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  1. I to, would like to see the LGBT community more represented
  2. EDDF Professional vs EDDF V2

    Is there a way to lock a topic you made? I feel this may lead to drama.
  3. EDDF Professional vs EDDF V2

    Personally I doubt it. But oh well. I should add that the difference between the mentioned airport and Mega Airport EDDF is exactly 10 cents.
  4. EDDF Professional vs EDDF V2

    Well even before V4 the airport was much higher quality then EDDF. The upgrade to V4 was completely free. Thank you for your explanation Oliver. Even if this is how capitalism works, I completely disagree with the idea of raising prices for no reason other then to raise prices.
  5. EDDF Professional vs EDDF V2

    EDDF is an airport I frequently fly to and from, both in the real world and in sim. Therefor, despite me completely disagreeing with Aerosofts decision to raise the price for the Mega Airports line, I got it. (A certain dev with a wonderful KSFO managed to make their scenery fully compatible and take advantage of new V4 features without an update charge. But that is a dead horse I do not want to beat anymore.) I am fully aware that the new airports are not in fact simply new installers, but rather new products with new features. However, maybe I am dumb (I do not say that with snark or excessive sarcasm) but I have not been able to notice any major new features. I have looked for a changelog but have not been able to find one. Would anyone be so kind as to provide a full changelog for the scenery? With regards, thanks in advance.
  6. Ridiculous System Requirements for EDDF P3D V4

    Thank you. And apologies for coming off so harsh.
  7. Ridiculous System Requirements for EDDF P3D V4

    8 GB+ is RECOMMENDED. However, Aerosoft lists 8 GB as MINIMUM.
  8. Why on EARTH does this scenery need 8 GB OF VRAM! Quite frankly, in quality it is very very average. I can name tens of sceneries that are higher quality then EDDF that do not have such outrageous requirements. You basically limited this product to only your customers who have top of the end PCs. I am honestly unable to justify spending 400 dollars on a GTX 1070 when I can get a 6 GB 1060 running nearly as well. Is 8 GB truly a minimum?
  9. Why on earth would you want to preorder it? I don't think these questions are generally answered in the software development business: So much can go wrong when least expected.
  10. Jeez it was a joke people! I was referring to comments such as ones about nipples becoming hard.
  11. Can I ask why so many people seem to literally worship this A330? I mean, I respect your choices! As an American the 1st amendment is dear to my heart. But...
  12. Will all due respect Mathijs , I seriously doubt that one feature is worth 50 dollars.
  13. Discussion about the next Aerosoft Airliner Product after 2018

    At this point, I don't see a single Airbus aircraft Aerosoft could realistically do, and as it has been said the Boeing market is covered. I would agree with others that an E-Jet series would be a good decision.
  14. Funny how someone downvoted that completely helpful and useful answer.