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  1. OPabst

    Polish Airports 3

    Hast Du den Entwickler auf seiner Seite (Forum) mal gefragt, ob er den neuen Stand seines Produktes den Vertriebspartnern zur Verfügung gestellt hat? Aerosoft kann Dir nur das zur Verfügung stellen, was ihnen vom Entwickler geliefert wurde.
  2. As you use @ with bold and underlined your questions to one person, maybe it's better to discuss it via PM (private massage). And the answer to your last question is given just before, so I close the issue here.
  3. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  4. OPabst

    LSZH Red Lights

    Ok, thanks for the feedback. The Runway and Approach lights in Zürich are not done be me and so different from the other Professional Airport, like EGLL, EDDF, LEBL or LEPA for example. There the visibility should be better, when you have one of them, maybe you can compare them. But, you are right, a better simbased system for the Lights would be nice, the Afcad Lights are not helpful yet and simply not configurable in all needed variations.
  5. OPabst

    P3dv4 cant find Mega Airport Frankfurt

    Sorry, you may see now the scenery, but that is far from working. So please post the screens as requested. The scenery.cfg entry is no solution here.
  6. The FSX Product Mega Airport Zurich V2.0 has no animated jetways. Only the new Mega Airport Zürch V2 Professional Version for P3D V4 has this animations for CTRL+J driven Jetways.
  7. OPabst

    P3dv4 cant find Mega Airport Frankfurt

    And when you start the EDDFConfig Tool, which you find in the <Your addon Folder selected while install>\Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional did you get any messages? Please make a screenshot of the tool when started. Also please make a screenshop of the list you get in P3D V4 via the Menu Options->Add-ons
  8. OPabst

    P3dv4 cant find Mega Airport Frankfurt

    Ok P3D V4.3 is as detailed as possible, because there is no Fix yet. Franfurt V2 say nothing about the product Version, all Aerosoft Airport free of details. Sorry, I go to bed now, in 8 hours I am back, to close this thread if no detailed Infos are given, which Versionnumber (you see it at the installer) you use.
  9. OPabst

    P3dv4 cant find Mega Airport Frankfurt

    I can install Mega Airport Frankfurt and when I start P3D there is no default Airport ... And now? Two statements with less infos. I have no problem, so please give us more infos, when you need help: Which P3D Version you use, which Mega Airport Frankfurt Product you install? Versionnumbers in Detail please.
  10. As it is not our product, I can‘t say what is to do there to fix it.
  11. OPabst

    LSZH Red Lights

    Fine, did the stopbars visible on ground aslong as you are not near to them? The stopbars should be red from distance and dimm off when you are on shorter distance (depends on the pixel size of the screen) That they was visable from far distance seams to base on you shadertools, which handle the „allow Bloom“ material setting different then the default shaders (not correct in my view)
  12. Ok, this files are all ok. When you deregister Heathrow via the EGLLConfig tool, you should still have this unkown Safegates there, but maybe they are covert by the default building. You can check that, if you save a flight by positioning your aircraft direct in front of one of them and then unregister EGLL with the Tool. When you reload the Sim and select the saved flight you will see, if they are still there. Did you have GSX on your PC installed, they maybe also have such Safegates, when there is a config file existing for EGLL (maybe not for the simwings version).
  13. No Safegate at that position here: Can you please add a screenshot of the ..\Sim-wings London Heathrow Professional\Scenery folder, so that I can see which files are in that folder of your installation
  14. OPabst

    Mallorca LEPA city

    Ok, it's possible, that the Default Ships placed in the port of Palma are effecting your frames. I have just add a new Revision of the Configtool for LEPA here: Download the LEPAConfig Rev 1.00.2.ZIP there and place the included LEPAConfig.EXE in the Folder ..\Sim-wings Balearic Islands Professional\Mallorca and replace to old one. When you start the new tool, you have below the section "Static Objects" the new option to disable the "Default Ships in port of Palma". Uncheck it and Press Save&Exit and check if it helps for your frame issue.
  15. OPabst

    Mallorca LEPA city

    About with SIM and with Mallorca Product (Evolution or Professional) your talk here.