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  1. DaveCT2003

    passenger cabin lights

    We are looking at adding this feature.
  2. DaveCT2003

    Request an Train/Bus/Airport/Aircraft/Tool thread

    Thanks for the input. Does the scenery below not cover what you're looking for? I know you said the entire island, but I'm not sure that is something that most people would be interested in purchasing, they care more about the airport itself and besides, the more custom, high end graphics that have to be loaded will affect frame rates. https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/prepar3d/sceneries/2173/canary-islands-professional-la-palma
  3. DaveCT2003

    Not following ascent/descent path

    Gregory, These aircraft are often flown without VNAV, which is the work around for those who are having this issue. As Mathijs posted a few days ago, we finally have some information on this issue that allows us to look at and make some changes to the code and that is being done.
  4. DaveCT2003

    Complete powerloss mid light

    Mike, do you have any Carenado aircraft installed?
  5. Personally, I've been waiting for the i9's, which are out this fall. If you can wait, I'd give them a hard look!
  6. DaveCT2003

    cockpit lights

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  7. DaveCT2003

    cockpit lights

    There are two black knobs which hang down from the FCU (Flight Control Unit). I believe these are what you're looking for my friend. Best wishes.
  8. DaveCT2003

    "SPEED, SPEED" on approach

    Gary, Are you familiar with the Approach and Landing Speed calculations the Airbus does for you? I also forgot to mention a great document we provided with the aircraft called "Vol8-Weird and Wonderful Logic", going through that will help turn you into a pro! Best wishes my friend.
  9. DaveCT2003

    "SPEED, SPEED" on approach

    It's not really complicated my friend. You might also want to take a look at all the PFD indicators in the manual, knowing what these are is essential to flying the Airbus and as you'll see there are indications for just the condition that you originally asked about. Spending some time to learn those indicators will help you immesurably when you face different situations. I realize that majority of answers you get from me is to look at the documentation, but the only alternative is to learn things piece meal by posting questions here in the forum. The documentation provides answers immediately. For instance, I did a Folder PDF search (to search all documents in the Airbus Documentation folder) for "Speed Speed" and wah-la! The relevant manual and section came right up. Then I noticed the heading of the section ( LOW ENERGY WARNING ) and I searched for that and it came up in several documents. Such is the art of searching for information. To search all the Aerosoft Documents at once simply open the first (or any) document, select Shift-Control-F, identify the documents folder you want to search, enter your term and click on Search and it will search all the Aerosoft Documents at once. Best wishes my friend!
  10. DaveCT2003

    "SPEED, SPEED" on approach

    Also, Volume 6, Page 99, Section 59 (also located towards the bottom of the page). Best wishes!
  11. DaveCT2003

    "SPEED, SPEED" on approach

    Gary, Please see Volume 4, Page 15, "LOW ENERGY WARNING" section at the bottom of the page. Best wishes.
  12. DaveCT2003

    Aerosoft Airbus and Vatsim

    I concur. Which version of FSUIPC are you using?
  13. DaveCT2003

    Setting up a new call sign

    PMDG uses "SPEEDBIRD" in their config, so I'm pretty sure it works like that... but I'd love to hear if it's not.
  14. DaveCT2003

    Setting up a new call sign

    I'll enter this one as a bug in our database. Thanks for pointing it out Gary!
  15. DaveCT2003

    Setting up a new call sign

    Sure, easy to do I tihnk. Open your aircraft.cfg file which is located at: C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\Documents\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A318 CFM Professional, and change "atc_airline = British Airways" to "atc_airline=SPEEDBIRD" and you should be all set. Best wishes.