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  1. The FMC is the Flight Management Computer (hardware, which of course is run on software/firmware). I'm not sure about Airbus technical terms, but at least on Boeing there is the wider Flight Management System of which the FMGC (in Airbus systems, you'll find a "FMC" in Boeing aircraft) is a part and given the wide difference between Boeing and Airbus design the FMGC and Boeing's FMC are not exactly comparable operations wise. True, many people refer to the CDU/MCDU as the "FMC" regardless of whether the aircraft is a Boeing or Airbus.
  2. You are welcome to install the product in both sims. Best wishes!
  3. Version of Windows? If you don't believe you have a corrupt dll, then it's highly likely it's a hardware issue. I'd test that out and let us know how you made out. Best wishes.
  4. You've posted two separate problems in the same post. Let's work on your joystick in this thread. Very difficult to help without your system specs, can you please provide them? Also, I doubt the problem is with P3D programming, and it certainly wouldn't be with the Airbus, it's likely with your system, driver, a corrupt dll file, or something similar. Since you reported that you used the joystick for 3 years without issue (presumably with P3D, but please clarify), what changed? If there were absolutely no changes/updates to your system, it may be that you're hardware has suffered an issue. You can check this my connecting another controller and seeing if the problem still exists. If you don't have a second one, you can pick one up for less than $20 USD via Amazon. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
  5. Something else you can do which might be faster and easier... Change the In Hg / hPa setting (see the left circled item in the screen shots below) which will automatically change the format on the MCDU Approach Page - so no conversion will be needed. Hope this helps! Best wishes!
  6. You have to EDIT the texture.xxx [where xxx stands for the respective name of the livery] and remove what is specified in the instructions. Use Notepad to edit the files. Best wishes.
  7. Welcome Richard - spell checker got me... Reinhard!
  8. Taken from the AVSIM FSX CTD Guide: MSVCR80.dll, MSVCR90.dll, MSVCR100, MSVCR120 – belongs to Microsoft Visual Redistributable C++ 2005, 2008, 2010, or 2013/Visual Studio 2013 respectfully. The Visual C++ Redistributable Packages install run-time components that are required to run C++ applications that are built by using Visual Studio. The install program for your application, say P3D, will install the proper Visual if not already found on your system but sometimes these are modified by other application installations or the user deletes the Visual or the user used a backup program to install an P3D or FSX to a new Windows installation.  Run the Microsoft.net Repair Tool – Whenever you get a Microsoft.net error or Microsoft Visual C++ error (faulting module), run the Microsoft.net repair tool.  Uninstall FSX SP2 if installed, uninstall it via the Windows Add/Remove program (it will not remove FSX, just SP2). Restart your system. Reinstall FSX SP2. Restart your system.  Uninstall FSX Acceleration if installed, do the same procedure as for SP2 except remove Acceleration, Restart, install Acceleration, Restart. These actions will not remove your configuration files like FSX.cfg, scenery.cfg, dll.xml, exe.xml but if you want to be safe, back them up first.  If the above does not work, uninstall Microsoft Visual 2005, 2008, 2010, or VS 2013, as appropriate, using your Add/Remove Programs. Go to the website (see section above regarding Microsoft Visuals), download and reinstall. NOTE: Since you're running the Steam version (which is an updated version of FSX Acceleration), the second step does not apply to you, and the third step would be to Uninstall FSX:SE and reinstall.
  9. The C++ files are basically instruction sets called by software programmed to use them (so the programmer doesn't have to write them all over again). Software programmed to call them have to be able to find them, and in your case the instruction sets (C++ files) either don't exist or they can't be found (possibly due to a registry issues that re-installing them should resolve).
  10. No sir, this shouldn't matter at all.
  11. It's the same one, and it's the only solution that anyone at Aerosoft will point you to as the error you've reported clearly shows it's a problem with your C++ files. This is a problem with your system, not the Aerosoft software. We've provided you with the solution, and since this is not a problem with the Aerosoft software I'm afraid there really isn't anything else we can do. You might want to ask Microsoft for assistance with installing the C++ files. My very best wishes to you.
  12. See the following post, and do everything verbatim (exactly). That will solve your issue. Best wishes.
  13. The entire procedure please. The reason is that your issue could be caused by several things, and completing the entire procedure should solve them all, plus prevent other problems you might not have seen yet. Best wishes.