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    Repaint request
  2. Default FSX Image Default FSX Image
  3. Long time going, but I've started work on it again after a lengthy hiatus. I'm still working on the camera debris and weather effects, this is what is taking the most time with regards to development. All of the following images are in 4K. Bare Essentials - Minimal Options Activated CineEssentials - Cinematic Options Activated CineStyle - Cinematic Options and Camera Grunge Activated
  4. PMDG P-8 AGS (Airborne Ground Surveillance) WIP.
    No idea what Christian Samuels is talking about, but a texture set has nothing to do with any of his supposed problems. Why he gave you a 3 Star rating is beyond me.
  5. Swiss Livery is uploaded and can be found here.
  6. It's for a VA. Whether or not they end up using it is anyone's guess. Working on the new TNT livery that I started a couple of months ago but never got around to completing.
  7. DetCord

    Repaint request

    Holgi did a whole slew of Airbus House Liveries. These are just a few. The search function works just fine for me...
  8. DetCord

    Repaint request

    Recent uploads and updates. We're not even close to a release let alone in the realm of livery requests. Also, this topic is for the 318-321, not the unreleased 330.
  9. While John works the 320/321 angle, I'm finishing up the last (potentially) of the 319's. A 319, 320, and 321 are supposed to receive a One World livery, however, it's unclear which ones and when, but they are on the docket. So, in the mean time, I slapped the current OW livery on the latest 319 to have been delivered. If and when it changes, the file will be updated.
  10. DetCord

    Repaint request

    The majority of the ones receiving the retrofit are the late 2009-Present production models. However, this doesn't exclude some of the earlier versions either. A Hard retrofit will cost the greatest amount of time and cash as most of the wing will need to be modded to accept the sharklets, which would be the case for the pre-2009/MSN 2500 serials. It only takes about 15 days to do this but a cost analysis has to be performed to determine if it's actually worth it money and downtime wise. That said, any 320/321 can be retrofitted if it is in the MSN 1200 or later range. That's a aircraft produced between the year 2000 and now. As for AAL, only a certain number of 320 CFM's will receive the sharklets while the IAE's will not as most of them are scheduled for retirement.
  11. Thanks mate. These were requested a long time ago and I never quite got around to getting them done until recently. Top five in the list.
  12. True enough on that Nice! I don't recognize the jet blast deflector. What airport is that? And I take it that's Steve's AeroLogic livery, right?
    No idea how I missed this one. Well done mate.
  13. Not easy. I did the testing for him before he released them and the reference material is pretty bare. Most of the photos are old and low-res, while almost no data exists for the color patterns. He spent a loooooong time on them.
  14. Nah mate, it's John's livery. His World Tail liveries are awesome.
  15. Top is FlyTampa LOWW and the bottom is FlyTampa EKCH.