.
    Beautiful livery mate. Well done!
  4. A319 - Ryanair

    Did they remove all of the seats forcing passengers to stand and are they charging for lavatory use? Seriously though, there was talk about a possible purchase of the A319 several years ago as a replacement to their 73-2's. Still, ugh.... Ryanair.
  5. The thumbnails are still broke. Aerosoft really needs to fix the download section. Great livery though.
  6. Decided to retex the ground equipment via the DDS file. It sort of works, but without a actual layered PSD, I'm pretty limited in what I can do just via MLTP. On top of that, PMDG mirrored the majority or the textures, so it's pretty limited in what you can and can't do.
  7. The nose striping is causing some considerable headaches. The model has some poor tri's on the nose section, it's inconsistent throughout and at times appears amateurish modeling wise, like they took shortcuts. Still plugging along though.