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  1. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Thanks Mathijs, that still gives me some hope . Even though they are now a bit dated, these regional airports are among my favorites. Peter
  2. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    That looks like a day-1 purchase for me Are there any plans to update other german regional airports as well? Peter
  3. I was too quick with my report: the problem with the doors is still there. However, it appears that everything works fin if one uses Dave to open/close the doors rather than Shift-E. Peter
  4. I have just tested the doors with the recent update 1.02. It appears the problem has been fixed. I have only one data point so far, but at least in that case the doors worked perfectly fine. Peter
  5. Update pending

    Hello Mathijs and Twincessna, this problem does not only affect GSX, but also FSCaptain. The status of the main door is wrongly recognized. FSCaptain wants the door to be closed during the flight, but I would have to fly with the door actually being open to do so. However, on my latest flight I may have discovered something: it appears that the main door status is correctly recognized when one uses Dave to open and close it. Normally I use Shift-E, and that method seems to be faulty. Peter
  6. Update pending

    No fix for the door issue (third party programs do not recognize the door status) that has been introduced in the last update? I love this plane and this issue is the only one that affects me on every flight. I was hoping it would be a quick fix since it wasn't there in the original release. Peter
  7. Version

    Hello Hans, thanks for this great model and the update. I just checked it out: the issue that external programs like GSX and FSCaptain do not recognize the door status anymore, and which has been introduced between v 1.0.0 and 1.0.1, is still there. I wonder what you have changed back then. Peter
  8. Hello, I have a strange problem with the CRJ doors since the latest update to v1.0.1. I am using a program (FSCaptain) that monitors the state of aircraft doors using Lvars. Until the latest update this worked perfectly fine. However, in 1.0.1 that program does not recognize the door status anymore. I checked that the Lvars are still the same and take the same values. I also reinstalled the previous CRJ version and the program worked fine again. What could have changed in 1.0.1 that would cause such a problem? I could imagine that the CRJ now triggers some standard signals as well, which may confuse the other program, but I am just speculating. Any insight into what has changed would be very helpful. Thanks and best regards, Peter
  9. Some bugs maybe..

    Just a tiny insignificant bug: the CRJ 900 checklist BombardierCRJ900_check.htm refers to the CRJ 700 (twice, pretty much at the top of the document) Also, the weights for station_load.X in aircraft.cfg appear not to match the (max) values given in the CRJ Manager. Peter
  10. Hi, I recently bought the Trier-Koblenz route for TS2017 and really like it, except for one issue: in the scenario IC 132 from Koblenz to Trier, the train always stops approximately 13 km before Cochem. I have read the manual, tried to disable/acknowledge PZB and whatever other systems I could think of, but the train nevertheless comes to a halt and cannot be put into motion anymore. There is an audio warning when this happens, but I cannot understand what it says (slice licorice?). I do not speed and all signals are solid green, so I am really at a loss. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Peter
  11. Will SIMstarter NG work with P3D v4 ?

    I'm just wondering what the definition of "imminent" may be Peter
  12. Just to make you aware of it: the US mirror still has the old version of Oslo. And please don't close threads so quickly, this thread would not have been necessary if the other one on the same topic would still be open. Peter
  13. I can only provide you with a tiny market research: I would buy an Aerosoft A380 right away, even if I knew that not everything is perfect. I would assume that the systems in an A380 are not too far off those in other Airbuses as far as the work of the crew is concerned. If we would get a half-decent A380 with the right weights and reasonable (if not perfect) flight dynamics, it would still be waaay better than what is available right now. I wouldn't buy such a plane for $120, but certainly at a typical Aerosoft price range. Peter
  14. German Airports 2 - 2012 v 1.02 not available

    Thanks Aleksey, that worked like a charm. Peter
  15. German Airports 2 - 2012 v 1.02 not available

    Hi Tom, thanks for the clarification. I don't have links to the individual installer in my account, but maybe it will just take a while until this is set up. I am in no rush. Best regards, Peter