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  1. I am actually surprised that Aerosoft is still considering creating a 32 bit version. If a user is happy using FSX, which is a 12 year old platform with many bugs and severe limitations, why would the same user not be happy flying the (less than?) 5-year old excellent A320 that Aerosoft already offers for FSX? And even if so, why not get an Airbus from another company? There are pricier and cheaper alternatives available. Given that market situation, investing in FSX appears not to make a lot of sense. Peter
  2. Keep us informed whether P3D 4.2 has solved the issues with the new A320.
  3. You mean, with all the rest of the VC you're just exploiting the weakness of our eyes? I won't be able to tell. My legs are grey, my ears are gnarled, and my eyes are old and bent. Peter
  4. Douglas DC-8 preview

    I love both ways of flying. VOR/NDB navigation is more challenging, especially in areas like Northern Canada where you often only have NDBs and large variations between magnetic and true course. Mastering this can be very rewarding and is one reason why I like old airliners. FMS on the other hand is great if I want to get something else done while I am flying. It might be a good idea to add these links to the manual, or if a user/beta tester posts a video about a VOR/NDB flight. Thanks for working on the DC-8, Michael. I am really looking forward to it. Peter
  5. Douglas DC-8 preview

    Seems like a lot of Aerosoft developers will be successful to get at my money this year Looks fantastic, I am really looking forward to this plane. Peter
  6. HDR light settings, PTA etc etc

    I actually like very much that LM added a kind of eye-adaption effect. If you first look on the instruments for a while and then out of the window, the scenery appears first very bright and the settles after 20 seconds or so. Certainly not extreme enough for the brightness above clouds, but a step in the right direction. Peter
  7. Changing the HGS clickspot

    I also support to change this. Mathijs, I had created another topic "Disable HUD?" on the same topic and you replied I should check on an existing topic. I had checked this before I created the topic, but I was searching for HUD, not HGS. I even searched in the CRJ manual to verify that HUD is the proper term, and it appears once in it (Vol1, specifically). If you hadn't closed the topic so quickly, I would have posted this explanation in the other thread. Peter
  8. Disable HUD?

    Hi, your CRJ is one of my favourite planes, but there is one thing that happens to me on almost every flight. I run P3D in windowed mode and often switch between different windows and the simulator. When I click on the simulator window to reset the focus on P3D, I usually click on some empty space, typically the windshield. However, in the CRJ, this is the click spot for the HUD. I never use the HUD, so for me it would be better if it could be completely disabled. It would also suffice if I could just disable the click spot on the windshield. Is that possible? Thanks, Peter
  9. Great idea How about Richard Branson for Air Asia liveries? Peter
  10. Hi Emmeth, maybe you meant "close attention"? The term "thick attention" sounds offensive ("thick" is sometimes used like "dumb" in English), but judging from the rest of your post it appears that this may not be what you intended?! Peter
  11. If you accomplish this I will switch VAs - as long as you tell me where to apply Peter
  12. How about producing one? I would love to see the difference to real world procedures and would be happy to pay for an instructional video. Peter
  13. Well, thew main reason like the rain effects is that finally the wipers are useful Peter
  14. Mega Airport Johannesburg preview

    This is an ex-FAORot Peter
  15. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Thanks Mathijs, that still gives me some hope . Even though they are now a bit dated, these regional airports are among my favorites. Peter