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    pitch trim

    Well I did not do that. I used the loadsheet and have attached the stepts that I took. As you see, the values from the fuelplanner were correctly passed on to the loadsheet in the 2nd MCDU and subsequently into the TO Perf page. I got no call "set" @ pitch trim up 0,3. So I played with the wheel, tried up 0,8 (default), got no call. turned down to 0,3, no call. Then, at up 0,2 I suddenly got a call.
  2. sorry for the repost of first half
  3. Jov

    pitch trim

    sorry I reposted the issue, because I could not find my post again ;o) I just did this flight (attachment) When the checklist comes to the point "pitch trim" I turn the wheel until I get "up 0,5 on the ECAM. There is no "set" call. I tried to move the wheel some more and back below the setting, No call.
  4. If I have to enter the pitch trim, I move the wheel so the value that comes from the fuelplanner (and i from the "perf" - page) is set, the checklist does not move forward. So what do I do except press "skip item"? At FL 100 the Pax signs have to be set. The checklist only accepts "off" although I believe "Auto" would also be a correct setting.
  5. I save company routes without runways and SID's and STAR's. After I insert a flightplan in the MCDU, there is a runway "preselected" and I cannot enter any SID in that mode. That is obviously "normal" because I detected that in the previous version also. My workaround is to enter another runway, insert and then enter the same runway again so I can select the SID. Is there a more elegant or proper way to deal with this situation?
  6. I have a clear reproducable error. The CL reaches "Pitch Trim" an I set the trim as calculated in the Fuel planner and also shown in the "Perf" page. However, I don't get a "set" call" so I have to skip the item.
  7. Thanks, that was it, it works now.
  8. I have this file in the Flightplan folder: [CoRte] ArptDep=LSGG ArptArr=EDDM Airway1=MOLUS Airway1FROM=LSGG Airway1TO=UN871 Airway2=DITON Airway2FROM=UN871 Airway2TO=T103 Airway3=OSDER Airway3FROM=T103 Airway3TO=EDDM And underneath you can find what it looks like in the Route editor. It is what I got from RouteFinder, the Syntax is correct and it is also - at least from my point of view correctly shown in the MCDU. Does the IRS have to be aligned b4 you make inputs in the INIT Page?
  9. Jov


    ok that explains it. Thanks.
  10. Hmm, I don't think there is a problem with the route. I can enter the route without any problems manually exactly the same way it is shown there. Excuse me, but what is SimBrief?
  11. Hi guys, I think you did a pretty good job on the new plane, I am getting the feel of it and have to get acquainted to some changes to the old Airosoft Airbus. It would be great to have a ND Popup to get a better view of where and so on. Also, when I undock one popup, say the MCDU and move it to another monitor, the sound of the sim is lost, when I do inputs on that MCDU. In other simulations all the windows are used as one platform and that would help, especially with the checklist feature, that I like a lot. I am looking forward to the 320!
  12. Jov


    In the Manuals there are two versions of the configurator pictured: Both have trhee tabs, the third one named either "Voice packs" or "voice packs & Lighting". Mine looks like the third picture. This meaning, I cannot select voice packs and thus not use the ones that I created. Although the manual says that that is possible.
  13. I am using P3D V4.3 and just updated the A318/319 via the updater. And I use Navigraph Data Cycle 1808 I start the company route editor and create and save a new route. Then I start the sim and in the Init page of the MCDU I enter the To/from values. MCDU shows the saved route and shows the entered routing. E.g.: LSGG MOLUS UN871 DITON T103 OSDER EDDM. I choose "Insert" and expect the flight plan to be in the flightplan page. But there are only departure and arrival airports, all the waypoints are missing and I have to insert the rounting once again manually. If I do that, everything works fine, the waypoints are calculated and windrequest works... How can I make the MCDU convert the company routes into waypoints?
  14. Jov

    CRJ No Battery Power?

    uninstalled all add-ons and then P3DV4. I deleted all files on the C: drive that related to either add-ons or the sim. And I deleted all sim Files and the installation folder on the installation-drive. I did not delete things like AS2016 Weather machine or FS-Commander as they are not intertwined with the sim. I did not re-install Windows. It seems that there were problems caused by either - a failed windows update (the last creators update) that is not supported by my mainboard (ASUS) - a BIOS Update of the mainboard - a FSDT Live Update which I performed in quick succession, so I do not know, when and what really started. First, the FSDT Airports did not show up anymore, then the installation of the CRJ failed and then, yesterday, one PMDG plane was not registered anymore and could not be registered or started. That's when I decided to do a clean install. On the machine is only the Simulator, basic Windows components (including Windows Defender) and Firefox installed, so interference with other programs is not likely.