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  1. Then you should have the Version 1.8 of St. Maarten. There you should have the files maarten_term_outside.BGL and maarten_jetway5_lib.BGL in the SCENERY Subfolder of the St. Maarten Addon. The both are there, AESHelp should see the Scenery as installed. If the jetways not shown, please check also to press the Resync/Repair Button below the Airportliste before restarting the FS.
  2. Please check that you habe installed the last version/patch of the scenery as well.
  3. Please update AES to 2.45a first.
  4. Jetway muss ich nächste Woche mal prüfen. Wegen der Safegates, hast Du ggf. Ein Update der Scenery eingespielt? Versuche mal den Resync Button, ob die dann weg sind.
  5. Da der Eröffner dieses Thread in einem anderen Forum mitgeteilt hat, das die Zuordnung anderer Produkte in der Scenery Library sein Problem erzeugt hat und er nach Korrektur der Sortierung der Library wieder alle Frames hat, ist dieser Thread beantwortet und wir haben ihn geschlossen. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben können Sie jederzeit einen Neuen öffnen.
  6. When you have an issue with your credits, when upgrade from 2.25, please open a ticket or contact support@aerosoft.com.
  7. Ergänzend zur richtig gegeben Antwort eine Frage: Welches AI addon stellt nächste Woche den korrekten neuen Flugplan mit den neuen Ryanair Flugplänen zur Verfügung? Wenn man selber einen Ryanair Flieger hat, könnte das passen, da die V Gates vor T2 keine Airlinecodes haben und somit für unbekannte Airlines genutzt werden. Und wo die real stehen, schauen wir dann mal die nächsten Wochen.
  8. Update for Duesseldorf is in the queue, same as Stuttgart.
  9. Habe sie zusammengeführt.
  10. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  11. I got the developer feedback, that the plattform is free of holes. As the plattform is done as the SDK specify it, i also not seen the issue and we have no support issue the last 9 month, I expect it is a PMDG 777 specific issue, maybe even not happen in all conditions. I don't see anything the scenery developers can do here.
  12. I will check the excludes. The problem is related to the Jetways, as they not allow to be in the area of a exclude of a library object. With the tonns of jetway in FRA it's hard to fill all areas expect the jetway. But will need time, because i have no access to the data next week
  13. The problem is, that this areas are only used for overnight parking, not as Gates for handling flights. When we add them in the AFCAD, they will help to place all aircrafts generated by "normal" AI tools, which will generate flights with ETDs of up to 6 days in future, but, then it also will happen, that this parkings will be assigned to a user, flying to Frankfurt, special when DLH is assigned to that parkings. In this case, we will get the questions, why in MAF this Gates will be assigned to use as parkings for arrival. The parkings in the south (new T3) are useful to help here. Did you have them all full yet? I have seen, that maybe the radius there can be inceased a littlbit, as maybe they are to small for the 747 yet. Can you check if you see a 747 there. And to fly in or out of large Airports, it could be helpfull to reduce the AI taffic density to 50%, which gave me a better and realistic feeling, when used tools like Mytraffic here.
  14. Two wishes: - Please titel your threads, so that the product/airport is included, where you see a problem (have changed it already) - Please convert the screenshot to JPG Format before you attach it, is much smaller datasize and will display direct in the post. And you will help in this case, when you tell us, which global Addons you use, because this object is not there with default and not with UTX Europe. So maybe you have a other landclass tool here, like Orbx.
  15. Ja, da stimmt was nicht. Muss die Daten aber erst an das neuen Afcad von MAF 2.10 anpassen und bin leider bis nächstes Wochenende unterwegs. Kümmere mich dann aber als erstes drum.