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  1. I realize this isn't a tech advice forum but is 6 GB GTX 1060 a serious gpu?
  2. Ah okay I grossly misunderstood you sorry. I thought you were saying that the 747 engine start up is inaudible from the flight deck.
  3. You said that you do not understand what is so special about realistic sounds. Also, having spoken to real 744 pilots, I can tell you this is not accurate.
  4. Sounds make quite a large difference in a product. Are you saying that should Aerosoft simply ship the A330 with the default msfs airliner sounds it would be fine? Doesn't the A320 already have something like this?
  5. Well as much as I would want an A340 Mathijs quite plainly said that Aerosoft does not expect to see a good A340 in the market anytime soon, leaving only the A320 NEO. Honestly I'm not too excited for that one, but I am sure to fly her anyway!
  6. Forgive me for bringing this up again, but that leaves very very few options for the A3xx project you guys are planning...
  7. And the "X-Plane version" you saw was a different plane entirely, made by JARDesign, and is being distributed by Aerosoft. That plane has nothing to do with this A330. While I am at it, I should add that I do not think anyone at Aerosoft have plans to bring this A330 to X-Plane. (I wish I was wrong about this though )
  8. Have you ever used one though? In the world of X-Plane, Virtual Cabins are considered standard, and yet not too many people I have found use them, with the exceptions of wingviews. In MSFS, a Virtual Cabin is very likely to be a huge FPS killer, and thus probably isn't worth it. I am sure it would be nice though, just not THAT nice...
  9. Your username is very inappropriate for a forum of a developer that mostly makes Airbus aircraft. Oh, can I share the Oreo?
  10. Just a fun unrelated fact: FMC is actually the term for the software: Basically, the operating terms. The actual hardware interface is referred to as a CDU, (On Airbus the MCDU)!
  11. Sorry, but when Airbus themselves still have not built a single one of these planes, how on earth is Aerosoft supposed to reverse engineer one for us?
  12. Here is another one (For those who don't get it, this is the Stage One booster of a Saturn V. So I guess you could call it the Alpha stage...)
  13. Correct me if I am wrong but wouldn't that flight need delivery tanks? (Which I am fairly sure you guys are not modelling...)
  14. It would be nice to see, but if Aerosoft don't do it I am sure one of our talented third party repainters will do it for us!
  15. I disagree. Whilst the previous livery was very nice, I felt it looked more like something a special livery would be. WIth the exception of the bandit stripe and black titles, I personally almost prefer this livery.