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  1. Forum search will answer this. Best wishes.
  2. Yeah, I believe most experienced flight simmers would say the same thing - I know it's true for me a well. It's easy to get caught up in these little things, and forget the bigger picture.
  3. Speed limitation

    I'd have to look it up, but I believe there is something different about the A319 as well.
  4. Yeah, just saw that. I wasn't aware we'd released that information yet.
  5. Speed limitation

    There is a lot that I (and I'm sure Frank, or any other pilot) can say regarding the OPs question. Ruling out some particular approaches (not typically flown by commercial airliners), this is caused by not planning the descent. However should you find yourself in such a situation, one of the best courses of action would be to level out, reduce speed, and perform one or more 360 degree turns while descending at a rate that won't increase your speed or will allow you to continue to slow, until you've reached a speed/altitude profile that fits with your approach. Remember that turning the aircraft will also help you to slow. Another way is to perform wide S-turns turning your descent, though this will not be as effective as what I mentioned above. You could also use cross-controls, but depending on your speed this could cause damage to the airframe and control surfaces. The best option is to plan your descent so that you don't have to do the above. Best wishes.
  6. FSUIPC is not required for setting up joystics/controllers. One can use FSUIPC if they wish, but Aerosoft recommends just using the standard FSX/P3D control settings.
  7. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/9c11949b-3ad0-4844-986d-2f7ba306a4e3 ?????
  8. ipad mcdu not typing

    Not sure, but I'm going to move your post to a different forum as this has nothing to do with Connected Flight Deck.
  9. CFD "Not connected"

    I understand. Please read the OVPA Guides, they will help and educate you on some important things regarding Shared Cockpit/Connected Flight Deck. Best wishes.
  10. CFD "Not connected"

  11. My feedback on the CRJ

    Well Dave, we have thousands of customers who don't have any problem with the LNAV or any other major issues that some customers have - but we are concerned that some people have had issues and we are working hard to over come this issue.. As I've stated several times here in the forums, not one of the Beta team had any major issues with the release candidate. This means that the problems some have must have something to do with the differences between their computers and the computers of those who aren't suffering these problems. In other words, if we don't know about a problem, we don't know about the problem. If we had known prior to release, then of course we wouldn't have released it - nobody at Aerosoft is stupid. Now, based on your comments I have to assume that you're either very new to the flight simulation community, or you just haven't purchased other high end commercial aircraft at release. The most celebrated PMDG model (the NGX) had serious problems at release (and none of their Beta Testers/Dev Team had seen them either), as have many other high-end addons. The Aerosoft In House Beta Team is comprised of pilots certified on the platform and some of the most experienced flight simmers in the community, and they know how to test software. I myself am professionally certified in software testing, and I flew the wings off the CRJ for well over a year prior to release with many of my flights being live streamed to the community. Anyone who watched them could see that I didn't have the issues that some people are reporting. We do believe people are suffering from these problems, and Hans has been working to re-write code to overcome them for people who experience these problems. But it's difficult because he can't reproduce them either. Again, there is some type of difference between the software on the computers. It is noteworthy that the few who took Mathijs advice and reinstalled Windows and all their flight sim software had the problems disappear. Finally, it is common for people not to have any issues with one piece of software, and then have problems with another. We see this all the time in the flight sim community, and it almost always points to a problem on the customer's system, a problem that doesn't show itself until a new product is installed. I'm not suggesting that is the issue here, I merely state this to address those posts we see where customers say "all my other aircraft work just fine, so it has to be the CRJ". There are a lot of variables that most customers aren't aware of and such comparisons, while they might seem logical to customers, just don't pan out when looked at from the development side. But rest assured that we do listen, and we take everything our customers say seriously. Next time you feel like criticizing a flight sim developer, I might suggest reading past staff comments or at least asking some questions first. In this case, your criticism is unfounded, way off base, and it was addressed before. That doesn't mean that we don't understand your frustrations and that we're not concerned, we do, and we are. After all, we are flight simmers too! My best wishes to you, and hope that our upcoming update resolves the problems you're having.
  12. CFD "Not connected"

    Where did you guys purchase the Airbus from? If you purchased from Steam, there is a problem with the Steam Installation that prevents Connected Flight Deck from working. I would recommend getting a refund from Steam and purchasing the Airbus from Aerosoft. If you purchased the Airbus from any other source other than Steam, then you should be fine. Be sure you both disabled any security software prior to installing the Airbus, have Windows User Account Control (UAC) slider set all the way down, and run the Airbus installer "As Admin". Also be sure you both have the same NavData and that is is selected in the Configurator. If you done all of the above, then Hamachi is giving you problems (normal). I don't support Hamachi (and Aerosoft no longer recommends it), but instead highly recommend using Port Forwarding. For more information on this and troubleshooting your connection, please see the OVPA Guides pinned to the top of this forum. Please write back to let me know how you make out! Best wishes.
  13. AS professional airports -- crazy night textures

    Emanuel is absolutely correct. The more I move to the professional series, the more I don't use PTA at all. I know, some like the sky textures, but as I naval flight officer who has flown extensively and as a private pilot I can say that while PTA looks cool, it I've yet to fine anything that lends itself to realism. Now, to qualify that I'll say that I'm using some textures that haven't been released to the public yet, but even when I wasn't I preferred non-PTA for realism most of the time. Still, it's fun to play around with it, so I'm not knocking it at all. I'd recommend disabling PTA, re-checking on the ground textures and working yourself back from that. That's what we'd have to do in order to tell you what to change. Best wishes!
  14. I have no information on the upcoming update timeline, but I spoke with Hans and he's going to do his best to pop in to the forum tomorrow. Thanks to all of you for your patience, you've been great! Best wishes.