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  1. May I ask where you got that route from? I've checked the route against recently flown routes between the airports and it's not found. I also checked the charts for VOR PLB and I'm not able to find it or anything close to it. Same goes for CETTY. A few real world routes you might try can be found HERE. Best wishes.
  2. Great to see you doing this! I'm sure that you get a great feeling for making something for the community to use! Thank you very, very much!
  3. Gentlemen, If you'll read the posts above, you'll see that the either the problem the two people above are talking is not the S-turn (what someone (3w@#$#$IYU$@) referred to as Zig-Zack / Zig Zag... arrrgghhhh! !&^#^%#^%@(*!@!!!!!!, or they haven't explained the problem they are experiencing correctly. I'm going to take what they are saying at face value. Please, please, don't interfere with the staff's support efforts. Thanks.
  4. Can I ask you guys to perform the tutorial flight step by step and see if you have the same issue?
  5. Question On Updates

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  6. Question On Updates

    You are most welcome my friend, and again welcome to the Aerosoft community! Best wishes.
  7. Question On Updates

    The likely reasons the gauges aren't appearing is exactly what Mathijs said, they are compiled as 32 bit gauges and P3DV4 is a 64-bit sim. Moreover, the instruments might use graphics that are not longer compatible with P3D. I'm afraid this is an uphill battle that you're not going to win. How do I know? Because I spent many hours trying to get the Leonardo Maddog to work in P3D and had the same issue you're having. I'm afraid you'll just have to wait for the gauges to be updated for P3DV4, or maybe like me you'll have to say goodbye to an older platform or keep both FSX and P3D installed. Placing the FSX.exe in the P3D folder simply won't do anything for you operationally, and using an FSX installer (non-Unicode) to install to P3DV4 is going to trash all of your Config files (read up on this on the Lockkeed Martin Prepar3d site). I wish you the very best, but I'm afraid our team can't help you further on this as we would share an element of responsibility for what happens to your system, and we simply have to devote our time and resources to regular customer support. I hope you understand.
  8. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Victor, Welcome to the Aerosoft community! No. Maybe. I'm not entirely sure, but I hope so! You'll find more information in the preceding forum pages. Best wishes!
  9. Question On Updates

    Depending on the product and developer, some updates may only be to make the installer compatible with P3DV4. But when a product is revamped for P3DV4 (more than just an update) then it's possible it will work in P3DV1/2/3 and FSX - but unlikely. It is always best to run software created for a specific sim, but you can always test it yourself to see. One CAVEAT: Do not ever try to run a non-P3Dv4 installer to install a product into P3DV4, not ever. It will wreck your CFG files and you'll likely have to reinstall P3DV4. Best wishes.
  10. Freezed Flight Controls etc

    You are most welcome. The likely reason for that is you may not have noticed smaller problems, or you may not have been doing things like using Connected Flight Deck. Each product, and somtimes routines/functions in a product can use different versions of SimConnect and different versions of the C++ Redistributables. Let us know how you make out. Best wishes.
  11. Thanks for the info, but I'll need to know some of the items I asked for and don't have yet... weather engine and version, etc. Also, are you aware that the Direct To in the CRJ is not like it is in the Airbus or other aircraft? It's very unique, and if you're not aware of how it works it can cause the type of issues you're having.
  12. Freezed Flight Controls etc

    For the person running P3D having problems... have you run the manual SimConnect installers for P3D? This is a required part of the P3D installation that has to be done manually. If you haven't done this, there is a good chance this will resolve your issues. You can find the procedure in the thread below (don't pay attention to the title of the post, just use the part for manually installing the different SimConnect packages). By the way, it's possible to have a SimConnect package installed and have it currupted by a later software install. As such, it's never a bad idea to uninstall an reinstall the different versions of SimConnect. Same goes for the C++ Redistributables.
  13. Next Update ?

    It's a strange issue. For instance I've been flying the CRJ for well over a year and I can't reproduce this issue, not once! But I believe Hans has done some work on this that will hopefully fix this issue for those who have it.
  14. No problem. Yes sir. If that's where you bought it, that's where you have to get it from, and any issues with version numbers or downloads should be resolved with them. Best wishes.
  15. We'll need a little more information to understand what you're seeing as with the information you're giving right now we can't tell if this is one of the known issues or something inside the flight sim that's causing what your seeing. We are currently working on an update that resolves many different issues. My suggestion would be to wait for the update and try your flight again to see if the problem still remains. However if you wish, we'd certainly would mind seeing a series of screen shots or video with a written or audio narrative describing the problem. If you can provide this, please be good enough to provide your system specs, weather engine in use (including version number), if you were using Live Weather would you please provide the date and time the problem occurred (so we can attempt to duplicate it), the actual route flown and the aircraft location when you experienced the problem. Many thanks!