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  1. qqwertzde

    Updates not included in version 1.02?

    I think Michael is already considering such a panel, see http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/131791-dc-8-modeling-questions-and-some-suggestions/&do=findComment&comment=874491 Peter
  2. qqwertzde

    Nosedive tendency with AP engaged

    Will do, Peter
  3. qqwertzde

    Nosedive tendency with AP engaged

    Active Sky for P3D v4.
  4. qqwertzde

    Nosedive tendency with AP engaged

    I had a similar experience once. I think it was weather related, there was some turbulence at cruise altitude. In calm weather, the AP works flawlessly. Peter
  5. qqwertzde

    Some simulation questions

    But I suppose an engine may fail if you operate it in a very wrong way, e.g., by staying over max manifold pressure etc.? Peter
  6. qqwertzde

    Im considering getting this, just have a few questions.

    Hi Cyberstudio, 1) Cargo version is considered, but first Michael will work on the FSX version (source: this forum) 2) Almost all of the normal procedures are covered. The only plane I ever tried that kept me more busy than this one is the FSL Concorde. However, anything that is not normal procedure is not simulated. That irritated me a bit at first, but trust me, you get a lot to handle with this bird. 3) I suppose so, but someone from the developers should give you a more qualified response. 4) Yes, and well documented. See the link below. 5) http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/128149-douglas-dc-8-preview-released/&do=findComment&comment=874145 Peter
  7. qqwertzde

    Transponder ease of use

    Would it be possible to display the transponder code when the mouse hovers over the left transponder dial? Since the first digit is covered, I always have to change views in order to set the transponder. If the code would be displayed, that wouldn't be needed anymore. Thanks, Peter
  8. qqwertzde

    Some issues with aircraft.cfg

    Thank you, Michael. If I may, I would suggest to use the DC-8-50 ICAO code DC85 for atc_model. But whatever you will use will work for me. Cheers, Peter
  9. qqwertzde

    Nav lights Bug or issue

    FSCaptain monitors a variety of aircraft variables, so that it can determine whether you fly the plane according to the book. For instance, it monitors whether the Nav light is on when the aircraft is powered. For most aircraft, the standard Nav light signal in FSX/P3D suffices for this task. In some aircraft, the Nav light is implemented in a non-standard way and cannot be monitored. For the DC-8, the standard signal is recognized, but it has the opposite meaning (FSCaptain sees it as "on" when the switch is in the "off" position and vice versa. I simply was wondering whether this observation may explain some of the issues that other users reported. Best, Peter
  10. qqwertzde


    Thank yo Michael, this my be just what I have been looking for. Best, Peter
  11. qqwertzde

    Some issues with aircraft.cfg

    The following entries in aircraft.cfg create some issues with 3rd party addons for me. 1) the [general] section contains two conflicting lines, atc_model=DC8 and atc_model=DC-8 2) The payload stations look like station_load.0=0, 46.5, 0, 2.3 compared to the following entries for the CRJ: station_load.0=419,-21.3,0,-1 station_name.0="Pilots" This mean, the weight of all stations is zero and they don't have a name. Are you planning to change this in the future? If not, I suppose it is safe to edit these entries by myself? Thanks, Peter
  12. qqwertzde

    Nav lights Bug or issue

    I noticed that FSCaptain (a 3rd party add-on) thinks that the Nav light is on when it is off and vice versa. I.e., it recognizes the light, but interprets it the wrong way. Could it be that the variable is not set correctly? Peter
  13. qqwertzde


    The way the cargo doors work makes it difficult for 3rd party addons to check whether the cargo doors are open or not. Id there an Lvar associated with the doors? I couldn't find one. Thanks, Peter
  14. qqwertzde

    Fuel management tutorial

    Thanks, Triflyman, very helpful. One minor comment: your cheat sheet mentions cross-feed, but it appears these levers are not working.
  15. If I do not change the path, the installer puts the DC-8 into a subdirectory of Ecosystem\Aerosoft\MegaAirport Frankfurt\ Peter