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  1. Barcelona X Evolution preview

    @douh : Thanx for the input. For all I attached a new screenshot showing the city of Barcelona we have been working at. A release is expected for end of July/mid August (Not much left but we ran into vacation season, sorry). Thorsten
  2. Gran Canaria preview

    TFS is allready "work in progress". Our swiss colleague Mike has allready finished a lot of ground work, like airport ground retouche, splines for PP and TWYl ines, Island aerials etc. As we have told several times: Work on different projects is often done parallel and sometimes one airport overtakes another during development due to manpower and organisation, or other circumstances.
  3. Barcelona X Evolution preview

    No I can´t. Afaik ORBX is using a technique that will be overwritten by the use of SDK photo landclass scenery. So the only one who could change this is ORBX themself. But as an option you can use the airport solely without the big city area.
  4. Barcelona X Evolution preview

    Hello, since the last screenshot were mostly about the airport I like to share some WIP screens of the surrounding of the LEBL airport that covers a huge area between Tarragona, Lloret de Mar and Manresa to have a nice approach at El Prat from all directions. All is WIP (actually ships, cranes etc. are missing). The entire area is covered with autogen and aerial pictures have a very good resolution (0.5m/pix at the entire area and 0.25m/pix at the airport) Thorsten Click at the pictures and than at "Full Size" (lower left corner of the picture) to get a better resolution
  5. Barcelona X Evolution preview

    Hi, after coming accross the last posts a short note from the developer: We appreciate every help/hint while developing sceneries, also about glas tint. And as I wrote before: the screenshots are WIP. So please finally judge our work when it is available to the public and all concerns/hints/suggestion made or didn´t made their way into the final release. Regarding the glass tint: It is allready green and seeing it from different angles shows how it becomes more or less green depending on sunlight, daytime etc. So finally we have to fine tune it when all 3D work is done. And to all locals who are affraid of not getting the "real" airport: I´m "half" local as well as my son is living and working in Barcelona and I had the opportunity to take airport pictures and make visits for several times (and will continue). So no worries here, please. But ofcourse we cannot rebuilt the airport to every smallest detail, as it is still a real time simulation that has ALLWAYS to be a simplification of the reality. Thorsten, sim-wings.
  6. Barcelona X Evolution preview

    Yes, I got that allready, but what´s the (your) problem to update to the most recent version and stay with old 3.2? Btw: Wouldn´t it be easy for you to transfer the ground of the MK Studios FSX version to your P3D 3.2 Version and skip the P3D 3.4 ground?
  7. Barcelona X Evolution preview

    Well, I don´t get the point: What is the problem with the latest release 3.4.22.x?
  8. Barcelona X Evolution preview

    OK, here we go with some WORK IN PROGRESS screenshots. Please keep in mind that this will not be the final product, just a momentary snapshot of what I had on my screen during the last weeks. What is missing on the screens: Enhanced shadows at apron, dirt and skidmarks at apron, utlity cars and people, vegetation, cars, surrounding photo textures, some terminal interiors... and so on. But enjoy it anyway. Thorsten
  9. Menorca X Evolution Flickering Textures

    hi jeff974, the problem is that there are only a very few customer having this problem and until now I couldn´t find the culprit. At my p3D everything works perfect, which doesn´t make it easy. Still working on it, expect some testfiles next week. Thorsten
  10. Menorca X Evolution Flickering Textures

    is it working for you now or not?
  11. Menorca X Evolution Flickering Textures

    Could yo give me some more infos about your Add ons (EZ camera or something?) and sim and post a screenshot of that area? Thorsten
  12. FSX SE IBIZA X Salinas beach bug when flying low

    OK, here we go: Substitute the existing file at IBIZA_TERRAIN/scenery with the one of the attached zip and the "land" is gone. The reason was a corrupted water polygon mixing up some coordinates. Now I have set up a new one and all is fine. File is for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D. File will also soon be part of the full installer (for those who do not want to do copy files) Thorsten
  13. LEPA 1.03 problem with centerlights (green).

    Here we go: It was a Z-Buffer problem. Don´t know when p3D introduced the new behaviour. Anyway: Here´s a patch. We´ll put this in the final install soon. For the meantime you can use the attached zip File (P3D ONLY!!) Copy the included bgl file into LEPA_EVO_AIRPORT/scenery AND rename the files CENTERlightsRE.BGL and LEPAapronlinesGroup6RE.bgl to *.off or remove/delete them. (The reason is that I had to merge the lights together with the lines to avoid alpha/Z-buffer conflicts) Thorsten
  14. Mallorca X Evo crash zone (FSX)

    OK, I found it. Sorry for that, just another proof for Murphy´s law: The "old" wigwags with crashboxes made it into the finals 1.03 Version. We´ll change that soon in the full installer. In the meantime (or alternative) you can use the zip file I attached again (same like the older one that is not downloadable anymore) Exchange the existing files of Mallorca/Airport/Scenery with the files of the Zip. Thorsten
  15. FSX SE IBIZA X Salinas beach bug when flying low

    Will get into this to see what can be done.