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  1. Oh, so you guys are doing the PW turbines as well. Last I recall it was RR only. See, this is what happens when you don't read the updates very often. Does this mean I'm still in the loop to do those liveries we talked about several months back?
  2. Got a high-res version of that one, Patrik? If so, I'll add it to the community screen of the week here next week.
  3. DetCord

    Aerosoft Airbus EU ATC Replacement

    Updated. Added UK Center tracks. Removed 7zip requirement. Reduced file size for Tower 3.
  4. Beautiful screenshot, mate!
  5. DetCord

    Repaint request

    Since people were asking for it.
  6. Yeah mate. It's a fictional airline concept for myself. I was considering it as a VA, however, I simply haven't the cash for that kind of venture. You can see the entire thing here and here.
  7. DetCord

    Repaint request

    Holgi's livery works perfectly well in the current version following the steps mentioned by John.
  8. My understanding was that the entire fleet will have the new livery by 2017/18?
  9. The visuals overall look really dated. The one thing it has over the AS 318-321 is the external model. It has a far higher poly count, but that's it as far as visuals go.
  10. Is that my SAS Cargo livery?!

  11. DetCord

    Repaint request

    Search function...