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  1. thats the packs
  2. Hi twix! Surprisingly in the a320 Family on both engines you barely feel a N1 increase. You could say that Its unnoticeable. In the trent 700 Its nearly the same because the Engine produces more bleed than it actually needs. The cf6 and pw4000 turn into real high performer and increasing the Power really much when turning in the WAI and EAI. Greets Wackenopfer autocorrects can be ignored
  3. Keep calm. Has anybody said, that the sound is not modelled or similar? Stefan is a professional. His Job is to model the aircraft, Not the sound or performance. Here are many people involved as modelling, writing Code which you can already See in the 320 RE. And all the pilots with flight Data and handling Input und ground Personal such as ground Crew and maintenance personal. In what extent the door ist modelled is mainly in Stefans Hand. And i guess every future customer and every from the development Crew wants a perfect model besides a adequate flight model. You are after all Not forced to buy the Product if the APU sound is a reason to buy the craft. Yours and open for Diskussion Wackenopfer
  4. Inside the flight deck the APU is not audible with flight deck door and door 1 closed. But the APU cleaning howl is. Be aware that the APU in the -300 is roughly 75m behind and few meters above you
  5. Hi! the ACMS Reports are totally optionable. For example EW A332 prints a long as hell vibration report on landing. The ACMS Reports deliver a variety of reports in many kinds but are not very interesting. (and me as a technician says this...) They are only a total waste of printer paper. <----- ATTENTION: OPINION!
  6. And additionally the A330-300 does not have a center tank. You "only" can carry ca. 70to of fuel with you.
  7. As a guy who works on 737/320/330 everyday. From the outside you can be happy to see a Pax' head tingeling around. But thats the most you'll get. Especially on the A330. From the outside you have too many reflections as the windows structure already consists of 3 panes. So at least >> I << dont care if we do not have a cabin if i get more FPS and just now we are on a very good way with Stefans model in regards to the current status. Greets from HAM
  8. @Copper. nearly in every aircraft in turn around or longer groundtime, even before checkwork or before releasing the aircraft in the technical log, you can find various paperwork, so its DIRECTLY seen by anyone who enters the cockpit. Often Pilots slew a bit printer paper and write: "REM FOB 3,0. Good Flights! :)" and push that paper through the EFIS switches for the next crew. Or we put MEL / CDL Items in between the throttles because they HAVE to touch it and it cannot be forgotten. and even the paperwork of the Ramp Agent is layed on the pedestal. before the flight our collegues in the front are reviewing their brief quite often. Thats why its not stowed away too early. All these is normal at LH, GWI, TUI, AB, EW(SXD), EZY. And believe me these airlines have a decent organisation. After all we (the maintenance), the ramp agents and pilots are working together to deliver the pax a decent and desirable feeling of a nice, good and safe flight. Thus i have to admit the paperwork in aviation is gross. Most airlines have a hidden paper production. the flying is just for fun..
  9. Thanks for Feedback. But as i obviously can see at work on many many aircraft SELCAL is not fitted anymore. Furthermore it does not work hand in hand with the HF Transmission system. The AC - AC - ATC transmissions are simplified thourgh FANS (FUTURE AIR NAVIGATION SYSTEMS) respectifely (if installed) ADS-B and also HF-DATALINK TRANSMISSION. But as authority regulations state Aircrafts in distinctive flights need to be equipped with ATC Type-S Transponder which send all relevant data like (speed, heading, height, reg) which is obviosuly easier to decode as a 4 digit audible SELCAL-Sign. Even the SELCAL Coding Panel is still a very old Unit where you dial in the Code via Rotaries. SATCOM is a solely system which can be used besides HF-DATALINK. They both work only from RMP 3. Means one at a time. CPDLC is a part of FANS using either of these SATCOM is but very very expensiveas the satellites and ground stations still have to be paid like a telephone-bill at home on use. Lets end realwork and continue with simulation where this obviously doesnt care anyone. Or at least should. But we all know simmers.
  10. SELCAL is not anymore used. many new aircraft even dont have the SELCAL Encoder/Decoder installed anymore. The ATC Type S has all relevant information which are needed. And that without actively pushing switches and buttons
  11. Maintenance Fun Fact: When measuring the Brake Wear Indicator (a Pin which mustnt fall under a certain length) a carbon brake pin will shrink under heat unlike a steel brake which obviously enlargens under heat. Means you have to wait until you get a good value of the pin. so you have to drink more coffee.
  12. Hello, Beacon Synchronizing is not different for flight or on ground. it is timed by the Light Unit of the Beacon and is synchronized with the Strobe lt. As you can read few pages or less back explained by me. So you don't have to be worried as the devs (not only Stefan) will be designing this as real as possible ( and that will be acurate by the data delivered to them)
  13. I am not a pilot but whatever I think i answered the STROBE AUTO question before. The AUTO Position in an Airbus works hand in hand with the Beacon switch. Also it doesn't...somehow....yeah. Anyway: Beacon...ON Strobe.....ON Both are synchronized by a timing system timing the beacon flash for 1Hz and the Strobe Flash TAIL 1Hz and Wings 2Hz in between ___ Beacon...OFF Strobe....OFF Both are off ___ Beacon OFF Strobe...ON Strobe flashes with 1Hz ___ Beacon OFF Strobe AUTO When MLG compressed: Both OFF When MLG not compressed: Strobe is flashing ___ Beacon ON Strobe AUTO When MLG compressed: only beacon on When MLG not compressed: both synchronized
  14. Then the other bulb was burned. One switch -> two bulbs adressed Unlike a Mercedes/Ford, etc. who actually do have this feature
  15. The A330 does not have turning Lights. All Lights are fixed as only the inner Tube of the Landing Gear Strut turns. So in that case you'll see. No moving Taxi Lt. avail TAXI and TO Lt. are not in the pic. They are more upward.