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  1. With VSync on I get 30fps everyone with everything (payware airports, aircraft, etc.). I also run a TON of flight sim software (ActiveSky, Navigraph Charts, Avilasoft EFB, Vpilot, Stream software, Stream Chat software Stream Monitoring software, Group Voice Server, Web Browser, Email,
  2. FYI... that is not considered a low end system, with a graphics card upgrade it would be considered High End. I'm presently running an i7-4770K at 4.56GHz with a GTX1080 and there isn't anything I can't run at average 30fps or greater... and I have my frames locked via Vsync at 30fps. One thing though, I do use a 55 inch 4K but also have three other 23 monitors on the same card. I consider upgrading about every 6 months, but honestly I just don't need to! Best wishes.
  3. Bill, Thank you for your comments and discussion of Connected Flight Deck (Shared Cockpit). I won't speak to the timeline for implementation of CFD as it's not my place PLUS one never knows what's going to happen with software development. As such I'll let Mathijs answer the time line question. Yes, we are indeed going to have a community (meeting place) for pilots. There are also several other meeting places already in existence and a few open and one private group for Shared Cockpit. I've been leading the Shared Cockpit community and consulting for developers and other groups for about 14 years now, and you're in agreement with me and Mathjis that it's something that we've needed to have as a major genre for quite some time. Below is a link to last years Flight Sim Web Conference where Mathijs describes Connected Flight Deck features. At this point I can say that I'm very impressed with the server based platform, though I have many more tests to run. WEB CONFERENCE Should you wish, feel free to contact me via PM. Best wishes!
  4. My friend, even if Mathijs answers that question, it really doesn't tell you anything in regards to when the aircraft will be ready for release, simply because not all bugs (show stoppers or others) require the same amount of work. So to be clear, there is absolutely nothing worthwhile from such answers. That said, feel free to ask my friend. Best wishes.
  5. Friends, I don't wish to derail this thread... but have you seen this upcoming Aerosoft product? Just INCREDIBLE!!! Any comments please post them in the linked thread... thanks!
  6. Zain, Frank is spot on correct. Though we never called it that, we are in affect conducting AGILE testing. Beyond that statement, we can not and will not go into details about our testing but rest assured that we have many professionals working the product... some of which are both certified Quality Assurance Engineers and Technical Program Managers who worked with specific emphasis on testing hardware and software. Additionally, Aerosoft does not believe in dumping out an Aircraft as a Beta and having people pay for it, and there have been instances where developers who did this never finished the product or still have their aircraft in Beta after over 3 years since the initial beta release. We understand that there will still be bugs found by members of the community post release but those familiar with complex software development (of any kind) know that this is always the case - for many different reasons but chiefly that there are so many different systems and configurations in the community so there will always be issues come up that we've didn't see in testing. Again, normal for software development. Our development and test team is comprised of seasoned professionals from many disciplines including real world pilots and engineers to average to advanced flight simmers. EVERYONE: None of us should be swayed by the opinion of people who are rightfully anxious for release and sometimes go a little too far with their posts, or those who mistakenly conduct themselves badly here in our house (they forget we are a large company and this is our commercial board), or those whose true intentions is just to stir up trouble. Believe it or not, EVERY flight sim developer has to deal with this especially as a product reaches the point where things start moving towards release (as Mathijs said, we don't know a date). Let's try and remember that the party who wants the Airbus released more than anyone is Aerosoft. If we keep that thought front and center, then we'll have a venue for intelligent conversation in this forum. Failure to do this means that we'll have the opposite and I'm pretty sure that none of want that here in the forum. Aerosoft will not release the product before it's ready, and a maximum effort is already in place. Now, I know (for a fact) that some of the people posting haven't been in flight sim long enough to know that aircraft products often take 3 to 5 years to develop. Shoot, the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Pro was in development for over 6 years, the NGX for over 5 years and I could go on and on. Those products were developed for an unchanging product (FSX), while today we are developing for a product that is still being developed - meaning that we find things during our development that LM has to first acknowledge, then research and then fix while ensuring the fix doesn't create problems elsewhere. A by product of this is that we continue to push flight sim immersion higher and higher... which has been going on for as long as there has been flight sim software. Something more important is for everyone to remember that there is no excuse to be disrespectful to the anyone (staff or other members of our community) in our forums. As we return to having voting in this thread, I want to remind everyone to treat others as they themselves wish to be treated. The staff will be watching for people who abuse voting and will take swift action for those who do. Also a reminder that it is not acceptable to downvote any staff member for posts associated with their responsibilities. Personal posts are fine, but if it's a staff member acting officially then a downvote will be considered as disrespect and that we won't tolerate - their job is already far more difficult than most people would believe. Aerosoft is a tremendously respected company who has and continues to do many things for the flight sim community. Our posts should reflect appreciation and the respect due to a company and it's people who have remained devoted to flight simmers having an immersion and realism based experience.

    I know, right? I meant to address that as well! Too funny! The "Royal We".

  9. Just to put the final nail in this horses coffin.... Customers will be able to set it either way. Default is for the use of Rudder Peddles for the nose wheel steering, however you can alternately set a tiller via FSUIPC (Registered Version) if you wish. Best wishes.
  10. I've already converted several of the old liveries to the new model. I believe there are 3 files that need to be moved from an existing (livery provided with the aircrash () to the old livery and it works perfectly. Takes less than 30 seconds, so you have nothing to worry about. Best wishes.
  11. Walter, now I know that you're much nicer than than that! Let's all try to avoid writing posts that can be taken as offensive, and try to make everyone here feel welcome here! Francesco, There is no published release date for this (or any other) of our products. There are no more estimates being given for release dates. Mathijs provides updates on progress and he will let people know when the Airbus is ready for release. Other than that, any comments, statements, guesses or questions on release dates are being immediately removed by the staff. We understand and love the enthusiasm, but we want to avoid pages and pages of "when is the release date" posts in the Preview forum. Best wishes!
  12. Speaking for the entire team... we can't wait to get it to you guys and everyone is working hard to do just that!
  13. Problem with AIRAC update 18/02

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  14. fuel consumption

    I believe what EMI is talking about is regulations and airline policies for a required fuel reserve. As far as the fuel calculation goes it is a separate entry and on most modern airliners it is often a separate entry into the FMS. SimBrief provides an ability to calculate fuel and to add a fuel reserve - and it will then provide you with documentation for the flight (including fuel figures) tailored to many different airline formats. I've been so busy over the past few years that I've not had an opporunity to learn PFPX but it may well do the same for you. Hope this helps answer your questions. Best wishes.
  15. CRJ copilot feature

    Connected Flight Deck (CFD) won't be included in the INITIAL A318/A319 release, it will follow sometime afterwards. It's a guess, but I believe we'll see CFD for the A318/A319 and the CRJ at around the same time. Maybe not THE SAME TIME, but somewhat close together. Best wishes!
  16. Same as the last update we provided just a few days ago my friend. While we appreciate the enthusiasm (and we really do!), there is really no need to ask for updates as we provided them weekly AND as Mathijs needs to. Best wishes.
  17. CRJ copilot feature

    I thought I'd add... we'll be including the CRJ in Aerosoft's Connected Flight Deck, so you'll be able to have a human copilot! Best wishes.
  18. No sir, no Neo in these Airbuses. For additional information we've placed a stickied post at the top of each page. Best wishes.
  19. Eventually that is our intent, but as the products (A318/A319, A320/A321, A330) will be released at different times we won't have a combined package for a while. But there will be discounts that will equal the package price discount.
  20. Gentlemen, We've heard and understand the open window vs. sound concern, and many thanks for that. Mathijs will take the matter under advisement, so let's move forward please. Best wishes.
  21. Hello Patrick, I'm not sure which streaming software you're using, but I use OBS and it has some incredible tools for the streams audio output which can help to mitigate the issue you're speaking of. If interested, feel free to PM me. Best wishes.
  22. Problem MCDU

    I'll have to check to be sure, but I'm fairly sure you can't use an Airport for creating a manual waypoint. Try using a VOR and see how that works. Alternatively you have set a Lat/Long as a fixed point to set the manual waypoint from. Best wishes.
  23. Question for developer

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.