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  1. Thanks for the Info, is done and listed for the next SP. Attached the replacement for the Afcad for you. Afcad Fix Approach Name EDLW.zip
  2. Anchorage glitches

    We can reproduce the issues, different Mesh situations related to SAK on/off, FSGlobal Mesh on/off ... We try to find a solution to handle all different scenarios.
  3. Landclass option for EDLW Dortmund

    No, that should be unchecked for Orbx Global too, as it is a forest, Grass and urban City landclasses should be corrected with FTX Global too. When the Dortmund City area is active, the photoreal area is covering this areas anyway.
  4. Approaching Dortmund - FTX Germany?

    Keep in Mind, that there are two configutation tools included, one for the City Area and one for the Dortmund Airport. Both have an option for FTX GEN and need to changed, if this is used.
  5. Sim-Wings Configuration for PANC

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  6. Sim-Wings Configuration for PANC

    The P3D V4.1 Client Installer will generate a Regkey "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4" with the Key "SetupPath" where the Path of the install Directory is stored P3D V3 has the Regkey Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 So, when both are installed, you should have both keys, otherwise something went wrong by the installation. The Configtool is searching the Key of P3D V4 to get the Path to call the Prepar3D.exe to register/deregister the addon. If it is not found, you get the message. Maybe you can reinstall the P3D V4.1 Client only to fix it, or you try to manuelly add the key via Regedt32.exe
  7. Sim-Wings Configuration for PANC

    As the error message says, it's not an issue with the scenery install, it is an Problem with the P3D V4 Install, as the Key with the Path where the Prepar3D.exe is located on your System is missing in your registry.
  8. Normaly the DME is position at the GS Antenna, but you seams to be correct that this is different in PANC. Can you try the AFCAD in the attached File, if it is correct for you. PANC AFX with DME at ILS Position.zip For Europe airports the Airport description of Eurocontrol will provide the exact Lat/Lon postions for the DME's, but for PANC I don't find this info, in what I have here.
  9. With Everts Air into Ancorage

    Nice video, Alex.
  10. Anchorage stops P3D

    Did you use a default aircraft or any addon product for your flights you try to start? I have start P3DV4 multi hundred times with saved scenarios and never had a isuue like yours, as long as i don't save the scenario with the PMDG Aircraft, then it happens, that the sim don't start.
  11. The recommanded installation of Addons for LM's P3D V4 is not to install the addon code inside the P3D V4 folders and not to use the "old" scenery.cfg to register the addons. Based on the SDK of P3D V4 the addons should install outside and register via calling the Prepar3D.exe with commandline parameters, so that the p3D.exe will register it in there own cfg files. This new system is used by Anchorage Professional and the installer will offer you a windows system path (Programfiles), but you are free to select any other path or disk to place your addons. The installer did not know, what disks and path you prefer for your addons, so your input is requested here. I have a SSD for Windows as systemdrive C: and a fast big normal hardisk as drive D: My P3D is installed ad D:\P3Dv4 and all Addons goes to D:\P3D V4-Addons, in case of Aerosoft to D:\P3D V4-Addons\Aerosoft When you select your path, the installer will save it and future Installers of products use the same technique will offer your this path again.
  12. Airportbeleuchtung?!

    Keine Ahnung, habe sowas in zig Jahren nie gesehen, kann dir nicht sagen, was bei deinem FSX schief geht. Da offensichtlich auch kein anderer dazu etwas sagen kann, ist es wohl ein sehr spezifisches Problem deiner Umgebung. Technische Ansätze sehe ich auch keine, den die Lichter werden generiert, egal wo dein Viewpoint ist, da macht Cockpit oder outside View keinerlei Unterschiede.
  13. Canaries Island Professional is only the "Title" for a series of Airports, like La Palma Professional already available and Tennerife Sur we show here. So this will be only the island and the airport on it included, in case of Tennerife we will have two bigger airports, so TFN will follow later in a seperate Product, but both will have the island included.
  14. Getting stranded on Lake Hood

    Thanks Herman, maybe you make first a round with the original Afcad, then please test this one attached. I hope that fix all, I did not see any issues. Make a Backup of the PALH_AFX-OP01.BGL in the Anchorage Professional \Scenery Folder, then unzip the attachted File into that folder to replace the Lake Hood Afcad. Lake Hood Test Afcad.zip I don't think that UT Live as seeplanes included. I never see one there. The strip gets his GA traffic.
  15. Unscharfe Runway u. Taxiway Beleuchtung

    Überprüfe mal die Halo.bmp im Texture Ordner des Sim, ob die ggf. durch irgendein tool (ActivSky oder ähnliche) ausgetauscht wurde.