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  1. Water issue with Aerosoft

    Hi, this is not a "waterclass" problem as we usually do not use waterclasses and keep the default ones. To me it seems that the border of the transparent aerial picture areas (over water the aerials are defined 100% transparent) becomes visible due to an unknown problem. Normally it should show the underlaying water (and its color) without any change. My guess is a shader problem not working correctly with transparent overlays. Thorsten
  2. [P3Dv4.1] LEBL Barcelona Pro and Autogen

    You´re right. There´s lot more autogen than those visible on your screenshots. Our official screens are made with autogen set to max and show how it should look. But unfortunatly I don´t have any good idea what causes your missing autogen with all sliders set to max (really?) Long time ago in FSX we had problems with "Streetlight" Add ons using legacy objects which prevented the display of autogen buildings. The only tip I have right now is to check if Barcelona is above all ORBX stuff or if the amount of autogen objects per cell is limited in your cfg.
  3. Heathrow p3d v4

    Hi, just a note about thinks that could incidentally happen and significantly slow down the performance: - check that you only use ONE SCENERY at the same time. Sometimes it happens that a scenery is activated twice OR the old scenery (the V3 on in this case) is not removed from the scenery library and still active cutting the frames into half. - Make sure that you do not use two afcad files at the same time for EGLL. It could happen that it calls AI traffic aircrafts twice. - Set your texture size in P3DV4 to a lower value to check if it is a graphic card memory problem. The textures of our P3DV4 Version are higher resoluted (and therefore consume more memory) than those of the P3DV3 Version (if you like you can copy the V3 textures over the V4 textures to get a lower resolution version for testing) -switch off AI traffic and compare performance of both Versions (V3 and V4), maybe a AI aircraft is called in V4 which will not appear with the V3 afcad causing memory or performance issues. Hope you can find a culprit. Please report.
  4. Mega Airport LEBL Prof, Helligkeit P3Dv4

    Da dieser Thread beantwortet wurde haben wir ihn geschlossen. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben können Sie jederzeit einen Neuen öffnen.
  5. EGLL P3d V4 papi and poor night lights

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic
  6. Solution for LEBL BLOOM at night

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic
  7. In case of Barcelona Pro: Texture with mip-maps now part of Service Pack 1.01 available at our support site.
  8. EGLL P3d V4 papi and poor night lights

    Service Pack 1.01 now available for Heathrow Pro at our support site. Click below.
  9. Mega Airport Heathrow Pro, no LOMAN, just LOKKI

    LOMAN correction is now part of our London Heathrow Pro Service Pack 1.01 available at our support page (click below)
  10. Mega Airport LEBL Prof, Helligkeit P3Dv4

    Hallo, es gibt einen kleinen Patch zu dem HDR Problem auf unserer neuen Support Seite: New Support Page:
  11. Solution for LEBL BLOOM at night

    Hello, we have setup a small Service Pack the corrects the light problem using HDR. (Anyway that screen above seems to use a very very high brightness setting which schould be around 1.1) The patch reinstalls the LEBL_top_lightlayer.bgl but the material had the "allow emissive bloom" flag removed causing problem with HDR. If you´r still encountering problems please feel free to remove LEBL_top_lightlayer.bgl again. New Support Page:
  12. EGLL P3d V4 papi and poor night lights

    OK, got it. If you don´t want to disable the Lightpole Effects via config tool I´ll make a replacement texture to work with HDR on Monday. Thorsten
  13. Mega Airport LEBL Prof, Helligkeit P3Dv4

    Wer HDR nutzt bitte die Datei im MegaAirport Barcelona Professional/scenery/LEBL_Top_Lichtlayer.bgl auf .OFF stellen und die dynamischen Lichter im Configtool auf AN. HDR überstrahlt das viel zu sehr. Ohne HDR wäre es aber zu dunkel, würde der Lichtlayer fehlen. (Datei könnte auch BCN_Top_Lichtlayer.bgl heißen hab grad keinen Zugriff auf die Daten). Oder anders gesagt, alles was HELL ist wird bei HDR noch ein vielfaches heller dargestellt. Das führt zwangsläufig zu Problemen mit Lichtern und hellen Texturen. Montag werde ich für HDR Nutzer Austauschtexturen machen um das Überstrahlen abzudämpfen. Alternativ kann man HDR auch ausschalten und den Lichtlayer aktiv belassen (mit oder ohne dynamische Lichter) Thorsten
  14. No, 22.74 is the price for going directly to Barcelona Pro from the old Mega Airport Barcelona X. We were dicussing the update price for a customer buying Barcelona Evo now and asking for a pro update later.
  15. SimWings EGLL Pro HDR Lighting Issues

    Please see my answer in the other thread