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  1. Repaint request

    Search function...
  2. I have to say the new screenshots and totally revamped UI look great. Especially the hanger.
  3. Stunning screens, mate!
  4. Neither here nor there and certainly not applicable. At the time frame you're referencing, games and sims in general were far, far more simple. Now however, the engines, mechanics, visuals, systems, and a plethora of other facets have increased in not only magnitude but complexity as well. Quashing bugs and rooting out the miscreant code took days and weeks back in the day, and could be fixed by incremental patches of 500MB or so. And people screamed about those file sizes as well. We balk at a DL of that size these days. Now it takes months and even years. As an example, Battlefield 2 has a sum total of 15 IMC or impact registries while BF4 has well over 150. Food for thought on that. People have this ridiculous view that as technology progresses it eases the workload on developers and that is simply not true.
  5. Couldn't agree with this sentiment more. As a part-time contracted developer that has worked on some fairly major titles for PC and Console over the past few years, I can tell you first hand that you'll never, ever, remedy every issue and bug right out the door on the street date. Attempting to do so will always leave your product in a state of perpetual development.
  6. Stunning mate. Loved the track choice.
  7. Brussels International preview

    Welcome to the wonderful world of FS/Game Development... The models and textures look great by the way!
  8. Copyrighted image removed. Do not upload photos that are not your IP.
  9. Does it have extinguisher flex?
  10. Just checked. Both versions installed perfectly fine for me.
  11. Agreed. I'm keeping an open mind concerning the whole thing.
  12. Repaint request

    Found one you were looking for!
  13. Repaint request

    John is on a Asia kick as of late. Maybe he'll take that one up?
  14. My standards have been set by the 318-319 with regards to this and future Aerosoft releases. This is probably why I'm so dismissive of the BBS bird. It's crap though, like seriously. Just awful. Still, as far as a well rounded product goes, Aerosoft has it in the bag as far as I'm concerned. They've set the standard in a great many areas, especially with regards to textures, paint-kits (Thank you Stefan!), and optimization. As it stands now, no one does it better. Even the likes of PMDG could learn quite a bit from the Aerosoft Development Process.
  15. I bought the BBS 330 on a whim this week... I've never been so disappointed in my entire life with regards to a purchase. After the 318-321, I know Aerosoft will be on point for the 330.
  16. a321 cfm frontier

    I'll leave Frontier to Holgi and flynryan692. As for contacting them, you can certainly try. I've had great success with the likes of KLM, American, SAS, and TNT. But for every yes I receive I get 5 no's.
  17. Repaint request

    Shoot araig a message via PM. If he hasn't already started on those I'm sure he might consider it. His stuff for the retro merge is great.