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  1. FSX crashes while connected to Shared Cockpit

    Callum, I'm going to close this topic since we haven't heard back from you in a while. If you're still having issues, please open a new topic and provide the information I requested and we'll do our best to help you. Best wishes.
  2. It's always Mathijs' call, but it's been our policy to provide some or all of the product manuals just prior to release. So, I guess the answer is "not yet". However there is a great deal of operational information and procedures freely available on the Internet and the operational information and normal procedures would apply to the aircraft. What you'd basically be missing is the Installation and Setup part of our information - which as I said won't likely be available until just prior to release. Best wishes!
  3. As much as I hate to disagree with you boss... it would be the 14th time.
  4. FSX crashes while connected to Shared Cockpit

    As Tom was kind enough to point out, we really need the crash report from AppCrashView in order to help you. Best wishes.
  5. Speaking generally, whether or not an aircraft will roll at idle has more to do with the weight of the aircraft than anything. Also, there is no way to know what the software settings where in the sim you used. In P3D aircraft weight and ground friction is modeled though there is a small problem with how P3D handles ground friction, but thus far in testing it's been very, very good. Best wishes.
  6. Yes, the Franks are on the march and what their province back. Otherwise, what Mathijs said!
  7. No sir, while I understand the sensitive nature of that topic, I won't cross the boundary of adjusting another moderators post or action - I can do a lot of things, but I can't read the mind or know the intent of other staff members when they write or do something and I don't recommend others try to read their minds either. Feel free to PM Frank about his post if you'd like and you wouldn't be out of bounds to ask him to relocate it. He's a really great and smart guy. My very best wishes.
  8. Gentlemen, I moved your Malware discussion to an existing topic located at: Let's keep this forum as a Preview Topic. Many thanks.
  9. FSX crashes while connected to Shared Cockpit

    Sorry to hear you're having problems, but "same here guys" really doesn't provide any information to help us look at this. What I can tell you is that the existing CFD is stable and does not itself cause a CTD - in other words there is something else causing it. What this means is that you had a CTD while in Connected Flight Deck, not that Connected Flight Deck caused a CTD. If you want some help with this, please follow the instructions I provided to the OP. Best wishes.
  10. Absolutely! I haven't used the map in many, many years, so I'd forgotten about that. Anyway, good point! I have no idea if the Map reads payware or addon scenery, anyone know?
  11. SODE issues

    I've had my brain wired into networking all day, and when I saw "windsock" I immediately thought "why the heck is scenery accessing Microsoft's Windsock (networking out to the Internet)!". it took a few seconds to bring my brain back into "airport mode" before I realized this was about an actual windsock... lol! FSL has us all a bit jumpy I guess! LMAO!
  12. Tom's answer above was spot on, but I just wanted to provide a little additional information as I see this question a lot in the flight sim world. The frequencies of Localizers (runway based NAVAIDS) change from time to time in the real world and those changes are reflected in the updated NavData and charts. In flight sim, the frequency for airport based NAVAIDS such as Localizers depends on the scenery you're using. So if you have up to date NavData, but are flying into a default airport (that hasn't been updated by an AFCAD that you had to add) then there is a chance that your NavData isn't going to match the frequencies for the default airport NAVAID. The only way you can check a default scenery's frequencies is to use a program like Airport Design Editor (freeware), pull up the airport and then check the listed frequencies. Many of us who make numerous flights per week use updated AFCADs for default airports (freely available at AVSIM and FlightSim.com) or we'll use a version of freeware scenery (rare) or use the payware scenery. This way we have matching frequency information between the updates NavData and what is set in the airport. I sincerely hope this is helpful. Best wishes.
  13. Sorry, but I did answer that above. 1. No, sounds don't fade because of altitude. 2. In the Aerosoft Airbus, you shouldn't hear the engines as much because wind noise will be added. The above applies to the Virtual Cockpit. External is totally different.
  14. It still too early to tell you, plus it varies a great deal on what system one is running. We'll likely publish fps based on different systems prior to release.
  15. Merely from a physics perspective, it's not the altitude that effects the sound (it does, but you end up with the effects of pressure and air density rendering one another mute for our purposes here). It's really the temperature that effects sound propagation as sound travels more slowly through colder air (I don't believe there is any change in amplitude/volume). But perhaps more important is that you also have the aircraft moving faster, and the noise created by that movement creates additional noise which affects everything you hear. Imagine operating a gas powered chain saw while kids 10 feet away are setting off small little firecrackers... you might not even hear them.