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  1. I second what Walter said. Tom, you're doing a great job for us here in the forums - keep it up! For anyone who disagrees... merely take a look at any other developers commercial forums. Moreover, people who don't read the pinned post at the top of every page and ask questions which are answered in that pinned post.... we don't hate them or want to make them feel uncomfortable, but their questions (which have been answered so many times that it's difficult to put a number on them) simply detract away from the purpose of this thread - and that can lead to the thread itself becoming worthless for those who read this thread to get updates. That is what we're trying to prevent. Things like this always get this way when a product is nearing release as we get people logging in who have not been following the product's developmental progress. My vote was to make this thread read only, and have another thread for questions, but it was decided to keep this thread bi-lateral and as such we have to remind people to read the pinned post before posting a question. That is all Tom is doing, and there is everything right (correct about it). Please, let's now stay on target and not divert into another area. Best wishes.
  2. While you're waiting, the current version does work in P3Dv4/ Best wishes.
  3. Another way of thinking about this... to have a functional CPDLC, you have to have something for it to communicate with. PMDG and POSCON (link provided as I know some people have broken Google Searches... LOL! https://poscon.net/) will be providing this, so you'll have to ask them when it will be functional. Otherwise, it's like having just one telephone... you can talk into it all you want, but unless there is someone else with a telephone your conversation will be one sided!
  4. Yes sir, we're using those tools now in the Beta without any issues.
  5. Jason, We're very sorry to hear of what sounds like a less than satisfactory, albeit rare experience with our company. Have you contacted us at support@aerosoft.com as Tom asked you to? Rest assured that our team is eager to help, we may just need to get you to the right person. Feel free to Private Message me all of the relevant information regarding your order, as well as any response you received from Aerosoft, and I will ensure that it gets to the correct person. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Best wishes.
  6. PMDG is offering other developers Tier 1 or Tier 2 level of involvement in the Global Operations Center. Aerosoft producys will available themselves of Tier 1.
  7. I keep it turned on for my rig, but this is because of all the other software I run while in flight. You very well may find that keeping it turned off is better, but it's simple to turn on/off so I would test it on your system to see which is best. As is so often the case in flight sim, what works well on one rig doesn't work well on another, so always better to check this for yourself. Best wishes.
  8. Really? Lockheed Martin informed the community (and developers) of the release date just days before the Expo. I know it's easy to believe that LM tells us far in advance of such decisions, but they don't and they really can't as (like any other developer) they don't know when bugs will pop up or how long it may take to resolve them. In other words, we have to wait on LM just like our customers have to wait on us to find problems and resolve them. LM moved towards releasing the update quickly after determining it's ready, just like we do with our software. Add to this that the vast majority of P3D users update that platform as soon as they can, and then bombard third party developers because the software is not compatible with the latest version of P3D that was released withing 24 hours. The posts about this can be found in our forums as well as on other sites. It's just another example of damned if you do and damned if you don't. Mathijs' decision was based on all of this and more, and it was made to benefit the largest number of our customers. I hope this shines a little light on things. Best wishes.
  9. I had a terrific conversation with Winfried during the recent Flight Sim Expo, and one of the issues I raised was the cost that people often have to incur if they wish to join the flight sim world. Later the same conversation played out with other developers, so believe me it's on people's minds and we kicked a few ideas around. That said, there is nothing we can do about the cost of building a new system capable of running P3DV4+. The good news is that (after prices of new items stabilize) processor prices haven't changed that much since 2010, memory costs are far lower than what they were in 2010, as are power supplies and water coolers. The costs that have shot up are graphics cards, and some believe this is due to the number of people using graphics processors for crypto currency mining. Option 1: Building a system to fly general aviation aircraft from small to default airfields in P3Dv4+ is going to cost at least $800 USD. Option 2: Building a system to run high end airliners at high end payware scenery with other addons will cost at least $1200 USD, and the same old rule applies... get as much CPU and GPU as you can afford. The magic processor speed for running P3Dv4+ in an active environment (AI aircraft or online traffic) is 4.0+ GHz and for me it's 4.5GHz. This often means overclocking, which is preferable to using a Turbo mode as the latter seems to lead to a less frame rate friendly environment. As far as I'm concerned, having a water cooled processor is a must, and this only adds about $120 to the overall cost of the system. Why watercooled? Well, you can work your processor harder while keeping the temps down, thus adding to the stability while running flight sim as well as protecting your system (investment). With the way things are going, the only graphics card I would consider is the NVIDIA 1080, which matches up to the processor speeds noted above. Right now you can pick up a vanilla 1080 for about $600 USD and the prices will drop when the next NVIDIA card is released. Memory is easy. 16GB minimum of the fastest RAM your system will run, though I would certain get 32GB. Hard drives are a bit stickier, SSDs are great but need to be backed up (I image them every so often) to a traditional hard drive. Not all SSDs are created equally, and you'll need to research and compare them before selecting one. If an SSD isn't in your budget then there are some fine analog drives. That said, having 32GB of RAM will help out a bit while running P3Dv4+ in a scenery laden environment. Instead of trying to push an $800 system to provide a terrific flight sim experience, I would recommend saving up to by a system that will last you for years. This is what I did 6 years ago I purchased and built my i7-4770K system and today I'm still able to run the latest flight sim software / addons while not struggling at all to maintain 30+fps. I hope this has been helpful, and extend to everyone my very best wishes.
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    Aerosoft at FSExpo?

    Yes sir, the presentation was designed to give an overview of the company rather than a specific product. But I had some great conversations with Aerosoft customers at the Aerosoft booth and elsewhere at the Expo. Absolutely terrific people who loved Aerosoft! I enjoyed meeting them very, very much!
  11. There is, and there is a payware and freeware product available for doing this. I'm about to leave for Vegzs, so PM me about this so I won't forget and I'll give you a link when I return. Alternatively you could Google this yourself, which is what I will do upon my return.
  12. So that everyone understands, the stream in question was NOT my stream (and I don't know who's stream it was). I've been streaming Aerosoft Beta products (and those from many other developers) for many, many years. I don't drink, and I don't smoke cigarettes, but I'm not about to find fault with those who do sp on their personal streams. My stream is centered around adults, though anyone is welcome. My stream also includes the voice server for the private group I belong to (the average length of time in flight simulation is roughly 30 years for our members), and the language at times can be a bit colorful and there is often a lot of kidding around, but it is all intended to be in good fun and when a viewer has a question we're happy to answer it (if we're able to). Our streams of Beta products are strictly product demonstrations. Beta testing is performed OFFLINE and is often very boring work that others wouldn't want to see anyway. The viewers we've had join us seem to have enjoyed the stream and seeing the products very much, and I'm always happy to answer any product questions they have (so long as I'm able to). We love Aerosoft customers (present and future) to participate and with only a few exceptions all the viewers have been terrific. Just a word though, we maintain a zero troll tolerance and have no problem with banning someone (and I HATE doing this, I really, REALLY do) who's real motive is to be disruptive. Trolls not only take away from the stream, but other viewers enjoyment and participation. Banning from my stream also includes banning them from the Annual Flight Sim Web Conference (we're coming up on our 4th annual conference) where we're joined by leading flight sim developers, host first ever looks at upcoming products, includes many terrific product giveaways, and averages 5000 participants each year. Of course Aerosoft is our primary sponsor and there is NOBODY better or that we enjoy having on each year than Mathijs. If you're interested, you can watch the stream at www.twtich.tv/ovpa or https://www.youtube.com/onlinevirtualpilotsassociation. Note please that we're getting ready for the Las Vegas Flight Sim Expo so please don't expect too much streaming until after that, and even then it's only a few times per week due to product beta testing. NOTE: The Aerosoft Airbus is going through changes all the time, so watching past videos won't give you the best look at the product. The best thing to do is to Follow the stream to received notifications of our Live Streams. Please remember that streams of other Beta Testers are their personal streams, and while they are demonstrating an upcoming product the stream is not affiliated with Aerosoft. Best wishes my friends!
  13. It was outdated and might have mislead those not familiar with the current state. On top of that... some might have read it and thought that was it (due to not looking at what threads were available). Lots of reasons really. But feel free to post a question about what you were looking for my friend! Best wishes.
  14. Noting there are always exceptions, if (and it's a BIG "IF") we had to categorize FSX/P3D users, there would be those who make at least one flight per week and those who only occasionally make a flight. I'd have to say that the a great many of those who fly regularly have already updated to P3Dv4, and as someone who's performed FSX/P3D technical support for a very long time I can say without any hesitation that the performance and immersion of P3Dv4 is significant to that of FSX. In other words, if you're in the category of being more than an occasional user then upgrading one's system to run P3Dv4 is really a no brainer.. Sure, there is likely some cost involved, but you'll be VERY happy you made the move. To answer your question more directly, people are still moving to P3Dv4 has their budgets allow, and in my opinion FSX has already been relegated to being a nice entry level flight sim or of course a good flight sim for those who aren't able to upgrade (and for these valued people, there is already a TERRIFIC Aerosoft Airbus). Please do not take this to be any indication of what Aerosoft will do regarding future Airbuses for 32-bit. That decision will be made at some point in the future and is based on many different factors.
  15. I believe you're talking about wing flex. No sir, the Aerosoft Airbus A318-A321 will not be programmed with wing flex, however the A330 will. . This decision was made quite some time ago. For others... we've revisited the subject of wing flex many times over, and the decision has been made and affirmed each time. We realize some people care about this, but let's try not open up yet another discussion about wing flex. I hope everyone experiences some great flights this weekend! Best wishes!
  16. Friends, As you know, Connected Flight Deck will not be included in the initial release of our Airbus because Mathijs made the decision to get the Airbus out to the community as quickly as possible. You may not know this, but he's been driving the release for a very long time and many of the delays we've experienced really couldn't have been seen ahead of time. Shared Cockpit/Connected Flight Deck is going to explode in our community once the A318/A319/A320/A321 and A330 have been released and updated for Connected Flight Deck, and as Mathijs has said there are several developers (even one or two he doesn't know about yet) interested in using Connected Flight Deck. On top of this, there is a new online network brewing with a lot more customized coding than VATSIM/IVAO allows for, including a few special things for Shared Cockpit pilots. Shared Cockpit is also moving to other venues such as DCS. In fact, it's already in DCS, just not how we like it at present - but that's going to change. For the longest time it's really been younger/newer members of the flight sim community who were most interested in Shared Cockpit, but thankfully I've been seeing a major change and a lot more people 40 to 60 years of age have increasingly been showing great interest! In fact, the private group/Beta Team I manage only has one person younger than 40 years of age, and even though he's in his late 20's he's shown a tremendous level of maturity and commitment. I met him 12 or so years ago (so he was VERY young then) and despite our age difference (I'm in my mid-50's) he's one of my best friends. What is remarkable about this is that we met via Shared Cockpit in the previous version of the Leonardo Maddog, and today we have a group of guys massively excited and devoted to flying shared cockpit. If you'll forgive me... that's what flight sim and our community should be, people meeting up, establishing friendships, and flying together. Try as you might, you simply don't have that with any VA (and say that with confidence as I'm extremely familiar with most every VA and/or flight sim group today and in the past). I believe we are quickly approaching a time where Shared Cockpit (Connected Flight Deck in Aerosoft speak, and it's a far better and less confusing name than "shared cockpit) is going to become the third major genre of flight simulation (offline flight sim, online flight sim, and shared cockpit). We have Leonardo, Majestic, and now Aerosoft (in a big way!) to thank for helping to move our flight simulation into the future! So, you may not be a fan of Shared Cockpit/Connected Flight Deck now, but if you ever experience it, I think you'll be hooked! What I suggest is started a small, intimate group with the idea of flying single and shared cockpit flights together. It's truly amazing! Best wishes.
  17. I can certainly understand your perception, but really it's just the opposite. I have over 8000 hours of Shared Cockpit time and vast majority of those flights were about 2 to 3 hours in length (including pre-flight). Everything I've done in the flight sim over the past 35 years really pales in comparison to flying shared cockpit, save for save for multi-player, cooperative, air combat sims. Flying shared cockpit during a VATSIM event? An absoltuely AMAZING experience! One of the terrific things about the upcoming Aerosoft A330 is the Connected Flight Deck (Shared Cockpit) as it will allow for crew changes.... so if you're a 3 hour type, then you can jump in and jump out! Best wishes!
  18. My friends, I think we've beaten the FS Elite review horse well into it's grave... in other words, let's move on from it, otherwise our Preview Thread is going to be way off course. People in the US and the UK had three days off this weekend... I hope you guy were able to get some great flights in, and you certainly will once the Airbus is out to you! Best wishes to everyone.
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  20. Those are IMMENSELY impressive shots!
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    CRJ 700/900X Update Progress

    Ah, sorry... I got mixed up. I'll ask Hans to jump in and explain.
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    CRJ 700/900X Update Progress

    We released one a few weeks ago... did you get it?