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  1. DaveCT2003

    PC Specs

    Well, I would say that 16GB is a must, and 32GB is nice to have. I run only with 16GB and most anyone would be shocked to see the software I'm running in concert with P3D, and never once has it had to use the page file for more memory. In fact, I'm usually at around 12GB in use at the end of a flight. Best wishes.
  2. DaveCT2003

    Heathrow night lighting

    No sir, but I would try running without P3D's HDR enabled. Best wishes.
  3. DaveCT2003

    Interaction with flight personnel

    Villi, There is no way to answer per se, but if you open the door you'll get the coffee. If you don't open the door, you won't. Best wishes and Happy Flights my friend.
  4. DaveCT2003

    PC Specs

    I believe the best comment in this thread was regarding a card with anything less than 8GB as throwing money away (in regards to PC Gaming and especially flight simulation). Get a card with at least 8GB of VRAM. OP, if you're satisfied with the answers, can we close this thread? Best wishes!
  5. Sadly, this is a very true and realistic view on ready made Desktop PCs, and depending on who the builder is upgrading them can certainly cause issues. Now, I was once (I'm retired) a computer engineer, and short of my old Tandy and Apple computer days (when I was troublesghooting and fixing mainframe computers) I have always built my own. With a little research, it's actually easy to do. My son is now in his 30's, but back when he was 15 and there was barely an Internet and no Youtube Videos to help you out, he built his own computer without any input or help from me. So it's not really difficult and it will save you money!
  6. DaveCT2003

    Table in cockpit extend by itself

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  7. Thanks for the information guys. We're aware (this are more posts about this) of the problem and we believe we have it fixed... we're testing now. Sorry for any inconvenience. Stay tuned for an announcement of an update to resolve this.
  8. DaveCT2003


    Okay, I just tested an update and the initial Active Frequency tuning issue has been resolved, but we broke a few other things with Nav mode so don't look for this in the next few days. Good news, it's fixed. No update on the VPilot issue at the moment.
  9. DaveCT2003


    This is a known problem that crept up when we fixed something else. The work around is to continue to use the initial inactive side of Com1, or just use Com2. We'll get this resolved as soon as possible, but there are other, higher priority issues we're currently addressing. Best wishes.
  10. Thanks for writing in! You are doing what you need to do. We have been working very hard on an elusive thrust lever issue which has involved a lot of the team, and that meant that other less critical items took a back seat. I'm getting ready to test something, and I'll try to reproduce what you've experienced and if I'm able to duplicate I'll enter a bug into our database. I'll get back to you either way. Best wishes my friend.
  11. DaveCT2003

    Table in cockpit extend by itself

    The table coming down is part of the immersion built into the aircraft. The best thing to do is close the table by clicking on it. A good search phrase that works is "Table" or "Sliding Table". Best wishes for many Happy Flights!
  12. DaveCT2003

    problem with Flight Controls

    Thank you for your suggestion, however I could not possibly disagree more. I use a single P3D control profile and have for many, many, many years, as do many others. Best wishes.
  13. DaveCT2003

    Table in cockpit extend by itself

    Ah, someone has skipped the documentation provided with the aircraft! It's also possible to search not only one PDF file at the same time, by using Shift-Control-F you can search the PDF documents that are co-located in a single folder (as ours are). Best wishes my friend!
  14. DaveCT2003

    problem with Flight Controls

    This is certainly perplexing, and I'm sorry you're suffering from this problem. I have a Saitek Yoke, Dual Thrust Levers, Trim Wheel, Rudder Pedals and a Joystick (Side Stick) plus a Radio Panel, Switch Panel and Multi-Panel and an Xbox controller (for ChasePlane) all connected to P3D with no issues whatsoever. Given everything, I have to believe this is either a Windows or P3D installation/update issue.
  15. DaveCT2003

    Auto throttle not holding airspeed.

    James, what does the FMA says when this is happening?