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  1. How do you install Vistamare? Where did you get it from? And why did you install it?
  2. When the issue is in the scenery, then only in combination with you system, other Products or settings. Otherwise not only 50 users will talk with you about this issue. The only way to find your issue is, first to get the same base to talk about the basics: set the weather to the default "clear weather" set all AI, Apron and road traffic to off select the default default cessna or B737 go into 2D Cockpit View, press W until the cockpit is Off set time to day (12h AM) switch off any VFR related product for this area (I know, for ORBX Product nearly impossible, but that's not an issue for the local product we discuss) This is the minimum base to compare the situation in your Frankfurt Area with others or other locations. When the Problem is still present, then we can talk about other parts to "reset", like your FSX.cfg tweaks, and maybe we can at the and say, where the issue is generated.
  3. When you talk about a CD Version of the first Mega Airport Frankfurt Box, released 2008, not the new V2 Version from 2016, then please check first, if there is a newer Installer available for that old Version under support.aerosoft.com Maybe I am wrong, but I think to rember, there was an issue von 64bit Windows Versions with this very old installer. With all actual available Installers vor MA Frankfurt V1 or V2 I never had an issue on Win 7 64bit
  4. Please also try to switch off the "Roadtraffic" in the FS Display ->Traffic config (set to 0%). Have just make a test in a scenery, where i have an smooth average of 150 frames. When I switch on the roadtraffic, I have not only a significant frame drop , I also hanging sim when I move the aircraft (frames go down to less 20 that moment), look simular to what is disscussed here.
  5. I don't think that this is a good option. If you have UsePools=1 (on), you should have a PoolSize>0 defined. If you don't want to use Bufferpools, then set UsePools=0. With this setting I have the better results. But Enabled pools with the size 0 makes no sense for me.
  6. About with FS Version you talk? Which Hearthrow Version you have? Is it this product: http://www.aerosoft.com/de/fsxp3d/flight-simulator-x/szenerien/464/mega-airport-london-heathrow-xtended?number=AS11981 and not the older Version Mega Airport Heathrow X from 2008
  7. When you disable the library, it is clear that your frames goes up, because the sim has nothing to do anymore, less read of files from the disk and so on. Not helpful.
  8. Da dieser Thread beantwortet wurde haben wir ihn geschlossen. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben können Sie jederzeit einen Neuen öffnen.
  9. Sorry, but what is you problem? If you miss the Airberlin Logo, then you are not up-to-date, as they are not anymore present at the real airport?
  10. Das wird wohl an deinem Postingverhalten liegen, dass es angemessen erscheinen lässt, zunächst durch einen Moderator prüfen zu lassen, ob dein Post eine den hier geltenden Forumsregeln entsprechenden Inhalt hat. Es mögen dir andere Foren geläufig sein, wo es diese Regel nicht gibt. Wenn Du an deiner Situation gegen diese Meldung etwas tun willst, solltest Du dir hier die Zeit nehmen, Fragen, die an dich gestellt werden, genau zu beantworten. Sie oben, die Frage war welche Version Du installiert hast, also x.xx, nicht was Du als "neueste Version" bezeichnest, die im Shop ist.
  11. All is fine with the Texture and I don't remember that double jetways based on wrong textures. Please place the aircraft at the gate position with the double jetways, open the AES window and then make a screenshot, that you post here.
  12. Please uncheck the left checkbox (list installed Airports) and check the box on the right (list only credit assigned addons), then count the credits again.
  13. There is a new Product available: http://www.aerosoft.com/en/fsxp3d/flight-simulator-x-steam/sceneries/1719/mega-airport-london-heathrow-xtended With upgrade discount for users of old 2008 Version. If there is an update for a version availble, check your shop account for download products or support.aerosoft.com for Boxes.
  14. Mach doch bitte mal ein Screenshot vom AESHelp Programm auf der Seite mit der Liste der Airports, so dass der Palma Airport in der Liste erkennbar ist und hänge den Screenshot hier an (also JPG)
  15. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.