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  1. Wir werden das überprüfen und den exclude anpassen, setzen wir auf die Liste. Die Masten zwischen dem taxiway und der A3 ( wo sie früher standen) sind ja weg, oder?
  2. Hi Rob, exactly that is already implemented, based on what you gave as reason for that. Just have a look to the EDDFconfig Tool, there you can uncheck the Apron-Dynamic-Lights, selective for the areas. We have placed over 180 spots, knowing that this is only useable with newest hardware and restrictive setting in AA (8xMSAA). You and I know, that LM is aware about the performance issues around Dyn.-lights, so we can expect better perfomance in future. P3D Vx is a plattform under development
  3. AES and PMDG 747v3 in FSX

    Take a look into the manual and Configure the Aircraft with AESConfig, which you found in the aersoft/Aes folder.
  4. And please give us the info, which Client Version of P3D V4 you have installed 4.x.x.xxx?
  5. Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    ... and Aerosoft is happy to sell the products, as this is the money they are pay from at the end of the Month. The developer, as long as he has no sponsor (Papa,Mama or so), must pay his bills too. This will be impossible, if you work weeks to make the product compatible for a new plattform, optimize the code for the needs of the new simulator engine, add new feature and so on and everybody gets it as a gift for free. We don't talk about bugfixing here, as long as the P3D V4 is not defined as a full repayed Bugfix of V3 Software is not building it self, there are humans behind, which spend time and knowhow into it, this needs a refund (payment) as every person request for the job they do. Everybody can use the addons he has payed for on that plattform they was developted and selled. When he change the plattform (by paying the full price for in many parts the same code btw) must expect, that addons needs invest to follow the changes and need to be updated for the new parts with a small fee.
  6. Es wir nur das Eddf Verzeichnis unter ecosystem/aerosoft angelegt, sowie einige Effektfiles in den Effects Ordner gelegt, liste hier: > AL_OP-ApronLight1-EDDF.fx > AL_OP-ApronLight1-EDDF-E.fx > AL_OP-ApronSpot1-EDDF.fx > AL_OP-ApronSpot1-EDDF-E.fx > AL_OP-ApronSpotG-EDDF.fx > AL_OP-ApronSpotG-EDDF-E.fx > AL_OP-RWYFlash-EDDF.fx > AL_OP-RWYFlash-EDDF-E.fx
  7. Skytrain is static at the moment, train related animations for AESlite is on the todo list
  8. EDDF - auch Lob muss sein

    Danke, leider ist positives Feedback heutzutage aus der Mode gekommen
  9. It looks like this issues are addressed to P3D V4.0 and will be part of a upcoming new Version of P3D V4.?
  10. Have address it to aerosoft, looks like the effects needed are missing. The screens not showing what they show show.
  11. 1.) Can you please check the P3D settings under lighting, that the checkbox for dynamic lights is set. 2.) Can you please check, that the EDDFconfig tool have the checkboxes for the apron lights set.
  12. Strange Runway Lights Malaga

    I will forward you info's to Simwings, they should check, if they can reproduce it. The lights have nothing to do with effects and it will not have to do with the files. It is maybe an issue in the material setting and the new handling of the z-buffer in V4. I am not at my PC until next week, so i can't check it myself, but have seen and fixed it for Madeira some weeks ago, where the lights are complete V4 redone, not only straight ported to V4.
  13. Strange Runway Lights Malaga

    The Runwaylights of the V4 Simwings Addons (Malaga, Menorca, Mallorca and Ibiza) use the same custom Runwaylights (no default files are used here), as they was used for FSX/P3D V3 before without any reports like this here. When the lights are ok at the first load of the scenery, it need to be explained more in detail, what is done by the "second load" of the scenery. What is a second load?
  14. This is not EDDF related, more based on what Airlinecodes and Radius the aircraft has, which you use to fly into EDDF. The FS ATC will search first to the first free Gate, which has has a size bigger or equal to the radius of you aircraft AND with the Airlinecode your selected Aircraft has assigned. If you aircraft has not Airlinecode or the Airline is not assigned to a Gate with fitting radius, the ATC will assign you the first fitting Gate, where no airlines are assigned, that is maybe the G2 Gate in your case. When you don't use a AI Traffic addon, where aircrafts of this addon will fill gates at the airport, this would result in getting always the same (always first fit) Gate there.
  15. This user has a general problem to install addons in FSX:SE, as the now closed thread point into the same direction: