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  1. I understand why you believe this, but it very well might not be true. Laptops, except those very expensive ones built specially for gaming, have significantly slower bandwidths than their desktop counterparts. Additionally, the graphics cards (again, unless it's a laptop built specificially for gaming) are essentially emulators and though they will process the same instruction sets and outputs, they simply are no match for the full size graphics cards we place in our desktops to run FSX and P3D. In fact, the mere cost (between $160 and $1200) of these graphics cards is an indicator of both what they do and how much we rely on them for a simulator like FSX and P3D, and if one is attempting to run P3DV4 then the graphics card becomes significantly more important than they were under FSX and earlier versions of P3D. It's very common for us to see someone new to our hobby with a fairly high-end, non-gaming laptop not understand why their laptop is not really up to running FSX/P3D, and since I know very little about your actual system I'm not going to say this about yours, but we do see this fairly regularly. Herman's advice about starting with your graphics sliders set full left is spot on, as this will help reduce the processing load of your CPU and GPU, thus freeing up the available bandwidth throughout your computer as the PCI and USB buses - in fact everything that is tied to the CPU Clock, will run better if other processing isn't bogging down your computer. Someone earlier recommended that you try using FSUIPC, though I must point out that we don't recommend this for the Airbus unless someone has a specific reason to do this. The advice to ensure you don't have other assignments for your flight controls beyond those you assigned is also very good, as installing Saitek drivers always results in Saitek software creating it's own assignments (I really wish it didn't do that). You'll need to go through everything under controls (rudder pedals, yoke, etc.) and check for assignments you didn't create - and look especially for flight control assignments. You also may want to delete the existing flight control assignments that you created, close the simulator, reboot, open the sim up again, and then add the control assignments you want/need. Best wishes.
  2. Both Herman and Philifly787 have offered excellent advice. With P3D, you're going to have to install the other three versions of SimConnect manually. Give that a try and see if it helps your thrust levers. The procedure is contained in the link below, which also may offer some other help. Best wishes.
  3. Can cause the issues you're seeing, switch to Port Forwarding. Again, switch to Port Forwarding. In the Airbus, you should both set the panel state and allow all aircraft system to stabilize before connecting instead of changing the panel state after you've connected. Three other things that we've seen which could be causing or at least creating/exacerbating some of the issues you've reported: 1. Different versions of the Airbus. 2. One or both has a slightly corrupted install due to not disabling computer security prior to installing the Airbus. If you want to reinstall (it's very quick to do) then please follow the uninstall/reinstall procedure noted in the thread below. 3. Position desyncing can be caused by a variety of different issues, however a big difference in the frame rates between the two computers can directly cause this. To fly the Airbus, you should both have Frames of at least 18fps. Please let us know how you make out. Best wishes.
  4. No sir, Mr. Kok or Mathijs, (he's earned and deserves our respect... ) isn't joking, in fact he's spot on about lights/dynamic lights in P3DV4. Now the question to ask LM is whether or not they intend to change this down range - let's remember that they're still building the platform. That said, I have no idea what LM will do,but it certainly has my interest. For now I have to fly with Dynamic Lights = OFF every payware airport I've tried (I don't think any of them where recompiled for V4) while running payware aircraft in order to maintain decent frame rates. My system: i7-4770K with all 4 cores running at 4.5GHz, GTX960. Best wishes!
  5. It's not ALL about the wing, but insofar as this particular conversation, it's primarily about the wing (all things being equal). I was pleasantly surprised to this described/explained in the forthcoming CRJ documentation!
  6. I'm sure this would be beneficial to some in the user base as well! Many thanks and best wishes.
  7. Very cool video! http://video.foxnews.com/v/5468277033001/?#sp=show-clips
  8. It is likely that when you installed the Airbus you may not have either: 1) Disabled your antivirus, 2) Ran the installer "As Admin" I recommend you uninstall and reinstall the Airbus using the procedures below, then try again and let us know how you make out. NOTE: The problem you asked about doesn't seem to have anything to do with Connected Flight Deck (Shared Cockpit), so I will move your post to the Diverse section of the forums, located HERE.
  9. I am very happy to hear that you are up and running - good job! Happy flights! Best wishes.
  10. Sounds like you need to update your C++ redistributable files. see my post in the A320 update section regarding troubleshooting for instructions on updating these files. Best wishes.
  11. Check to ensure you installed the Airbus As Admin with comp. disabled, and the Webster selected in the Configurator. After that if it still doesn't work try disabling your hardware and software firewalls for your computer and software firewall if you have one on your tablet.
  12. Didn't get a chance to thank you for your answer re: CRJ 700/900 X database updates. So ..... thanks for clarifying.

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      You are most welcome!  Anytime.


  13. Hmm, not really. Certainly the CRJ-700/900 is a very highly anticipated aircraft, if not one of the top three that I've seen asked about over the past two years. But 737 and A320 (A318/A319/A320/A321) can be considered Regional Airliners, and there a host of other regional aircraft available starting with the B717, Avro, 135, 145, 175, 195 and well, the list is pretty long and completely dwarfs the number of long haul aircraft available. Best wishes.
  14. It will be compatible with Navigraph, in fact it's already on the Navigraph list of products - has been for some time, so don't read anything into this.
  15. The FMC is the Flight Management Computer (hardware, which of course is run on software/firmware). I'm not sure about Airbus technical terms, but at least on Boeing there is the wider Flight Management System of which the FMGC (in Airbus systems, you'll find a "FMC" in Boeing aircraft) is a part and given the wide difference between Boeing and Airbus design the FMGC and Boeing's FMC are not exactly comparable operations wise. True, many people refer to the CDU/MCDU as the "FMC" regardless of whether the aircraft is a Boeing or Airbus.