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  1. The nose striping is causing some considerable headaches. The model has some poor tri's on the nose section, it's inconsistent throughout and at times appears amateurish modeling wise, like they took shortcuts. Still plugging along though.
  2. Still quite a bit to do and fix. But it is coming along.
  3. Started a proper KLM for PMDG. Still very much a WIP.
  4. DetCord

    Repaint request

    Last Brussels livery is updated. Lowered the dirt opacity.
  5. Recent livery uploads. Not great screens, but they came out okay.
  6. DetCord

    Repaint request

    OO-SNF Updated.
  7. DetCord

    Repaint request

    Now worries. UPDATES! I've been going over some of my older liveries and have found some glaring issues and problems, specifically with the Star Alliance ones. I made a few mistakes, forgot some things, but most of all was the dirt level for both of them. They looked like they'd landed in Dubai and had then gone off-roading in the dunes. They were really, really dirty. So amongst other issues, I lowered the dirt opacity to around 50% for both.
  8. DetCord

    Repaint request

    Airbus A319 IAE Sharklets (Retrofit) British Airways G-DBCK.
  9. DetCord

    Repaint request

    I haven't done a livery in awhile, but as with everything Dutch, I have to get it done. WIP
  10. Sydney Panorama. It's 10336x3573px, so it's huge. Beware the load times. Looking for a place that will host pan-able images, no luck thus far. Panorama link!
  11. SAR outside Tromsø.
  12. DetCord

    4096px HD Virtual Cockpit preview

    Because they made a conscience decision from a design standpoint to attempt to keep the VAS usage, in every aspect to the Buses, to a minimum. Which is something I applaud them for. That said, I certainly think a modification like this has it's place. I'd like to get my hands on it to take a look at updating my liveries with the option of using either the default flight deck textures or ones in 4K.
  13. Completely revamped the aerial refueling platform and guides. Might have to darken it up though, it looks a little on the light side even though it's using the USAF Grey RGB's.
  14. DetCord

    Repaint request

    The new Alitalia livery just wouldn't work, period. It's only a 1K paint kit, the signatures would be so blurred that they'd look like dirt smudges at the scale they'd need to be.
  15. Yeah, it was certainly a pain in the ass.
  16. Wanted to do a 777 in a Mil Livery as it was once/is maybe considered as a potential replacement to a couple of airframes. Created a custom bump and spec map to give it a mid-air refueling texture. It's not as good as a doing it via the 3d model, but it works.