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  1. Hi Luis, it is nice that you seams to be local and bring your input for this product. But, you forget the base we talking about: It's a flightsim product in a low price level (in relation to the market), addressing the airport of LPMA (LPPS is a free gift as it was part of a previous version). Aerosoft don't be able to provide you a 1:1 original island with all details you habe seen (hopefully) yourself there. The engine (all FS Versions) limits many parts. That effects (like the lighthouseflash) don't follow the mesh below, so that they are not visable sometimes, is such a thing, the developers, Aerosoft or I could not fix. As long as no relevant issues to operate the airport will be reported, the Project will be closed now. Who wants more details of the island, feel free to contact Aerosoft, they make you an offer for a professional enhanced product.
  2. I am in IT business since 35 years, no software is steady, as long it not runs in a black box. You can read all this forum, you will find tons of issues happens far behond your timeframe, mostly in combination with changes on the complex base we play on.
  3. Hi Chris, that's maybe only a "wording" problem, but in parts I think its more: When I enter "support" into goole translator i get in german "Unterstützung". That had nothing to do with new features new products or "updates for new content" It is simple the support of the customer to handle the product as it is selled to work. This could not be limited in time, as when I get a new PC and reinstall all my product and get issues with the Installer, what else, I need Support from the provider. When you open a Shop, you can handle this via email, ticket-system or forum. Minimum one of this option you have to provide to the customer. A ticket-system is not a benefit for the customer, it give's you a better option to handle issues of your shop business, as you can preorder the issue or better redirect it internal to the responsable person. How fast the ticket is answered is no system item. For me as customer, email or ticket-system is the minimum, but I can't see before I buy there in the shop how it is handled. The forum give me the view I need to see, how the shop is handling issues after the sale, the rest is nice to have, from my side, when it is available, maybe make the shop more attraktiv. Where they buy, (and if no attraktiv option available) if they buy , is a question of the "Support option" (Unterstützungoptionen). I never read a statement of a customer, that he ask for a lower price, when he don't need this support. But, give you shop customers the offer to reduce the sale price by 5 Euro, when they never contact you after 3month, would be interesting, how often this option is used
  4. Thank Chris, to clear that part. But you should think about you "Support policy" too. It's not "game ready" If I buy your product for V4 (we don't talk about V5), then I expect, that I get all needed updates to fix issues with your code, independent if this are bugs in your code or needed fixes to react to hotfixes and subversion changes generated by LM. When I buy a product for V4 today and in 4 month LM release version 4.1 with changes in the handling of same parts, witch effects your product, you can not stop the support for it. Maybe it needs time to fix the issue, but when it is done, you could not hide it to user, who have no 2 year support payed. That will not work. You can offer to a special year based "Service enhancment pack", where the customer get access to internal developer forum, personal access to Chris or could get access to beta's and, if V5 is released a free update, where others have to pay a upgrade fee. But to limit time for access to "Support", it is not the best option.
  5. Hi Chris, it is no question for me (and everybody who invest his time to make addons possible), that the switch to a new Platform with new options and technologies (maybe only in parts, but they are in case of P3D V4 very important parts), can not be done for free. Here I don't agree with Arne's statement, that he see the same light. It's the same with Airport Addons: You always see the same Airport, but with new techniques or visuale effects, features, or only code adapted to the new SDK. All this happens not itself and need's person who invest there time to do it. When this is all given for free, we still update Addon Airports the customer has bought 1998 for FS98. That's not possible and we all need to pay our costs at the end of the month. But, in the most cases, by Aerosoft or other Developers, even when the Airport is done complete new, with monthes of work, the customer of the previous Product will get a discount, when he what to switch to the new product, independent of the this also support a new Plattform Version. If you don't want to sell your products via Aerosoft and only via your own new Shop, this is for me independent from the question, if costumers of the previous Aerosoft Version get an option for a discount to bring there products to P3D V4. How this is in details to be handled, you need to discuss with Aerosoft internal. The primary question of your (Aerosoft) costumes, if they have to pay the full price, should be answered clearly from your side. It's you product and you make the policy for that.
  6. No, please don't post content in the forum (or elsewhere), which is under copyright. Sent it via email to support@aerosoft.com and request to send it to me and/or MKS. The files I post here are official updates for testing with permission of the copyright holder ( here Aerosoft)
  7. Schalte erst mal das "HT" aus, das hat sich beim FSX noch nie positive ausgewirkt.
  8. I have just replace the the ZIP file in the previous post: - Now the Lighthouses gets the custom Objects back from Maderia X build by Peter Werlitz - All Lighthouse gets small flattens below at the altitude the Mesh has (or should have), so the effects better get the position. - The Name of the Airport is now correct displayed, as the FS will read the name in the ALT file of the Airport in the scenery\world\scenery folder and not of the Addon Afcad itself. And please keep the discussion about the Meshfixes from Masterhawk seperate for the disussion about my Fixes.
  9. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  10. Do it on your own risk, Heathrow is not official supported for P3D V4. A official V4 Version will follow. And maybe you find the parts, which will not work correct sometimes, then don't ask for support fixes
  11. Fixes for Maderia EVO Version 1.05a ------------------------------------ You need to have Aerosoft Maderia EVO in Version 1.05a installed, before you use this fixes! The Fix in the Sub-Directories are only for the FS Version you see in the Foldername: FSX-FSX-SE Only: Only use for Mircosoft FSX or Davetail FSX:SE (Steamedition) P3D V3 Only: Only use for Lockheed Martin P3D Version V3.4.x P3D V4 Only: Only use for Lockheed Martin P3D Version V4 Hotfix 1 Don't install the Fixes in the wrong FS Version, the files are not the same. The Structure below the FS Version is simular to how the Installer creates the Products, so you should be able to the files to the related Subdirectories and replace the original once. Following changes are done: Only in P3D Version 3.x: - Runwaylights now working, if fly into the Airport from outside (like LPPS) - it's Issue 1 (FSX or P3D V4 not effected from this issue) For all Version: - Windmills in Maderia and Porto Santo seperated, so they are shown, when Flight starts there - it's Issue 2 - Lighthouses in Maderia and Porto Santo get's Custom Objects from previous Maderia X Version and Flashlights now - it's Issue 4 - Airportname in Afcad changed to "Madeira Airport - Cristiano Ronaldo" - it's Issue 5 - Afcad of LPPS in all Versions compiled with FSX SDK, otherwise maybe tool reading the Afcad not work korrect (like GSX or AFX) Your Issue 3 (Mesh) is not my part and could not be done better, without other Meshsource as discussed. So no issue. Please give me sasp a feedback, if this fix it, then I can send them to Aerosoft to add this fixes to the Installer 1.05a File updated 2017-7-19 2pm Zulu Fixes for Madeira 1-05a.zip
  12. Hello, if you have requests for new Airports supported by AES, please post you requests here. Check this first: Before you post, check this link, if the airport is allready done: - Available Airport list - Check also, if the Airport is already requested in this Thread. - Check if the Airport/Company/Group is in the "Never Supported" list at the end of this post Make the post like this: ICAO: <ICAO code of the airport> NAME: <Name of the Airport> TYPE: <Freeware/Payware> FS: <FS9 / FSX> DESIGNER: <Name of Designer, Group or Publisher> LINK: <Link to the website, Shop or Downloadpage> Add max one screenshot! Please follow this roles: Only one airport per post Requests without a link to the download or Homepage of this product will be deleted without warning. Double request will be deleted without warning, so please check if the airport is listed allready. Don't post requests of default airports The airport should have custom 3D objects of terminal and a groundlayout. Enhancments for the defaults are no "airport Sceneries" Airport must be available on a international Shop or a free accessable freeware download page (no chinese only websites ..) Don't post any "yes I agree to .." post's, that makes no sence. Keep the thread clean from discussions. I will not comment any of this posts, but I will read this thread from time to time. If a airport is interesting for AES it will be checked. I hope, we get a better overview with this single thread, so not every body needs to open a new thread which is lost after some time. Never Supported: FlyMex Mexikanische Airports YSSY - Sydney of CLS, no product of AUscene Airports of Swedflight Skandinavien Airports of Aerosoft Nice of Simwings all Airports of LAGO old FS9 Miami and Tampa of FlyTampa All of Blueprint Cloud9 (expect what is available yet) all of Orbx Simgiants products FSQuality (expect what is available yet) no MSK production airports, not included yet all RF Scenery Building Projects - Developer don't want to have AES for the products.
  13. I will check the Issues 1,2,4 and 5 tomorrow. The runwaylights are a normal Object, but it is possible that the P3D V3 has in issue with the Z Buffering against the special ground. I hope, i can reproduce it.
  14. Which approach did you request from the ATC? ILS, GPS, RNAV?
  15. Can you please try the attached Files in the ZIP to place in the Effects subfolder. It should fix the issue I hope. LIRN Effect Fix.zip
  16. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  17. As stated multi times, when a scenery is deleted and reinstalled, use the "resync/repair" button below the Airportlist in AEShelp to copy needed files into the new scenery folder, otherwise the files for AES jetways are missing. A reinstall of AES do the same, but is not needed, to use the button is faster.
  18. The release of several P3D V4 Products is planned for second half of August. At the moment we have holiday season and many stuff and developers are not on duty the next weeks, so it makes no sense to release them before, when nobody is avialable to solve issues.
  19. The "new" installer is not addressed to be for P3D V4 and the release a mistake of Aerosoft and he is not anymore available.
  20. Das fängt ja gut an, aber der "selbst" gegebene Username sagt ja schon viel aus. Die zum Anhängen gedachte Bereich unter dem Postingfenster ist kaum übersehbar, aber Lesen ist halt uncool
  21. Da dieser Thread beantwortet wurde haben wir ihn geschlossen. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben können Sie jederzeit einen Neuen öffnen.
  22. Then you can run what you have on the x-Plane too, good luck. As this will not work, it is not the same product. Even when the 3D content has the same source, the product developed for a different plattform from differnent developers by generating different code. So it is another product showing the same Airport, not more, not less.
  23. I don't know, if there is a free (or in a acceptable pricelevel) source for a better mesh of Madeira available. I also don't know, what resolution the FTX Global mesh has for Maderia. But when another meshaddon with a higher LOD level is installed, the FSX/P3D will use that one, independet in which Layer of the Scenery Library it is installed. While other scenery content is loaded by the layerorder, meshes are loaded by the LOD Level.
  24. Schau mal in das jeweilige Scenery Verzeichnis der Inseln, ob da noch eine Datei mit Endung *.Off und irgendwie jetway-static im Namen hat. Ich glaube aber, die Jetways sind nun nicht mehr als statische Variante vorhanden, da in einem Update, das in der Box verwendet wird, die Jetways auf den neusten Modellstand als Ctrl+J Stand gebracht wurden, der vorher nur als statische Variante vorhanden war. In dem Fall wurde das Handbuch nicht angepasst.
  25. The problem is, that there is no solution for that issue, as long as you don't have a mesh source, which provides you a 1m resolution between the meshpoints. Only in this case you can build up the island as in real life. And this for the complete island, I don't know if the Sim will handle it with a flyable framerate. In case of Maderia the meshsource has 19m to 30m depents an the area, as the developer told me. Even when you set the Mesh respolution to 1m, it will only interpolate the points between, but this makes the mesh not better for the island, only in the airport area it helps to prevent the mesh to come throw the 3D Model of the Airportarea. But based on this "low" Mesh, the flat aerial photo will "fall" done the cliffs and is warped in the extrem vertical cliffzones. But this will be the same, when landclasses (default or Addons like OrBx) is used. Then the Landclass Texture is warped. The flying autogen is also based on the extrem vertical terrain. The autogen is placed "nearby" the altitude of the Terrain below, but it don't flatten it below. The only chance you have is, not to place autogen at the cliffzone. But if this looks better when you fly over it, I don't think so. And to place all buildings as 3D Objects, you will not finish this project in you lifetime