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  1. DetCord

    eurocargo Q400F

    I keep forgetting there is a freighter version.
  2. DetCord

    Any Sign of Holger?

    It's been awhile since he's been around. Hope everything is okay with him.
  3. Thanks gents. Considering this is the second time I've won in three month period, I won't be entering again for awhile.
  4. Absolutely not. It has nothing to do with monitor sizes. A texture res is simply the resolution at which the textures have been mapped for. The higher the texture resolution, the more detailed it is. So, a 4K tex res will feature far more minute details and refinements. 4K, 2K, 1K, and so on are a FSX/P3D thing thanks to their ancient API's. Today's modern games for example feature individual textures, what ever they might be (eg. clothing, a gun, a building surface etc), in ranges from something as small as 112x112 to 9K or higher. To put it into perspective, here is a quick example I did. And yes, these are the actual sizes.
  5. That dude at :21 must be on PCP or something. That's a power walk if I've ever seen one! Great vid though, Jeroen.
  6. Next project after I finish rebuilding the paint kit from the ground up.
  7. Aerosim. I'm doing the 78 liveries as a placeholder until QW releases theirs.
  8. DetCord

    Annual poll on platform

    Went from P3D to FSX: Steam. To be perfectly honest though, the stats here among the user base are somewhat skewed by the forum user base itself. For clarity purposes. Pretty massive market there -
  9. Is that the Rotate MD-80?
  10. I prefer the blue myself as the green doesn't really scream Norway. Neither does the light blue for that matter.
  11. DetCord

    OVAP web conference this Saturday

    I'll be there.
  13. Yep. You guys, and by you guys I mean you Stefan, hand-jam everything on the textures with regards to the reference points. Which is the way it should be done, IMHO. Unlike another developer that plasters their model with awful photo-textures. I mean sure, you can read everything written on the exterior due to its 4K tex res, but it looks friggin' terrible. No idea why you got down-voted. My experience with them was exactly the same.
  14. DetCord