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  1. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  2. OPabst

    EDDM Munch 2012 FSX

    This data will be used from the first readed Afcad (which normaly is the default Stock Afcad), the changes in the Addon Afcad for this parts are ignored by the Sim.
  3. OPabst

    Szenerien doppelt nutzbar?

    Du kannst die Scenerien auf jedem deiner PC nutzen, die sind nicht an einen PC gebunden, sondern an Dich als Käufer. Solange es deine PC sind, spielt das keine Rolle.
  4. OPabst

    EDDH ILS 15 wrong

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  5. OPabst

    EDDH ILS 15 wrong

    Attached you find a new Afcad, where the ILS for RW 15 is changed to the new Frequence. Also the Approaches are updated to Nav Cycle 1812. Afcad for Hamburg Professional new ILS RW15.zip
  6. OPabst

    LXGB P3Dv4 upgrade not working

    Thanks for your input, maybe we should limit the upgrades to the next sim products for customers buy the "old" version before the now was released. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  7. OPabst

    LXGB P3Dv4 upgrade not working

    Yes, for you as a "masochistic" Simmer (when I must start the FSX after I have seen the scene in P3D V4, it hurts 😊), the upgrades will be available when the discounts ended.
  8. Hi Juergen, I use MSAA with GSX1080Ti on a 4K 40" Monitor with the same result of stutters as the user here. SSAA is known for issues in combi with dynlights at night results in overall low frames, or did I miss something?
  9. OPabst

    LXGB P3Dv4 upgrade not working

    As long as a discount for the product is active, the upgrades are not available, as this is a discount too, which could not be combined (see discount offer). Why did you not buy the Pro version direct, is on the discount too.
  10. With the Professional (sorry overread the pro) addon itself you will get the Sim-Based Jetway system, which is limited to handle only one jetway per gate. GSX (in any version) will not provide you any jetwayanimations, it only provide jetway models for the SODE Addon based Jetwaysystem. In case of Sim-wings Mallorca Professional (and all other sim-wings addons), you get the SODE based alternative jetways via the supportpage of sim-wings: http://www.sim-wings.de/SUPPORT_INDEX.htm Please read the readme.txt in the zip, this explain you how to install and active the jetway replacement. When your SODE system is running, you will have all jetways working then and so also GSX can trigger them, based on the correct models for the scenery, not only by there generic replacments.
  11. Only a small note: When you invest money (maybe the 1080 is cheaper now) for a very good performing graphic card, why did you stess yourself with such a "small" screen?
  12. OPabst

    P3Dv4: Problems with EDDK

    Correct, the best result is to update the complet parts of the sim to the last available versions. That must be the recommanded way. But the discussion here was, that the update of the content component will generate a lot of work, because there are some addons still dealing with the defaultfiles by rename or replace them. All addon using the add-ons.xml should not be effected by a deinstall and reinstall of any parts of the sim, as long as the user don't delete manual files or directories while the update process. And in case of CTD's the client componet will be the first to replace, special when the used addon is based on the new SDK. If that don't fix it, the next step could be to bring the content on the same level, even when it only exclude one possible source. In this case here, I whould not expect that it fix the issue, but maybe I am wrong. As there are no other reports of CTD's in approach to EDDK Pro know yet, we can only help to reduce the situation part of the issue to the minimum, so that the issue can be reproduced as fast as possible, without long flights. Then the next step could be to try the find in the best case one file, that generate the issue. This maybe will point to the source of it, even when it is maybe outside of the sim. As long as the developer or the supporters don't be able to reproduce the issue, there is not much we can do more then that.
  13. OPabst

    EDDH ILS 15 wrong

    Ok, I have only checked the version I have on my disk now, will check tomorrow if it is maybe not find the way in an existing update yet. Then I will post it here.
  14. OPabst

    P3Dv4: Problems with EDDK

    Sorry, I miss read the first sentence as "you don't want to update from 4.2 to 4.3 ...", my fault. I don't think in this case the old content is a problem. But to say what it is, is difficult by so many addons involved. My tip to get it clearer is to make a simple flight with a default aircraft, like the Baron from Duesseldorf to Colone without ATC, only to check, if when you come closer to the Airport and the scenery objects are loaded (the small hang short before the CTD) will not generate the crash itself. Maybe it is a combination off all, maybe memory load, maybe a timeing issue for one component. Here it is needed to try step by step to get the component generate the issue. As far as you have a easy to reproduce situation, as better you can go towards the point where the issue happens or not.
  15. OPabst

    P3Dv4: Problems with EDDK

    The Client only Update in my knowlage will keep issues with default vehicles or default scenery parts, as the client did not contain this parts. So, if you use default aircrafts, a fix for this is not included in the client only update. Or, when there is a fix for special regions or default airports, this is also not included in the client. But all Program code runing with the sim, is replace. The scenery related part of the default sim is very static, that I will not expect any issue in CTD's from this side, maybe display issues. The default Aircraft could generate issues with there Cockpit parts, as this is program code, but then the CTD will happen with a specific default Aircraft, not generally. If the CTD's not gone by update the client, it could be a good Idea to update the content too. But we talk here about not to update anything, because you don't want to invest hours to rebuild all. This will not help in any case. And it is possible, that you get in trouble (maybe CTD's) when you use a Addon created with the new SDK tools with an older Sim Version. Nobody will test this combination, not LM, not the Addon developers.