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  1. Some issues

    Okay, thanks for trying that. Which sim are you using?
  2. Some issues

    That's the one issue I didn't think might have been due to an install issue. The CRJ ground friction is something that Hans is still trying to get right. For me, it just continues to buiid up speed during the taxi. You didn't say, and I didn't ask... what sim are you using? Best wishes!
  3. Some issues

    All but one of the issues you cited sound like an install issue, in fact I'm all but sure of it. I would uninstall and reinstall using the below procedure: 1, Re-download the latest update. 2. Uninstall. 3. Manually remove any remaining folders from the EcoSystem and SimObjecs\Airplanes folder. 4. Reboot 5. Set the Use Account Control Slider to the bottom 6. Disable your computer security software 7. Run the installer "As Admin". 8. Start FSX/P3D, and load into a default aircraft. 9. Close P3D. 10. You don't have to reboot at this point, but it wouldn't hurt. 11. Start P3D 12. Launch into a default aircraft at the airport you are planning to depart from. 13. Switch (load) the CRJ. That should resolve most or all of the issues you had. Hope this helps! Best wishes.
  4. I really don't think you are Jason, it's simply that many people are clouded by not having an Airbus to fly in P3DV4 (as they've chosen the Aerosoft Airbus - and for good reason!). Knowing what I know, it's the product I choose a well! If the above wasn't in the equation, I'm sure the decision would most certainly be the A320, and if the babybus is released first I think it's only a matter of a short time before people clammer for the bigger brother. What's great though is that Mathijs and Aerosoft asked the opinion of customers (man, that says a LOT), and even more is that we have different aircraft to choose from! Best wishes.
  5. The info is a little dated, but it's all I could find from a single source: Aug 21, 2013 - The Airbus A318 can be thought of as the black sheep of the Airbus family. With a grand total of only 79 airframes built, the A318 program was simply not meant to be. Earlier this month, the final A318 based in North America, belonging to Frontier Airlines, has been retired at the young age of 10 Still, I do like flying it, turns well! Flight to Paro anyone?
  6. I'm for releasing the A318 first as well, for exactly the same reason you gave - absolutely! With that said, we need to keep in mind that there are a LOT less liveries available for the A318, and the moment we release this I can guarantee that we'll have quite a few people complain loudly about the lack of liveries. In fact, in the stage of testing we're presently at, I'm even bothered with a lack of having a Delta Livery (there is no Delta livery for the A318). Even though I spend 90% of my time on the flight deck, I stream my flights so the livery is more important for that reason. Anyway, I can sympathize with how people are going to feel if they purchase the A318 and don't have even a fictional livery for one of the larger airlines. Best wishes.
  7. EDHI Ground textures blurry

    Any chance yo have another Hamburg scenery installed?
  8. Hmm, well, welcome to the forum, at least your first post - and what a nice entry vector you chose as well! We understand that most people do not understand software development, particularly complex software. But Mathijs has explained the development of these products. He always tries to provide the best general idea when products might be ready for release, but most flight simmers know that with development of such complex software which is also dependent on what happens with the base sim development. In the future, I'd be surprised to find any type of release forecasts as it usually leads to a few people being upset, indignant or rude when Aerosoft is not able to hit that mark - just like happens with every developer who tries to do that for their customers. It's a damned if you do, or damned if you don't type thing. So the formal answer for the A330? No date has been given for that product, and I don't believe a date will be given. Customers will of course be told ahead of time when it is ready for release. One can also monitor this thread and judge for themselves based on screen shots, or alternatively people can sign up for the Aerosoft Newsletter in the Aerosoft Store and you'll receive an email to let you know when the product is ready. Again, welcome to the forums (or your first post anyway). By the way, I edited your post to remove the foul language. Would you please try and refrain from that here in the future? Nothing personal, but we'd just rather not see that here. My very best wishes.
  9. Craig, This type of change will be/is road mapped, and given it's nature I believe the answer is ABSOLUTELY as it's necessary progression of the sim for our needs and even more commercially oriented needs. When will it occur? Nobody can say, but as soon as Mathijs knows and is allowed to share the information I'm sure he'll post about it. Best wishes.
  10. I think you misunderstood him. I read the reply and didn't see things that way, and I know Mathijs and that's not his personality. Take it from me, you misunderstood him. He was just saying that he likes input and seeks it out during the development process - that's all he meant. Let's get back on track here in the thread. My very best wishes.
  11. I understand your initial point (not to add new/change things as it would delay development and release) which is sound reasoning looking at things from the outside. you can believe this, because I likely have more technical program management experience than anyone in Flight Sim - unless they too worked for the worlds largest developer and user of technology. But it's an outside view point, and being from the outside it can't possibly take into account the many things which you're not privvy to (and which can't discussed outside of the development team). Mathijs being a 30+ year veteran of flight sim development, he knows what he's talking about. Regarding the "Freedom of Speech" comment, a small point of order. We strive to make the Aerosoft forums the most friendly in flight sim, and we enjoy people being able to share their views so long as they are in good taste and in line with this being a commercial (corporate) forum. But as a commercial and not a public forum, there is no legal basis for freedom of speech and I was a little surprised to see someone assert/imply there was. That said, and with the above in mind, we're pretty open here. As I said, it's just a point of order, let's not allow it to divert us from the purpose of this thread. Best wishes.
  12. Framerate issues, revisited again

    The news isn't good. Your computer specifications is the very minimal capable of running the Aerosoft A320, so as you have found those minimal specifications produce minimal results. You'll need to get your frame rates above 18fps for the aircraft to really function well, and the only way you may be able to do this is to reduce your FSX graphics settings and fly from airports that use default textures without any payware AI Aircraft. Additionally, your computer only has 6GB of RAM, so I would be sure to avoid running any other software while you're running FSX - that should help a bit. If you have any graphics tweaks or Affinity Mask settings, I would remove them. Doing the above, you should be able to sustain 18fps or better. Best wishes.
  13. Framerate issues, revisited again

    Can you please provide your complete system specifications? Thanks.
  14. Mathijs closes discussions very rarely, and when he does so it's for a reason - one the usually benefits a larger group of people rather than a smaller group of one, two or a few more than that. Still, some people feel they have to have there say regardless, which is another way of saying "me expressing what I think is more important than that you think or want, and my reply is even more important than your authority" (a.k.a. "your authority does not apply to me or my views"). Frank replied as a matter of correcting inaccurate information, and thus this post does not apply to him. Something else, Frank doesn't sell products. He's a Deputy and a Senior Beta Tester. He's also someone who has flown and continues to fly many different blocks of the A320. If anyone finds it too difficult to respect our rules, and the decisions of the Aerosoft Leadership, Staff, and Moderators then the obvious decision is to leave our forums. Of course we don't want to see anyone leave, but we also can't allow people to ignore our rules and decisions. That's just common sense, isn't it? It's not tolerated in other commercial forums and it's not tolerated here either. Please respect the Boss's decisions. No more comparative posts regarding these different products designed for different markets - if you ask me (and many more enlightened people) it's just doesn't make any sense to do it, but if you really can't live without doing so then please do it elsewhere. Thank you for your time, and Happy New Year.
  15. FMS CRJ

    FSX and P3D Flightplanner uses very old NavData (I believe it's from 2004), thus it will often not match later AIRAC data where VOR and Waypoints have changed. This is why you're getting the errors, because the FMS can only load what is in the AIRAC. Best to use SimBrief for creating flightplans, but when doing so you'll need to ensure you select and unlock the AIRAC for the one you are using in the aircraft, otherwise you may get another error. If you've done the above and you're still getting an error, then I recommend re-downloading and reinstalling the aircraft. You shouldn't have to uninstall, simply go to the SimObjects/Aircraft folder and delete both CRJ folders, then disable your computer security, run the installer "As Admin", update the AIRAC (if you're doing that), reboot, and then generate a new flight plan using SimBrief and try to load it. Best wishes.