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  1. Mallorca X Evolution "airberlin-jetways"

    The real Jetway in Mallorca are white now, no Airberlin Logos anymore.
  2. AS professional airports -- crazy night textures

    Please post a screen of your Lighting Settings. "Blue sky" at night seams also not realistic, or?
  3. El Hierro X p3Dv4

    El Hierro is not P3D compatible, not V3 or V4, and so no hotfix. And I don't think that it will be done with a meshfix.
  4. EGLL Pro update

    Below you P3D V4 folder, you will find a Ecosystem/Aerosoft/Mega Airport London-Heathrow Professional Subfolder. Alternative you can redownload the installer now in Version 1.01 an deinstall and reinstall the Product.
  5. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  6. AES Not Working

    Try the resync/repair Button below the Airportlist in AEShelp.
  7. TrafficTool für den BER

    Nö, wie sollst Du das brauchen können, der Traffic funktioniert beim P3D doch eh nicht, ist also auch nichts zu konfigurieren damit. Eine P3D kompatible Traffic Version wurde bei mir seitens der Addon Entwickler nicht "bestellt".
  8. Berlin Pro

    The disable the Dynlights is renaming the File EDDT_DYN-Apron.BGL to EDDT_DYN-Apron.OFF Please Stop the P3D complete, check the Dynlights again, start P3D and check if the message is gone. Then stop it again and uncheck it, when the P3D V4 is stop complete. When you then restart P3D it should rebuild the Library and starts without a Error Message. When that not helps, delete the File EDDT_DYN-Apron.* and run the Installer to repair it. Maybe the file gets corrupt.
  9. Berlin Pro

    Did you use the Eddtconfig tool while P3D V4 was runing or did you rename the file?
  10. Weird airport light

    There is no addon for effects, which you can try and I don't know if V4.1.10 or V7.0 will be the plattfrom of P3D offering new options for that item. My glass sphere is out of order yet.
  11. Airportlichter komisch

    Nett, dass Du gleich zwei Threads aufmachts um english und deutsch deine Frage zu stellen, ich werde jetzt aber nicht die Übersetzung machen. Die Antwort hier, kannst sie ja gerne inhaltlich korrekt übersetzen, wie deine Frage:
  12. Weird airport light

    That's as it is designed, because 3D "halo" based Light Objects are not anymore part of the Simulation Plattform, in FSX still possible, but only with old pre FSX SDK code, in P3D since V2 not anymore stayable implemented. The only way to get Halo effects looks like 3D are effects, but they will have a big impact of frames ( you would not like it) or are simple useless, as in case of runwaylights and taxiway centerlights they will not be controllable for the direction. Runway Lamps have different colors, depending from with side you see them, effects are doublesided and so have the same color on both sides. The only possible "3D" lights would be the "standard" light generated by the Afcads, but they are flying over ground, are not following real roles and are limited in configurstions, so far away from a real lighting. The 2D lightpolys are a compromis to get real lighting situations with the best fexibility to keep it as real as possible with the less impact of frames, until the plattform (only possible for future P3D Versions) offers a more flexible and better 3D halo based lighting solution.
  13. EGLL prof texture

    Thanks for the feedback. That UK2000 could be part of the problem was to expected, but I also not see the VFR Airports as part of the problem But good to know, so we can close it.
  14. EGLL prof texture

    Fine, please give a short report, who was the bad boy
  15. EGLL prof texture

    Ok, The green missplaced grass areas and shadows seams to come from a photoground showing the airport before the new terminals was build. This definitiv not part of Heathrow Prof or the default scenery. I whould expect, that it is a file(s) somewhere in the folders of the layer 1-30, so it has a higher prio, then the files of Hearthow Pro.