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  1. I might misunderstand, but how does announcing the name of the sound pack developer say anything about whether the quality will be improved upon previous packs? Yes, TSS is known for high quality products, but quality may or may not change over time with developers! It could be a hundred times better, as good, or not as good (Unlikely) as the previous pack!
  2. With all due respect, why would anyone want an option on an aircraft that is not there in real life aircraft? Yes, some options are included for simulations sake that don't exist in the real thing, but those are nearly always included only when a realistic option is not practical or possible.
  3. Well that is how I expected it to work. Much like people can choose to disconnect the autopilot on aircraft by pressing the engage button, or moving the disengage bar (both incorrect), people can choose to transfer control with the button as well... (Of course, in the real world there is no need to press anything to transfer control normally, the other pilot simply needs to let go!
  4. Lets say through some miracle, I am in a connected flight deck with our friend Matt Davies. Matt being Matt, screws up. In the real Airbus, the other pilot can take over control by holding the AP disconnect button down for 30 seconds (I think? Maybe I am wrong?) to activate the priority feature. Now, instead of dooming our 250 passengers to Matts (humorous) incompetence (BTW, I love watching him! Hope he takes no offense!) wouldn't it be great if I had a simple realistic way to take over control from my partner? I could always switch from slave to master or vice versa in the right (Or in the A330s case, third) MCDU, but that is not quite realistic. It technically would be realistic to use the priority button for this purpose. Hang on, that's not what it does? I think I am confused....
  5. A while ago I had an idea: Would it be possible to model the stick priority button? It really should not be to much work to my knowledge, simply map the ap disconnect button to switch the pic. Technically, we already could take over control from a student with CFD in its current form, just not in a very clean or realistic way.
  6. Okay, I know I should not feed this unwanted conversation but I just have to say one thing: The FSL A320 VC is pretty bad, specially when it comes to texturing. But its great systems and sounds come close to making up for it. Now, can we talk about how lovely those A330 previews were?
  7. I don't think that's how the PA system works tbh... Watch any high quality cockpit video like the ones from Pilotseye, there is no feedback delay audible from the flightdeck.
  8. Of course it does! Looking at what an amazing project this is it will well be worth the wait! Maybe I am out of touch with the development process, but releasing a paintkit must surely imply a large amount of progress. Then again, we are likely close to release, but remember close is relative. To some, close to release is tomorrow. To others, close to release is a year
  9. Could this imply we are close to beta? If so the hype is real!
  10. No. Unfortunately current technology is not in place to allow a realistic denial of command. So no "I'm afraid I cannot do that". What is the point of SAL9000 without that important feature? They can add an audio clip, but what is the point of the audio if it does not actually do anything?
  11. No one knows... Many have tried to reach the answer, but failed. Legend has it the answer is in a far away land, over mountains, through dark forests, past Oceans. But beware! Non who have embarked on this quest have returned! With all due respect when have you ever needed this feature?
  12. The A330 is a very common plane, with the RR variant of the -300 that Aerosoft chose to model being the most common. However, due to the limitation of aircraft variant, finding routes is a tad bit harder. Of course, it is fairly easy to do, and there is nothing stopping you from loading a semi-fictional livery of an A330 operator who flies other variants, but I thought a fun way to pass the time until release would be to search for realistic routes and share them! Preferably routes you actually intend to fly, or routes you find particularly interesting. I would like to start with a few: LH 476 EDDM-CYVR (Summer) LH 598 (EDDF-OEJN-HAAB) SWR 14/16 (LZSH-KJFK) SWR 18 (LZSH-KEWR) Have fun flight finding!
  13. I would like to request the Airbus A380. As much as I love the A340, I doubt it would be an economically viable plane for Aerosoft as it is so rare. The A380 is also a quite rare plane, however, because it has the distinction of being the largest plane in the world. Look on any major Flight Simming Youtubers comment section, and you see requests for an A380 video. The A380 has managed to become quite iconic, being almost as easily identifiable to "normal" people as a 747! Aerosofts CEO as stated that Aerosoft would prefer the A350, as A380s are rarely seen on short routes, and few people have time for long hauls, but neither are A330s or A350s! If there is nothing stopping someone from putting an A330 on a route it normally wouldn't fly because they lack time, I doubt there is anything wrong with flying an A380 on a shorter route! Of course, the A380 will be very difficult to develop, being so complex, but so would the A350. Best of luck on the A330, and all your future projects! Whatever they me be
  14. You have given me inspiration for an Oscar winning film: The epic quest of a lone Flight Simmer for the legendary "Release date!" He will endure hardships he has never been able to dream of before, only to find out that what he really was looking for was love...
  15. I love this idea of observers being able to join the flight crew if the FO is away. Think of the possibility's! Specially at some Virtual Airlines! We might finally be able to simulate crew rest breaks WITHOUT endangering the lives of 200+ people Is the FO able to leave and act as an observer? Would it be possible to password protect a session? I am assuming now that this is server side, we do not need to worry about "CFD groups"?