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  1. Water issue with Aerosoft

    Zou should first try to disable PTA, as there are other reports seen with problems in transparent areas.
  2. That is an old issue since FS9, that effects needs a distance controller, otherwise they not load, when the scenery comes active not direct via Scenario load or via Goto Menu. In case of EDDT just the wrong files find the way in the installer, all other Professional Airports have the controlles included.
  3. Water issue with Aerosoft

    Sim-wings use a standard Landclass based on the definitions of the SDK to build the coastline with the photoscenery at landside. With the default environment there is no issue like yours visable. But you wrote, that you a lot of tools and addons, which manipulate the texture, landclass definition and the shader system. Which of this tools is responsable, i can't say, but an addon developer need to be aware, that the definitions of the SDK will be hold, so that all based on the SDK definition and classes is handled and not changed to look different. I will forward this to Sim-wings, but don't see much they can do.
  4. Ich nehme es auf die Liste, da sind einfach einige der Apronvehicles falsch platziert, hat nichts mit defaults zu tun.
  5. Ok, then they will follow in the next SP, but here they are: Just unpack the file in the P3DV4/Effects folder an overwrite the existing file. Fix EDDT Prof missing Apronlights.zip
  6. P3D4 Runway Lights

    The SDK (and the Code behind the sim in the actual state) only offer the Runwaylights by the AFCAD, which are not configurable as need, for example in the Approachlights area, when the Terrain is not flat there. The old Options, to have single placeable "Lightdots" related to the Halo.bmp is not anymore functional, because it is only an old BGLC opcode. The only option to have "halos" are effects, but they are not directional, so a lamp on one side white, on the other red for example is not possible. And you will not want it, when your have 1 frame per second on the airport, because the system needs 1000th of Lamp. Effects are not so frame friendly in the count needed here. So as long as LM don't offer a flexible and frame optimized Lamp as Halo, there is not many the developer can do.
  7. Das AFX_EDNY_ALT.BGL hat dort schon seinen Sinn. Allerdings scheint in der Scenery Reihenfolge etwas nicht zu stimmen und ein Addon das den Airport Friedrichshafen verändert oberhalb von der Aerosoft Friedrichshafen Prof. Scenery eingetragen zu sein und die Flattens von EDNY zu überschreiben. FS Global hat meines Wissens auch lokale Airport files, schau da mal ob was EDNY bezogenes dort liegt und deaktive die mal. Bei der 2010 Version gab eine FSGlobal Airport Scenery Eintrag in der Scenery Library, in dessen Verzeichnis die Files lagen. Wenn man keine Defaultairports nutzt, kann man den Haken wegnehmen, dann gibt keine Konflikte mit Addons.
  8. What FS did you have? Is this with default Airport or the Gibraltar Addon? If you use the Gibraltar Addon, try to uncheck the Addon in the scenery Library and check, if the CTD is happen with the default Airport too. As you opend two topic for that, the other is now in the better subforum, I will close this one.
  9. Can not reproduce the issue here, do you use P3D V4.1?
  10. Can you please check, if there is a File name AL_OP-ApronLights-EDDT-E.fx in the P3D V4 Effects subfolder, or only is there a AL_OP-ApronLights-EDDT.fx?
  11. Gibralter elevation p3dv4

    Can you please eyplain in the following topic, how you do the uninstall, as there this is discussed. I will close this one now.
  12. Please check two things, as my PC is off too until tomorrow: 1. Check, if there is a Entry in the Windows controll panel below Programms, where you can use the Deinstall 2. Start the Installer again and check if that offeres a Deinstall
  13. Thanks for reporting, is a bug in the 3D Code, allready in the FSX Version but never seen, lol. Will address it to Sim-wings.
  14. Gibraltar P3D V4 Terrain Issue

    Take care, that you disable all LXGB related Files in Orbx FTX.
  15. Gibraltar Pro - system Requirements?

    There is no technical way at the moment to realise this in P3D V4, so the Traffic will not cross the runway, only use the streets around the Airport.
  16. Gibraltar Pro - system Requirements?

    8GB VRam is the recommanded Memory for P3D V4 by Lockheed Martin to use the full features. Less memory will work too, but maybe not with full settings.Maybe 2GB are a littlebit limited.
  17. Hello, if you have requests for new Airports supported by AES, please post you requests here. Check this first: Before you post, check this link, if the airport is allready done: - Available Airport list - Check also, if the Airport is already requested in this Thread. - Check if the Airport/Company/Group is in the "Never Supported" list at the end of this post Make the post like this: ICAO: <ICAO code of the airport> NAME: <Name of the Airport> TYPE: <Freeware/Payware> FS: <FS9 / FSX> DESIGNER: <Name of Designer, Group or Publisher> LINK: <Link to the website, Shop or Downloadpage> Add max one screenshot! Please follow this roles: Only one airport per post Requests without a link to the download or Homepage of this product will be deleted without warning. Double request will be deleted without warning, so please check if the airport is listed allready. Don't post requests of default airports The airport should have custom 3D objects of terminal and a groundlayout. Enhancments for the defaults are no "airport Sceneries" Airport must be available on a international Shop or a free accessable freeware download page (no chinese only websites ..) Don't post any "yes I agree to .." post's, that makes no sence. Keep the thread clean from discussions. I will not comment any of this posts, but I will read this thread from time to time. If a airport is interesting for AES it will be checked. I hope, we get a better overview with this single thread, so not every body needs to open a new thread which is lost after some time. Never Supported: FlyMex Mexikanische Airports YSSY - Sydney of CLS, no product of AUscene Airports of Swedflight Skandinavien Airports of Aerosoft Nice of Simwings all Airports of LAGO old FS9 Miami and Tampa of FlyTampa All of Blueprint Cloud9 (expect what is available yet) all of Orbx Simgiants products FSQuality (expect what is available yet) no MSK production airports, not included yet all RF Scenery Building Projects - Developer don't want to have AES for the products.
  18. There is only a FSX Acceleration or a FSX SP2 Version existing. Can you please check the Versionnumber of your FSX.EXE? Is there a Vistamare Submenu existing below Add Ons Menu in the Headline of your FS? Are the Vehicles on the Apron moving around (not the Defaults of the FS)?
  19. Bright 3D grass at night

    So we can close this.
  20. EGLL Installer on Simmarket

    Yes, the actual Installer of MA Heathrow Prof. Version 1.01 includes all Patch.

    The Radius in the Afcad of EDDF Prof. for this two Gates is 32.2m, which fit to the radius definition of a A33x/A34x of the most common AI Tools, like UT-Live or myTraffic. There is no overlapping to the gates beside. The A380 has a much larger Radius (normally and with a wingspam of 80m in real), so it should not be parked there.
  22. Der Antwort von Jürgen (data63) ist nichts hinzuzufügen, sie trifft den Nagel auf den Kopf. Orbx maßt sich an, die Terrain.cfg des Simulators grundlegen "umzustrukturieren". Die Folge ist, das jedes Addon, dass SDK konform die Landklassen des Simulators verwendet, nicht mehr lauffähig ist und eine Speziallösung benötigt, damit sie mit Orbx zusammen lauffähig werden, ggf. wenn das Addon garnicht in der Region der Orbx Area liegt. Den Mehraufwand zahlt Orbx auch nicht, um die Addons für ihre Verdrehungen anzupassen und der geht über die reine Arbeitszeit weit hinaus. Man benötigt einen zweiten Rechner oder zumindest eine zweite Windows Instanz nebst Simulator, da man eben nicht mal eben das Orbx Addon an oder abschalten kann, um es zutesten. Die LSZH_CVX-TERRAIN.BGL zu deaktivieren kann ich nicht empfehlen, da damit auch für den Airport relevante Teile deaktiviert werden. Ich nehme es aber mal (mit low Prio) auf meine Todo Liste für ein Update auf, die Umgebungsbereiche zu trennen, damit man sie als Orbx User ggf. deaktivieren kann.

    Or the radius of your AI Traffic is not correct? Which Version of EDDF do you talk about, FSX or P3d v4?
  24. MAP Frankfurt Prof. - Ground Objekte ausblenden

    No, not yet in the actual version, but I can put it on a list for a future update.
  25. GAP 3 Bremen - ATIS is missing

    The ATIS Frequence in the Charts and in the Afcad of the Addon is set to 132.375