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  1. Hello, I have a strange problem with the CRJ doors since the latest update to v1.0.1. I am using a program (FSCaptain) that monitors the state of aircraft doors using Lvars. Until the latest update this worked perfectly fine. However, in 1.0.1 that program does not recognize the door status anymore. I checked that the Lvars are still the same and take the same values. I also reinstalled the previous CRJ version and the program worked fine again. What could have changed in 1.0.1 that would cause such a problem? I could imagine that the CRJ now triggers some standard signals as well, which may confuse the other program, but I am just speculating. Any insight into what has changed would be very helpful. Thanks and best regards, Peter
  2. Version

    Hello Hans, thanks for this great model and the update. I just checked it out: the issue that external programs like GSX and FSCaptain do not recognize the door status anymore, and which has been introduced between v 1.0.0 and 1.0.1, is still there. I wonder what you have changed back then. Peter
  3. Some bugs maybe..

    Just a tiny insignificant bug: the CRJ 900 checklist BombardierCRJ900_check.htm refers to the CRJ 700 (twice, pretty much at the top of the document) Also, the weights for station_load.X in aircraft.cfg appear not to match the (max) values given in the CRJ Manager. Peter
  4. Hi, I recently bought the Trier-Koblenz route for TS2017 and really like it, except for one issue: in the scenario IC 132 from Koblenz to Trier, the train always stops approximately 13 km before Cochem. I have read the manual, tried to disable/acknowledge PZB and whatever other systems I could think of, but the train nevertheless comes to a halt and cannot be put into motion anymore. There is an audio warning when this happens, but I cannot understand what it says (slice licorice?). I do not speed and all signals are solid green, so I am really at a loss. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Peter
  5. Will SIMstarter NG work with P3D v4 ?

    I'm just wondering what the definition of "imminent" may be Peter
  6. Just to make you aware of it: the US mirror still has the old version of Oslo. And please don't close threads so quickly, this thread would not have been necessary if the other one on the same topic would still be open. Peter
  7. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    I can only provide you with a tiny market research: I would buy an Aerosoft A380 right away, even if I knew that not everything is perfect. I would assume that the systems in an A380 are not too far off those in other Airbuses as far as the work of the crew is concerned. If we would get a half-decent A380 with the right weights and reasonable (if not perfect) flight dynamics, it would still be waaay better than what is available right now. I wouldn't buy such a plane for $120, but certainly at a typical Aerosoft price range. Peter
  8. Hi, it appears I only can download v1.01 but not the latest version. I tried both the North American and the European server. I bought the scenery directly from Aerosoft during the recent conference sale. Help would be appreciated. Thanks, Peter
  9. German Airports 2 - 2012 v 1.02 not available

    Thanks Aleksey, that worked like a charm. Peter
  10. German Airports 2 - 2012 v 1.02 not available

    Hi Tom, thanks for the clarification. I don't have links to the individual installer in my account, but maybe it will just take a while until this is set up. I am in no rush. Best regards, Peter
  11. What a coincidence! I am a WP too: a WCRJP Peter
  12. Hans, in your motto, I get the FKATD part (formerly known as the Dude, I suppose), but what does WP stand for? His new alias would imply FD, so I guess it's something else? Peter
  13. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Understood. But I will nevertheless start right now holding my breath, albeit not for the A330 Peter
  14. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    You mean, more activity like more pictures, liveries, videos. manuals? Like what currently happens in the CRJ forum? Peter
  15. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Thanks for your response Mathijs, I was forgetting about all the investments you guys are making when developing airport sceneries, for instance. It is good to know that these license fees are not too high. Peter
  16. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    License fees are one factor that PMDG sometimes mentions why their planes are so expensive, especially for P3D. Does this new development mean that Aerosoft Airbuses will become more expensive as well? And are there any tangible benefits from being officially licensed, such as access to AOMs or support when modelling a plane, or access to a professional training market? Peter
  17. Junkers Ju52/3M

    Nice job. Another Aerosoft plane that I will probably buy right after release Peter
  18. Afd folder issues in P3D 3.4

    Hi, I had problems with parking positions in a variety of Aerosoft sceneries (EDLP, German regional airports) and found on the forum that one should also enable the Afd folder in scenery.cfg. For some reason P3D didn't like this folder, I could never add it to the list of installed sceneries. I was able to fix my problems by copying the AF_xx.bgl files in that folder to the respective scenery folders for each airport, but I wanted to let you know that there are some minor issues. Best, Peter
  19. Afd folder issues in P3D 3.4

    Hi Mathijs, you were right, I didn't run P3D in admin mode, and that did the trick. It is strange, though, that I had no issues when adding the actual Aerosoft airport directories manually. I now have added the Afd directory and removed the files that I copied. Thanks for your help, Peter
  20. I am getting all giddy Somehow I never had the pleasure to use these stairs as a real pax, they (Air Canada, mostly) always attached a jetway. But to be frank, I prefer simulated flights anyway Peter
  21. Afd folder issues in P3D 3.4

    Hello Mathijs, I open World->Sceneries in P3D and add the Afd directory to the list of sceneries. P3D then reloads scenery objects as usual, but there is no change (i.e., I still cannot select any gates or ramps). When I reopen World->Sceneries the Afd entry is completely gone. I have tried that several times, but the entry is always removed. There are no issues with the actual airport folders (Weeze X etc). Happy Easter, Peter
  22. Great work! However, the plane has a serious flaw: it is not yet on my hard drive Thanks for sharing the video Frank, Peter
  23. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Hi Tyrone, I can't tell from your response whether you realized that or not, but just to be on the safe side: my questions were just meant as a joke: I picked the two most commonly asked questions in this thread, which have already been clarified exhaustively. Cheers, Peter
  24. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    I am sure we can help here. Let me think of a few good questions... Aehhm, when will it be released? And will it have wing flex? You guys are doing an impressive job with the A330, I think that's the reason why the forum is so quiet. Peter
  25. Hi, I used to assign my control axes with FSUIPC and was quite happy about that. However, the new PMDG 747 does not cooperate very will with FSUIPC and I had to remove all axes assignments from FSUIPC.ini. Assigning axes in P3D 3.4 directly is fine with me, but I miss the option to have different axes assignments for different airplanes. I was wondering whether this could be managed in some way using Simstarter. Is there an option to associate different copies of Standard.xml (the controller file) with different profiles, for instance? Thanks, Peter