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  1. Extremely satisfied. The performance went up as well. As with any Steam game you have to login, obviously. But you can put it in offline mode and use whatever MP tools or servers you want.
  2. I'm on the Steam version. No issues with any of the AS scenery that I have, and I have quite a bit of it. Sometimes you have to manually add it after a install, but it works perfectly.
  3. DetCord

    Cant get Airbus to work

    That's just odd though. I wonder if permissions, localization, and FLE ownership changed with the Anniversary update? Probably did. Now MS is telling you what programs you can and can't run.
  4. DetCord

    Cant get Airbus to work

    There are some upcoming games I want that are Win10 only, which kinda makes me wanna conduct the upgrade, but nah. I'm holding off until PCWorld releases their official report on all the hidden nonsense at the end of the year. Did you ever read what that IP/Contracts Attorney wrote about it?
  5. DetCord

    Cant get Airbus to work

    Which is one of the many reasons I dumped Win10 and all its intrusive monitoring software MS tossed in. The Anniversary Update is by far the worse though, at least going by recent news. And Cortana? Forget that noise. Everything about that OS is awful, not to mention Orwellian.
  6. Yeah, I dumped 10 and went back to 7.
  7. DetCord

    Brussels International preview

    Really looking forward to this. Thanks for all the hard work!
  8. DetCord

    Cant get Airbus to work

    It is what is as they say. I don't have P3D installed anymore, went back to FSX. Still, P3D uses the same APP Data/Roaming/whatever hidden folder sets that FSX does, so if you are going to do a complete uninstall, you should follow this. Else you're just keeping all of the old addon related files and entries regardless if its a new install, and the errors will still appear. There is also a sim folder in Program Data that has a bunch of scenery related files (SceneryCache, SceneryIndexs, etc) in it that you should delete as well. Should resemble the screenshot. People have reported issues with Win10, but it varies with every user. Thanks for the compliment matey.
  9. DetCord

    Cant get Airbus to work

    That's crazy man. I don't know where to start with that. Before you burn out and format your current sim install, have you tried uninstalling the Bus itself and removing the CFG and associated DLL entries? Might wanna give that a go before you start from the ground up. I know what a absolute pain that is.
  10. You have no idea? DX10 is either enabled in the graphics settings menu or it isn't. If it's not, then its running with the DX9 RTE and that update (KB2670838) isn't applicable. You might be better off simply uninstalling FSX completely and starting over. Before that however, I'd remove the last three addons you installed. There are too many issues with the vast majority of freeware out there. Primarily because a lot of them were developed for FS9 and ported over to FSX, hence the multitude of sim and system compatibility issues. I'm guessing one of these may have caused this problem.
  11. That DLL is a RTM/RTE associated error. Are you running in DX10 or 9? Open Control Panel, Uninstall a Program, View installed updates, and type the KB into the search bar just to make sure.
  12. Have you recently installed any freeware addons?
  13. Here's what I've been working on for a couple of months now off and on.
  14. DetCord

    Repaint request

    It's been requested, several times in fact. The problem is the complete lack of hi-res, non-photo logo imagery.
  15. If they had gone or intended to go that direction with the 330 and the previous 318/321 product lines then most certainly, yes. But they didn't, they instead provided a very well rounded and excellent addon (IMHO) at extremely reasonable price that included numerous variants and options. That doesn't take into consideration the additional applications and third-party inclusions like the fuel planner, RAAS, the virtual co-pilot, etc etc they provided at no additional cost. Let's be realistic here.
  16. Well, there is another one around. It's not very satisfactory though... Personal experience speaking.
  17. Guess I miss read something above. Oh well.
  18. Oh, so you guys are doing the PW turbines as well. Last I recall it was RR only. See, this is what happens when you don't read the updates very often. Does this mean I'm still in the loop to do those liveries we talked about several months back?
    Absolutely stunning work mate!
  19. Improved/higher-poly fuselage MDL? Shouldn't be that hard to increase the poly count. Though this is more superficial than anything else and would require a lot of liveries to be updated. Though whatever Aerosoft decides to do with regards to updates, don't go the FSL route when it comes to visuals. I can't believe they used a bunch of awful photo-textures that they cut and pasted from pictures as core components. Ugh. The VC is perfectly acceptable IMHO. I'm averaging 40-50+ FPS in the VC with the visuals pretty much maxed out all around. The cockpit textures are already at the lowest you can go at a 1K res, so there isn't anything to be done about that, nor would I want to. Emi for example completely redid the VC in 4K resolution for those with the rigs to handle it. A lot of this comes down to user-end hardware of course, so its kinda difficult to gauge.