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  1. That's a very nice model! But what can we expect from the systems? Are they going to be very detailed like the lovely Twotter or is this more a "medium" aircraft?
  2. Flying my TurbineDuke from Memmingen into the beautiful Saanen airport in Switzerland. It was a nice and uneventful flight. Have to repeat that!
  3. When the sun is turning the flight deck into a room full of warm colours...These moments are just magical. (Please click on the picture to enlarge it)
  4. Really nice shot @AirbusLover Love the atmosphere!
  5. It works indeed. But you can't get the ATIS of every ATC, EDWW_W_CTR for example does not work as it does Not fit into the scheme "XXXX / YYY". XXXX has to be replaced by an ICAO Code and YYY by "TWR", "GND" or "APP".
  6. The FSLabs Airbus does model this. You can enter for example "EDDF / TWR" and you will receive the ATIS of Frankfurt Tower (only tested it on IVAO).
  7. Then my congrats to the one who won the bet (...if there was any)!
  8. You have to visit aerosoft.DE but now aerosoft.COM is also possible. Maybe they have changed it now. And my mentioned links are gone. What a pity.
  9. I have just noticed a few interesting links on the temporary webpage If you click on "Downloadshop" in the header you will be redirected to "" and if you click on "Forum" you will be redirected to "". Is this maybe a hidden hint or something like that? With greetings, Superbus21
  10. Thanks, that's REX4 indeed! The texture set is called "Set 07 October".
  11. @Stillwater Nice shot! ----------------------------------------------- Flying with my new FSLabs A320 from the new Hamburg. Really nice aircraft although I miss the shared cockpit and the automatic checklists.
  12. Schau mal unter: "C:\Users\*Dein Benutzername*\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX" Da liegt deine fsx.cfg
  13. Congratulations DetCord! The moment I saw your pic I knew you would win! May I ask whether you took this picture a while ago or for this contest?
  14. Do you also need the FSX for testing or why do you have it installed?
  15. Completely happy with my Prepar3D v3. I am not sure right now wether I want to change to v4 in the future or not. But we will see.