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  1. Well, I'm an aerospace engineering student myself and I don't think that we need a student discount. I just don't understand why I must have more privilege in buying the add-on than for example a retired pilot or even any other person. I definitely agree that some products like PMDG 777 are not something I can easily buy without thinking, but let's propose such an idea to PMDG than. Aerosoft products are already very reasonably priced for the amount of work that has been put in it, so I'm completely happy with their policy.
  2. I would definitely buy that!! I always prefered a paper checklist to the electronic stuff. It just gives you a totally different feeling
  3. Just wanted to say that I'm completely fine with the 3D views and have no interest in the 2D panels.. So keep up the work!
  4. Come on guys, stop this please it's too much I'm buying it right now
  5. Okay, sorry. I'm also flying ngx. Have never seen happening something like this on that plane
  6. But why does it happen only with the bus? Something else like what? Because I don't have any ideas Thanks in advance!
  7. Seriously still no reaction?
  8. Well any ideas maybe..?
  9. I had just approximately the same problem. I haven't flied on the airbus for about a month at night I think (when I did it was all fine most of the times), and now when I turned on the cockpit the front side (like PFD & ND) were all fine, but a lot of the knobs and the floor became transparent. When I looked at the exterior view I saw that the tail and the back of the cabin became transparent as well. I did what mopperle said, and it seemed to work for the cockpit (however earlier I've had cases where the textures worked fine, but after many hours not going to exterior view for example, it still became transparent anyway), but now it doesn't even work for exterior view at all. Here are the screenshots of my exterior view without and with cockpit lights turned on Any help would be appreciated! Because I can't complete my flight over the Atlantic now Thanks in advance! 2015-8-11_17-13-0-115.BMP 2015-8-11_17-13-9-976.BMP EDIT: I just tried it a few more times. Two of them it went well, even at exterior view. But the third time I had the situation which I described at the beginning 2015-8-11_17-45-33-341.BMP
  10. (Just for information) I experience the same problem, but with the ground crew sounds at 0%
  11. Oh well, I'm sorry. I've searched for it in Airbus forum several times but haven't found anything. I thought it belongs in the sound section. Thanks.
  12. All changed values go to the first value, and the Ground Crew remains at 0% Thank you!
  13. Any ideas maybe?
  14. Looks very realistic this way!
  15. Thank you for such a quick answer. Oh well it's very embarrassing. Just checked it, and it was at 0%. But apparently there's a new problem for me: I can't change the soundnumber of the groundcrew. Just tried it with other things (batteries, atc, checlist etc.) and it works perfectly fine. But I just can't insert the typed number in the Ground Crew line. Any ideas what could be the problem? Thanks in advance