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  1. Got a high-res version of that one, Patrik? If so, I'll add it to the community screen of the week here next week.
  2. A month ago, I contact American Airlines requesting any help they could provide in producing a entirely accurate reproduction of their colors currently in use. Needless to say, I didn't expect them to return my email, but they did. They provided the hex codes, RGB's, samples and even aircraft schematics detailing where the 20 different colors (yeah, 20!) are painted. I had to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement stating that I would never reveal or provide any of the materials in a public manner, something I was wary of to begin with. Needless to say, this is the most in-depth and time consuming paint I've ever done. Preview images
  3. Aerosoft Airbus EU ATC Replacement

    Updated. Added UK Center tracks. Removed 7zip requirement. Reduced file size for Tower 3.
  4. Beautiful screenshot, mate!
  5. Some VA Stuff

    Sorry mate, don't have the funds for that.
  6. Some VA Stuff

    Wasted entirely too much time on this project. I blame the massive Flight Sim Reddit upvotes. For those that wanted the AS 320/321 versions, they're complete and included. Also included is the 777-200LR for PMDG that was requested as well as two freighter versions. Both Freighter versions can be installed side-by-side. This was done due to even voting with regards to the logo, so I optioned both. The three PMDG liveries contain airframe specifications that will be loaded when installing via the Ops Center. The Aerosoft and PMDG liveries are bundled. Made more sense that way. Happy flying.
  7. Repaint request

    Since people were asking for it.
  8. Who made this poster

    Where were you? Always been intrigued by the Cold War and the potential for a conflict and inevitable nuclear escalation. I was stationed at Wiesbaden for a short time before they rotated the rest of 1ID back to Riley. Came back with a sign circa 1983 from the Helmstedt checkpoint. Found it in a Bundeswehr/U.S. Army warehouse.
  9. Some VA Stuff

    Thanks gents. For those of you that wanted them.
  10. Can't find fsx.exe

    Just moved it? Like you simply manually copied the file/file structure from one drive to another? If that's the case, then no wonder. You've negated any registry entries it might have had and no longer has a pathing directory.
  11. Who made this poster

    Yep, earned it in Afghanistan and it carried over. It's also mil grade explosive, one I've worked closely with in my military career and directly relates to my current MOS. Though yours obviously references Airborne or Para's in what ever Armed Forces you served in. Never attended that school myself. I ended up at Air Assault at Campbell. As for airborne ops, the idea that someone else packs your chute has always kinda terrified me...
  12. Who made this poster

    As for the poster, I can think of a few things to get worked up over. None of which has anything with Aerosoft advert. Grab a beer or something, mate. I'm going to reply simply because I like your username. Sounds oddly familiar to another one...
  13. LH Virtual Nonstop You

    Beautifully done mate! Too bad KLM Virt has requested your work.
  14. Yeah mate. It's a fictional airline concept for myself. I was considering it as a VA, however, I simply haven't the cash for that kind of venture. You can see the entire thing here and here.
  15. Repaint request

    Holgi's livery works perfectly well in the current version following the steps mentioned by John.